Exotic plants for the garden.

Almost all of the exotic plants in central Russia on its southern homeland are quite common and unpretentious of flora. However, getting in inappropriate conditions associated with extreme temperature changes, frost without snow and frequent thaws, they «act up.» By ensuring «foreigners» comfortable existence, we are increasing their chances of not only survival, but also to preserve the decorative appearance.

Mr. ortenziya oakleaf

The height of shrubs rarely exceed 1.2 meters. Valued for the beautiful dark green leaves, top and bottom covered with white tomentose pubescence, in the form they are similar to oak. By late summer the leaves become

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With the scent of chocolate

Scientists say that one of the most attractive human fragrances — the smell of chocolate. Did you know that there is a plant with a chocolate flavor? This is not the cocoa beans. This is a fairly modest flower — Berlandieri.

Of course, the beauty of flowers in Berlandieri many rivals, but it smells like attractive: in the morning exudes a magnificent aroma of chocolate! No wonder it is called «chocolate daisy.»

Meet * NEW!

This plant — a novelty in our gardens. She has beautiful long feathery leaves are gray-green color on each stem bloom bright yellow flowers with

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Planting material

You can pay big bucks for a small bag of seeds and to experience disappointment or it will not at all, or they do not germinate. So often gardeners grow the seeds themselves, using proven varieties.

VARIETAL plants.

The soil under the plants from which you plan to collect seeds should not be too much fertilizer. Otherwise they zanezhatsya their growing season will increase (to be a lot of green mass), and the seeds do not have time to ripen.

On the seeds can leave only high-quality plants. Seeds obtained from the hybrids (the packaging of hybrid plants have

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Ticks will be popping up in warmer areas of NZ as the temperatures rise.

There are several species of native tick but the one that we see on livestock is the bush tick or cattle tick. You’ll usually only see them once they’re almost ready to fall off your animal when fully engorged with blood (it takes 5-7 days to reach this size) as they tend to like warm areas on animals such as the face, ears, the ‘armpit’ and between the back legs.

You can now use the very handy ‘Tick Twister’ to easily remove them (www.smsl.co.nz) — make


Veronica comes to the aid

Veronica — is not only a pretty woman’s name, but also a very popular plant in traditional medicine. Outwardly, it resembles a forget-me, but color of the corolla color of his dark, and stems — creeping, intertwined, they form a continuous green carpet with blue «sparks.»

Preference -lekarstvennoy

Of all types of plants, traditional medicine prefers Veronica drug. It has long been used to treat colds, using an expectorant and diaphoretic properties.

It blooms from mid-summer to autumn, and at this time is to prepare the grass, cutting off the entire aboveground part. Dry it should be as soon

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Verbena in European countries have long been considered a symbol of kindness and mystical plants that can ward off evil spirits.

Growing Conditions

The plant is known for its unpretentious requirements to the growing conditions. It blooms very long time, almost until frost, and if the time to cut off the faded flowers, verbena only multiply its beauty. Plants can adapt to any corner of the garden, but of course, plentiful and prolonged flowering is only solar sites. In addition verbena feels good even in direct sunlight. Since the plant has a compact root system, then hanging pots also

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10 anti-inflammatory plants to grow

Nature has a number of anti inflammatory plants in its natural pharmacy While traditionally the veterinary industry has looked on alternative therapies, in particular herbal products, with a degree of scepticism, they still have put in place sophisticated tests to determine whether a horse in particular has been fed herbal remedies during competition.

Herbs and crude extracts cannot be patented, making them cheaper than mainstream drugs since they have not undergone expensive double-blind studies. The financial returns on non-patented drugs do not justify the enormous outlays required for patented drugs.

The last century lias based much of its modern medicine

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South Sakhalin State Farm Greenhouse increases the area

South Sakhalin State Farm "Greenhouse" will get extra land to grow crops in the open field. Currently, the farm faced with a shortage of land. "Greenhouse" is the largest producer of vegetables in the region protected and open ground.

This year there have collected 2.7 tons of potatoes, 3.1 million tons of field vegetables and about 3 tons — protected ground. Fields yield the highest, but the company is ready to grow even more. In this case, will be built and a new vegetable store.

Particular attention is paid to the modernization of agriculture. In November

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Chuvashskoye know-how, or how scientists have learned not to extract oil from wells

Posted on 16/05/2012 9:15Document:http://www.regnum.ru/news/1531241.html  Chuvashskoye know-how, or how scientists have learned not to extract oil from wells

In Chuvashia, scientists have learned how to extract oil from wells not, and of waste water, waste process fluids, as well as surface water bodies in areas of oil spills. On the basis of the Cheboksary Polytechnic Institute (branch) of VPO Moscow State Open University after V. Chernomyrdin developed a device that allows you to quickly and effectively clean and decontaminate industrial process fluids and waste water from contaminants maslonefteproduktov. According to the inventors, the development of a real "know-how" and its parameters

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Center Technology of thermal and nuclear power plants opened in Tomsk

Educational and Scientific Center "Technology of thermal and nuclear power plants" worth more than $ 1 million was opened today at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. The center is a complex, which includes four laboratories — To study thermal-hydraulic, gas-dynamic processes in the equipment of thermal and nuclear power plants, research sources and advanced heating systems, as well as computer simulations of the laboratory equipment in thermal power plants and nuclear power plants.


Opening of the dedicated to the celebration of the 117th anniversary of the founding of TPU. The Rector

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