«Horizon Hotel Patio» — your own personal resort!

Who has not dreamed of a house on the coast, about the possibility to experience the beauty of fresh air away from the noise of the city, where the long autumn evenings sitting on the terrace looking over the water, stretching to the horizon. Try on the role of host country cottage — is quite real.

Hotel Complex «Horizon Patio Hotel» invites you to relax in a picturesque place of Akademgorodok — on the shore of the Ob Sea.

It offers three bungalows, decorated in a modern eco-friendly style. Each bungalow — living room, dining room, 4 bedrooms, sauna,

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Belarus will build a nuclear power plant on the border with Lithuania?

This is one of the possible sites, which can be selected for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. This was announced at a press conference in Minsk vice-chairman Presidium Academy Belarus Vladimir Timoshpolskiy.Initially, 54 were considered promising platforms. Currently only three. One of them at the border with Lithuania. According to Vladimir Timoshpolskiy, the issue of site selection and Belarus considers politically motivated, but the most important thing — this plant safety.

Belarusian nuclear power plant can bring to the EU?

Deputy chairman of the State Academy of Vladimir Timoshpolskiy said that in the midst of promising sites for construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant are seen not two, as stated not so long ago, but three.Also not mentioned once and Krasnopolyanskaya Kukshinovskoy in Mogilev, kept stashed in the Grodno region on the border with Lithuania. A.Voytovich: "I’m amazed" weightiness "arguments"Bureaucrat did not rule out that the issue of the final site selection may be not only geological component (ground for the construction of such facility in Belarus very Myagenkaya that significantly affect the price system works), and political.As expressed

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Belarusian nuclear power plant for the winter remains unaddressed

The commission only discern how the process of site selection and heard reports from organizations conducting exploratory work there. This was said press secretary of the Ministry of Energy Lyudmila Zenkovich. As a result, survey services tasked to work harder and make conclusions in order to December 2008 can be decide and sign the final documents on site selection for nuclear power plants. Ms. Zenkovich identified that the deadline for site selection is determined on December 1.

All venues are great, but there are "some difficulties"

Belarus considers three sites for the construction — and Krasnopolyanskaya Kukshinovskaya in Mogilev

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Skrebtsov brothers refused to hold political rock festivals

In response, who signed vice-chairman Misha Titenkov executive committee, said: "in the terrain park to begin site preparation work before the commemoration of the 940 th anniversary of Minsk."Festivals who wished Skrebtsov brothers spend in their application, are necessary "to draw attention to the bad criterion, in which political prisoners in Belarus are contained."Specifically, this was the prerequisite failure, said Sergei Skrabets. He said Radio Liberty"If the Minsk authorities did not want to interfere with us, they would offer a platform for concerts elsewhere. Did only one in the capital of the park?"• Brothers Skrebtsov wish to organize rock festivals

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The platform for the NPP will be determined in a few months

He noted that at the moment conducted drilling depth 2-sites — Kuvshynavskay and Shklovsky-Goravskay in Mogilev region, and few months can be to say which of them to nominate as the main project of NPP construction in Belarus, the second will be spare.Alexander Mikhalevich said that when selecting possible sites were considered international advice on the most stringent safety requirements and aspects.

Second site for Belarusian NPP

Study started second site under construction in Belarus nuclear power plant. This was stated by the head of the State Academy Misha Myasnikovich. Investigation of the first landing — Krasnopole Chavusavskaga district, Mogilev region has been going for several months. Now begin studies Kukshinovskoy site in Shklovsky district of Mogilev region.Date of commissioning of the first unit of the Belarusian nuclear power plant — in 2015, but it can be pryspeshany 2013. Price Unit 1 power tyscha megavat — three thousand billion — seven billion thousands of dollars.

Lukashenko asks the government to write letters

June 30 at a meeting on nuclear power plant construction, Alexander Lukashenko stressed that the need to again officially invited to participate in the construction of the nuclear power plant of the Franco-German, Japanese-American and Russian companies. "With the current matter what company a day or for a month can directly offer their services for the construction of nuclear power plants. Send them a letter, and we are also in public a month later in the newspapers publish their response. We it mattersit, so there was no speculation, so do not blame us later that this decision was taken behind

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N.Narubay: The police have picked up on hands

"And 8 hours I went to the construction site. There is also still standing lady of our house. Ran up these jackals from the construction site and began to chase us. I asked what was wrong and that I did not have the right to stand? I do not break the law. And they ran to my neighbor and started to push her in the side. Later, they ran up to me, I began to call neprelichnymi slovami.Potym they came to my neighbor and pulled into the other side. When I arrived I was the opposite crane crane. The police

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Protest dispersed by Gamarnika

At the moment it is in the Russian police department. Lady began before construction crane and would not let him on the platform. Another one of the participants protests pitched builders. About 10 ka slum street in Minsk Gamarnika blocked with tower wagon kranu.Yany started protesting against the construction of houses on the site of the playground. The protest began with last night when residents blocked trucks could not pass on construction plyatsovku.Udelniki protests organized a vigil NIGHT MODE. But in the morning the builders were able to drive three trucks to the construction site. But four remained standing along

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