It’s often stated that the secret of Albert King’s technique was that he was a left-hander playing a right-handed guitar. While basically true, this statement needs a little unpicking to discover its significance.

A right-handed guitarist will push the treble strings up towards the bass strings to bend them, as there’s physically more space available on the neck to do it. But if the very same guitar is flipped around, still strung for a right-handed guitarist, and played left-handed, bending the treble strings towards the bass strings will involve a completely different set of muscles in the (right) hand. It




Most weather-related accidents occur when pilots don’t realize they are heading into danger or won’t admit to themselves they are flying into conditions that they and their airplane aren’t equipped to handle. This isn’t a problem with hurricanes. They are so fierce and hard to miss that any pilot who hadn’t heard the news that a hurricane is nearby would almost surely recognize the danger in plenty of time to avoid it.

Hurricanes are born over oceans with surface water warmer than about 80 degrees. They begin weakening when they move over cooler water

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EC-256 MGO

There’s a lot of competition at the budget end of the buying spectrum, especially when you’re looking at classic designs. Marcus Leadley samples a fine contender for you hard-earned cash

Back in 1996, Japanese guitar maker ESP decided to expand in a big way into the lower-cost end of the electric market. The company already had a profile as a supplier of serious thrash metal ordnance to the glitterati of the day – bands such as Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer – so a new brand, LTD, was launched as the home for these new, price-friendly models.


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As a longstanding reader of G&B, having read with interest some of your letters, I thought you might be interested in me. I am 66 years old and have played the guitar since I was 10. I’ve been in various bands along the way, although purely self-taught. For the last 20 years I have suffered from osteoarthritis that has affected various parts of my body. About four months ago, it spread to my fingers and caused me a lot of pain and discomfort. I went to my GP and explained this, and told her that I am a guitar player.

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All That Jazz

That day I was playing «Chorus» by Gioachino Rossini. Very simple and small but achingly beautiful work — one of those that I was able to show all his skill playing the legato.

We had to audition for the competition, which was to take place in another city. After this impromptu concert teacher again threatened by the fact that I have to play on the big stage because I was talented, and he made me. It was very funny. I packed up and trudged home. And as always, the first thing crawled home in the «Facebook». The lessons, food, everything

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In an abandoned factory in Krasnoyarsk from electrical shock killed child

KRASNORSK, April 21. Doctors Ermakovskogo district in the Krasnoyarsk region were unable to save the child from the shock he received while playing in an abandoned creamery.

As reported on Saturday, the press center of the region police, the accident occurred on Friday night.

"As a result of contact with the transformer got an electric shock nine-year-old child. Boy playing in unprotected areas of the former factory and climbed into the transformer vault, where the wire touched. Despite the best efforts of doctors to save the child's life failed," — said in a statement.

The police are going to establish

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Cat playing the piano jazz

October 24, 2012 21:16

Nora was born in 2006, the year in an orphanage in New Jersey, where it took the kitten wife Alexander. At the age of 1 year at Nora the night descended musical inspiration: she climbed up on the piano and sang jazz for bewildered hosts.

Since that time the cat strumming on the piano every day, sometimes a duet with the hosts. And, as noted, musical cat is indifferent to worldly glory: it is with equal pleasure playing the piano in front of a crowd or a camera, or alone, for my own

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