Unique and exceptionally rich Western Sayan mountain taiga in Khakassia, which operates Shor koopzveropromhoz.

Total area promhoza — 1932.1 thous. Hectares, of which 1454.6 thousand lesnaya-. Ha. The most valuable hunting grounds — coniferous forests occupy 760.8 thousand. Ha, dominated by cedar and fir. The average age of pine stands 160-180 years old, prevailing completeness of 0.6-0.8, in terms of growth cedar relate mainly to the III and IV quality class.

Quality cedar forest taxation the best way contribute to a broad collection of pine nuts. However, much rugged terrain, abundance of rocks, placers, lots of heavily cluttered sites and

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The plot for Kinopanorama

It so happened that flew to Mexico in the past decade is the third time Accumulated experience, appeared dating, and, of course, first of all, I saw the new Mexican movies. They are in the country, if we consider only the artistic, out now about thirty years. Every visit to the ocean was not like the previous one. And now he had his own feature: find time to prepare the plot for «Kinopanorama.» About what? In Moscow, the director Xenia Marinina we decided, it will be necessary to deal in place …

Immediately after touchdown (the trip takes more than

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V.Gorbachev: An area appeared tsihary from Minsk

"They — not observers. Moves on sturdy cars license plate under the 5500 Yves 7, 4912 BB 7, 9573 BP seventh Digit 7 rooms determines that the car is registered in Minsk."According to the source, visitors from Minsk — sporty young people. They are all in contact only with the chairmen of election commissions, leave them room own mobiles."One of the chairmen slip that under the control of each of the newcomers are 6-7 areas," — says Victor Gorbachev.

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Nikolai Lozovik not believe

This plot is situated in the dormitory of the Belarusian State Technical Institute. How many of these sites on the basis of 2-days of early voting?CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik said:"Now it would be surprising if used on any site has received more than 50%. Surely such areas as yet to be no. Information we collect is not on sites and in the districts." Regarding the situation in the polling station number 528 Nikolai Lozovik said that, he says, "it is difficult to believe it."

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GAI will fight tragedies prayer and holy water

First responded to the request of the state inspection Father Nicholas Church of the Intercession of the Virgin, in the Mogilev region. He consecrated the stretch of road that stands avaryynastsyu overpriced.Mogilev State avtainspektsyi management has not yet commented cooperation with Orthodox Church. There notice that it has only just begun. Rector of the church of the Holy Virgin on a business trip.Midst of Mogilev drivers no specific position regarding cooperation and GAI Orthodox Church. Here are two relevant responses.Driver with ten years considers that such cooperation does not prevent:"I rate it positively. Those drivers who are aware of the

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Malady blame BT libel

In the "Panorama" told the audience that at the Belarusian-Polish border KGB detained activists "Young Front" and BPF. They checked Tipo laptops and found the electrical benefits of terrorism. Mentioned the names of students applets Kalinowski.In the story "Panorama" journalist Yuri PROKOPOV said that the Belarusian-Polish border detained spokesman "Young Front" Haretski managing Grodno branch organization Eugene Skrabutan also BPF boy Dmitry and Alexey Trubkin.Story Creator argued that the guys who are trained in Poland programmke Kalinouski, took laptops.By Yuri Prakopau, there was information about how to prepare a terrorist attack that explosive devices used in concrete or brick buildings,

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Activist Dmitri Dashkevich sent to Minsk prison clinic

Dmitri Dashkevich unhealthy range. Health difficulties began after, reversing a month he was transferred to work at the sawmill site. There had to be moved languid logs to the same working day at the sawmill site — more than 10 hours.Meanwhile, before the arrest doctors forbade Dmitry Dashkevich languid physical work.Favorite "Junior Front"Dashkevich was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment on charges of participating in an unregistered organization.

Anton Levanevskogo released from the site

According to his father, Levaneuski, in the October bezotstupno police department requested that he personally came to pick up son. With this favorite unregistered businessmen strike committee concludes that it could appear in the problem area.Anton took police from his godfather Alexander Vassiliev. By him, withdrawn leaflet began with congratulations ladies on March 8. Protocol policemen did not make, and clarification from Anton Levanevskai refused.

One shift Stakhanov exceeded 83 tons daily task entire site

"Star" in 1937 under the title "New unusual record Stakhanov" reports of Kadievka, Ukraine: "Today, March 5, in the first shift Alexander Stakhanov became the guardhouse Sergo Orzhanikide. 6 hours, he knocked on the site "Beral" mine "Central" of the Stalin 321 ton of coal — is 23 zaboyshchyka standards in this area. One shift Stakhanov exceeded 83 tons daily task entire site (site plan — 238 tons). Stakhanov victory excited the entire staff of the mine. ""Lim" prints in 1947 Resolution of the CC of the CPSU (b) "On International Women’s days are March 8" "of the CPSU (b)

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Truckers put in the queue for registration sites

In the districts of Gomel exists above 300 garden friendships. Because at the moment 10s and urban residents are now moving into the street Voykova 87, where is the state agency for registration.In the hallway, about 30 people agency. Vladimir became Emperor in the queue for so called about half an hour taking orders reversed: "How many will stand, do not know yet. Unclear which queue. Said that are sitting around the corner, coming three. How many people here, I can not imagine.Do sovereign Vladimir cottage on the Dnieper, in white Beach. Host it there for about 2-10-s years and

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