Hit The Target

An Electronic Game

Video games are very popular in urban area, even though video game equipment are very exclusive and expensive. The constructional details of an electronic shooting game are described here. It employs a minimum number of low-cost and easily available components, and has all the actual functions of electronic games. In place of video screen, this project uses an LED display.

Theme of the game

Shooting down a fast moving object in the sky is not easy. Here a number of military aeroplanes appear at different positions for very short durations. All the aircraft are green except one

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Defender Russia — about the Olympics, «Ak Bars» and the family


Born March 12, 1982 IN MOSCOW

In favor of the TCA / Tver (1999-2000) «Dynamite» / Moscow (2000-2005), «AK BARS» / Kazan (from 2005)

Four-time champion, Mr. RUSSIA (2005,2006,2009, 2010), silver medalist RUSSIA (2007)

The triple world champion (2008,2009,2012). SILVER

Winner of world championships

Winner of European Cup (2007)

WINNER Continental Cup (2008)

23 and 24 August in Sochi hosted the collection of candidates for the Olympic hockey team of Russia, which was attended by all entered the head coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov in a list of «main

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What should be the perfect game? REFLECTIONS DEVELOPER

The perfect game has to be the perfect pleasure. That’s the point. Difficulty here- create a «theory of pleasure» that would take common decisions on game design.

It is easier to start a conversation with, that is not a pleasure. Realism is not fun. Realism — it ends when the toothpaste when you have to go wash the shirt, and airplane trips are longer than the continuation of the film

Mortal Kombat. Realism is useful to create a «content» as a direction for the graphic design to simplify the life of the designer, but this is not the easiest

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Acceleration, kick, and the ball is sent to the penalty box leader of the USSR national team on motorcycle Tsarev, flies wide teams of Germany …

So in the final penalty shoot-out it was decided the fate of first place at the European Championships on motorcycle, which took place in the vicinity of West German city of Karlsruhe. Again, as three years ago, the victory is celebrated masters competitions. At the request of the correspondent of the AMC on the European championship in 1990 said deserved coach of the USSR Valery Mosin, coach of the country on motorcycle —


Hearts Scottish players criticize Malafeeva

According to the Scottish edition of the Scotsman, close to the club owner Vladimir Romanov Malafeev had already last season some experience managing a team, when temporarily served as head coach of Hearts. This period was the worst in the club’s history, because of the six games in which the team ran Malafeev, Hearts not never defeated.

Gordon suggests that during nedavneshnih fees team in Germany and Austria, in training and games Malafeev often yelling at players. His workouts were good from those to which they are accustomed players. Many exercises Malafeeva that are focused on improving the physical level

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Yuri Gazzaev: We can not afford buying Gognieva and Akhmetovich

The head coach of the "Wings of the Soviets" Yuri Gazzaev admitted that the club for financial reasons would be forced to withdraw from the purchase and forwards Gognieva [b] Akhmetovich [/ b]. "I doubt that we will be able to invite them. Gogniev and [b] Akhmetovich [/ b] is too expensive for us to purchase. Though here," Alania "paid for Khomich two million plus another million for eight of the other two players, and we have the whole selection — two and a half million dollars. Transfer [b] Akhmetovich [/ b], who does not mind playing for us, it

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Sharapova — the winner of the tournament in Indian Wells

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova easily sorted out with Dane Caroline Wozniacki in the final match of the WTA tournament in Indian Wells. Russian has made four aces at the time, not as a rival gained in this component of any points. Sharapova also implemented two break-point of the two, and the Danish tennis player — five out of nine. The meeting lasted about 1.5 hours. The match ended with the score 6:2, 6:2.

Wozniacki suffered a third defeat in a row from Sharapova — the last time Dane beaten the best Russian tennis player in

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Hockey player Yenisei recognized as the best player in the championship of the world

06.02.13 HC Hockey players Krasnoyarsk "Yenisei" Sergei Lomanova recognized as the best player of the World Cup.

Yesterday, February 5, the organizing committee XXIII World Cup Bandy published a list of the best players. The best player of the tournament held in Sweden recognized hockey player Krasnoyarsk "Yenisei" Russian captain Sergei Lomanov. Recognized as the best goalkeeper Andreas Bergvall (Sweden), defender — Andreas West (Sweden), linebacker — Maxim Ishkeldin (Russia), forward — Evgeny Ivanushkin (Russia). The most goals (21 goals) in the championship scoring Swede Patrik Nilsson, who became the top scorer in this way.

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Transfers summer 2009. Deadline approaches

With the thrill of waiting for the transfer window, Sports.ru launches special online, which will keep track of all the events of the day and will try to give an answer to the question will be whether the expected return of Roman Pavlyuchenko in "Spartacus," will go to Oleksandr Aliyev from Valery Gazzaev to Yuri Semin, need to "Tottenham" Pletikosa injured and why the red-white Sheshukov Alexander and Alexander Samedov.


15.14. Tormented by the nostalgia for the epic with the transfer of Arshavin in the "Arsenal», Sports.ru tries to revive stir the events of

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16 clubs in 16 days. Rostov

[Img = http://www.sports.ru/images/object_68.1259687017.66911.jpg] In the first round of the Don team beaten one favorite after another in the second — collecting defeat and was nearly taken off. The unexpected return of Igor Lebedenco playing Alexander Pavlenko, match-flash Hon Yong Cho and battle scenes Rostov men — in the final material Sports.ru. Tasks "I wish the team finished in the top ten," — said before the start of the season the chairman of the board of directors "Rostov" Ali Uzdenov. [Cut] [b] Achievements [/ b] spent a couple of spectacular matches against top clubs in the first half of the season

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