My shot: Chubby Chandler.

A jinx and a blessing are never far apart. When Graeme McDowell, who is no longer with us (International Sports Management), won the 201 o US Open, I couldn’t help but feel we were jinxed. Our players had never won a major, you see. I felt happy for Graeme, but what about our lads? When Louis Oosthuizen won the Open Championship a month later, I thought, okay, we’re fine now. After Charl Schwartzel won the Masters and then Rory Mcllroy the US Open, I went from feel blessed. After what happened to Darren Clarke at the Open Championship, I wonder

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Tiger Woods has his name etched on the hosel of his Nike Method putter and his initials on the back of his VR Pro blade irons. So too has fellow Nike staff player Charl Schwartzel. Rory Mcllroy has RORS stamped on each of his Titlist Vokey wedges. The Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana shaft on Rickie Fowler’s driver once featured the Oklahoma State Cowboys mascot.

But it’s not just famous tour players who can have their golf clubs personally customized. The average golfer represents where the golf- equipment business is heading.

The future of golf isn’t about

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British POLO today

Ponies thunder across fields, millionaires swarm the skies in their choppers, absurdly handsome Argentinians squeeze themselves into tight white jeans — there is nothing quite like polo season in full swing. By Matthew Bell

It cost Lyndon Lea £5m to shake hands with the Queen. That’s roughly how much Lea, a ju-jitsu-honed financier, will have spent during a year as patron of his high-goal polo team, Zacara, which won the Cartier Queens Cup in June. His team of four, including the absurdly handsome Argentinian 10-goaler, Facundo Pieres (polo players are ranked and given a handicap, the lowest being -2 and

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Russian junior team in football came in the 2013 European Championship final

Footballers Russian junior team (players born in 1996) won in a penalty shootout victory over their peers from Sweden in the semi-finals of the European Championship 2013 for players under 17 years old, held in Slovenia, and made our way to the final of the tournament.

The main meeting between the national teams of Russia and Sweden, held on Tuesday, finished with a score of 0-0, despite the fact that almost the entire second half Russian team played in the numerical majority — in the 48th minute of the second yellow card was Swedish midfielder Erdal Rakipi.

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Hong Yong Jo: We were playing for their country — this is our reward!

Midfielder "Rostov" Hong Yong Jo, a contender for the title of best player in Asia and the captain of the most enigmatic team last World Cup, has dispelled the myths that have shrouded stay in South Africa DPRK team.

"PACK charm hong"

Talk with North Korean soccer player — not easy: Hong — the only citizen of this country, who lives in the Rostov region. And although many Koreans Don, many simply do not speak the language of their ancestors. Those who are studying Korean, do it with the help of books and audio recordings sent from Seoul. It

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We Protasovo option appears

18.09.10 We Protasovo option appears Yuri Plokhotnichenko, "Sport-Express"

With the retreat of the summer heat training "Rostov" is no longer held in the evening — now the majority of starts at four o'clock in the afternoon. However, the summer has not quite left the Don region, and at this time, almost hot.

Compared to previous weeks the people on the training field markedly increased: the disabled list "Rostov" there are only three of them. One of them, Stanislav Ivanov, was seen in the first half of the classes wind circles around the field. Two others, Hong Yong-Jo and

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17.09.10 TIMOTHY KALACHEV: STILL benefited Dean Zaplahova "Soviet Sport" by Don

It was during the first round match against "Alania" Timofey Kalachev got a terrible injury — a fracture of the ankle. Then it seemed that the season is over for Belarusians. But in the last round, he returned to the field, and brought his team to victory. After yesterday's workout goals against the author of "Anji" answered our questions under incessant fun by passing trainers and partners.

"VICTORY" Rostov "gave SIL"

— The consequences of injury, do not bother?

— No. I had a

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Dutch players have scored the judge before his death on the field

41-year-old Dutch referee has died after being beaten by the players in the match junior championship. Richard was appointed to serve Novehuyzen match the Amsterdam club "Noyv slot" as a linesman, but during the game was attacked by several players on the team right.

According to the AP, after beating the referee was bad. R.Novehuyzen was taken to hospital, but doctors could not help him and he died a few hours later.

Dutch media have also reported that after the attack the referee tried to escape from attacking his players, but they caught up with him and continued beating.

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Steel rail 2009

Dear fans! Who has the map JUS. It's time to take stock of the 2009 season and select a player who will be awarded a "steel rail". This prize was established in 2007 by the assembly of all the organized groups of fans Locomotive and became an annual event. [Cut] In September 2008, the match Lokomotiv Moscow — Zenit took delivery of a "steel rail" in 2007. Prizes were awarded to the most deserving, in our opinion, the players who play confirmed the dedication and loyalty to our "Locomotives" in recent years. It Sergey Gurenko, Vladimir Maminov Oleg Pashinin. In

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The Soviet players not sold

Vice-President of the RFU Nikita Simonyan advises players that in this life thing — not the money, and recalls the Soviet players who were not sold. [B] — The current football you do not cause rejection? [/ B] — You know, there are veteran movement, in which I take active part — quoted the legend of "Spartacus" edition of "Soviet sport". — Sometimes, going, I ask, "Does anyone regrets not born now, when players receive fantastic contracts? '. No one ever said, "I'm sorry." You can good-naturedly envious of players who provide their future. But it is not money —

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