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NY Danilevsky: Why Europe is hostile to Russia?

We hear the slander, insults we know Tysyacheglavoy lies newspapers Infidelity, jealousy and fear generated. Our friends at Rus no!

"Take a look at the map — told me a foreigner — how can we not feel that Russia puts pressure on us in its mass as a cloud hanging like a terrible nightmare?" Yes, landkartnoe pressure does exist, but where it is, in fact, what and when manifested? France under Louis XIV and Napoleon, Spain under Charles V and Philip II, Austria under Ferdinand II really gravitated over Europe, threatened to destroy the self, the free

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Polish neo

The climate package is beneficial for the West of Europe, which combines to exploit the countries of Central Europe. They must be new colonies. This is the liquidation of Polish banks, heavy industry and commerce — with Professor Witold Kejun talks Krzysztof Swiatek

— You express the opinion that Poland is the object of neo-colonization. What is it, who is implementing this concept, and what are its consequences?

— The problem of neo-colonization I know quite well, because for 10 years I led one of the larger UN program on modernization of Central

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Homeless Poles have to hide under the ground

Homeless Poles has to hide underground Facts

In winter 2010/11 from the cold in Poland, killed 212 people. This year, while the number of victims is 37. February 3 the temperature dropped to -35 degrees in the eastern part of the country, taking the lives of 8 homeless people. In most regions of Poland night temperature reaches 20 degrees Celsius. But 5 meters underground in a huge concreted area with water pipes are comfortable at 20 degrees.

Some homeless people recognized that they should live in the heating ducts, rather than in shelters because there are not allowed to drink

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Empire Justice

Having plunged headlong into the study of the history of Russian foreign policy and the various geopolitical theories — from the teachings of Sir Mackinder's Heartland theory of long cycles to George Modelski, I had to come to conclusions very very patriotic about our country's role in world historical processes. Almost throughout the entire period of its existence as a sovereign geopolitical unit it seeks to play a constructive role in balancing the global imbalances, and in periods of increasing its own sovereign even counteract the influence of "evil forces" and to try to pacify the violent aggressors. Paradoxical as

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Russia has a new giant gas field

Russia may delay the operation of the giant Shtokman gas field. Experts like Gazprom opened near Sakhalin — this is the vice-director of the group Andrey Kruglov.


Discussion by the Polish news portal Wirtualna Polska:Rosja ma nowe gigantyczne zloza gazu

Korek — It is immoral and unfair to other country had so many resources, it should share with other inhabitants of the planet. Or voluntarily, or we will take by force.

Idzi — @ Korek Go to the Muscovite legions of them. Edgar of Wloszczowa (Sejm deputy Przemyslaw

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Why Anders left the army?

History of the Anders Army (or the 2nd Polish Corps) in Russia is not something to generally unknown, but is somewhere on the side of the memory of the Russian war majestically. This formation was created by General Wladyslaw Anders in 1941-1942 on the territory of the Union of Russian. Army subordinate to the Polish emigre "London government" and later went to Persia, began to wage war for Britain (1943-1945 years).

It should be noted that the first attempt to make the Polish troops on the ground in the fall of the Soviet Union did in 1940. First, in

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Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita — Gas manna will not

Dashed hopes for El Dorado gas, fuel oil shales in there, but too small to build on it the future of Poland.

The calculations presented by the State Geological Institute, destroy hope: nature's bounty does not free us from Russian supplies, we have to win energy independence and well thought-out investment strategy. It's even better because when cheap gas we could fall into a political Oblomoffdom. Now, it does not threaten us.

Americans woke up our appetite.

According to their data, in the shales was to be as much 5.3 trillion cubic meters. meters of gas, making Poland, along

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End of Russian oil exports via Gdansk. Chances are good …

Translations of comments by readers of the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza


Oil port of Gdansk removed from the list of ports for the export of Russian oil, as enacted new terminal Ust-Luga on the Gulf of Finland. — We finished loading the last of the contracted vessels, — said the director Dariush Naftoport Koberetsky.

Reader Comments

Stanislawolek … Until the first cold of winter …

Gosc — @ Stanislawolek Spit, sheep, on Russia, spit. Oil starts to miss. China is buying, and the money he has. In Fakty PL wrote that they expect 12 zlotys per liter

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Why Russian hate the Poles?

The answer to the title question — I know he will smile from our professional "Endek mountain" — every child knows, who knows how to count to three: because in the XX century, when the mutation Soviet Russia conquered the world, Poland twice threw her on her knees, won one time military, ideological and other times, leading eventually to the collapse of the USSR and the beginning of the end of the Mongol bastard disguised European.  

We can write about the friendship with the Russian people, the Russian people can share the hostile

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Poland has warned fans that the symbolism of the USSR equated Nazi

Polish Embassy in the Russian Federation cautioned fans from Russia to demonstrate the symbolism of the Soviet Union during their stay in the country at the games of the European Championship in football. This was said on Wednesday the site of the Polish magazine "Wprost".

"We believe that the T-shirts with the inscription" USSR "no wear will not, and the hammer and sickle symbols in Poland is equal to the fascist and officially banned" — quoted "Wprost" Minister-Counselor of the Embassy of Poland in Russia Yaroslav Ksenzheka. However, the Polish diplomatic mission assured that at the games in Warsaw

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