Do not touch the Pole, and it does not smell


Part 1. In Washington, during the presentation of the highest awards of the country, one of them posthumously intended Polish resistance fighter Jan Karski, spread the truth about the crimes of the Nazis in Poland, made by President Obama. In his speech, Barack Huseynovich, recalling the feat Pole made an unfortunate reservation — called a concentration camp, who was on the territory of Poland, "Polish death camp."

Reaction from Poland was immediate: in spite of the late hour in Washington immediately came note of protest. Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski accused the president of the United States in

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Frustrated jackals Hitler

After the fall of Poland in 1938, along with Germany and its ally Hungary dismembered Czechoslovakia, Poles captured euphoria.

December 28, 1938 Counselor of the Embassy of Germany in Poland Rudolf von Shelia met with the newly appointed ambassador of Poland in Iran Karshi-Sedlevskim. Here's an excerpt from their conversation: "The political outlook for the European East is clear. After a few years, Germany will make war with the Soviet Union … For Poland, it is better to conflict will most definitely be on the side of Germany, since the territorial interests of Poland to the west and the

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New Polish cinema adds 30 to the level of conscientiousness and rukopozhatnosti

Text emotional. There are harsh words.

The first time in my life whistled in the cinema.

Poland every year brings at MIFF (Moscow International Film Festival) Dermische the beyond, and every year more trenchant and trenchant. With unhealthy persistence worthy of a better cause, a new Polish cinema nadrachivat the same subject, giving rise to doubts about the psychological health of modern Polish nation. Fight against any memories of socialism automatically turns into obsession fight with everything that anything to do with the Russian. Nation, as if it mildly, jammed, and one does not vyedesh Weide, and Wajda has,

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Poles celebrate the anniversary of the Miracle on the Vistula

In these August days are freshly baked Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski, the government and the Diet congratulate own people on the 90th anniversary of the victory at Warsaw army of Jozef Pilsudski, the troops of the Red Army.

Since the Polish asset is not that quite a few holiday dates — anniversaries more sections, shootings and other public disasters, this anniversary is celebrated with a special pump. Unusual solemnity of the moment throws it frankly Russophobian character — still, because the victory was won over the "psheklentnymi Muscovites!" As is typical, in that last year, the 65th anniversary of the

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Poles are doomed to a painful death Russian

December 4, we have to give tribute to the soldiers of the Red Army, which have been subjected to torture, izymatelstvam, executed, and also deliberately killed by hunger and disease in Polish captivity in 1921-1922. With such a worthwhile and public support for the initiative was made by the blogger "LiveJournal" Maxim Akimov.

The official date of commemoration soldier who was brutally murdered by Poland in 1921-1922, is still not established, he said. And so far the only date that can be considered a landmark in the story, is December 4, 2000. This day was concluded a bilateral agreement between

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Poland asks refuge in Germany

Radoslaw Sikorski (head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), called on Germany to bail out the Eurozone, adding that if there is a crash Euro, it will be "the greatest threat to Poland."

With all of this Polish press, said that the performance premiere in Berlin, it was very exciting and fulfilling.

Sikorski commented: "The collapse of the euro zone — is overriding threat to the prosperity and security of the whole of Poland. That's why I bezotstupno demand from Germany, so that helped us out. And you know what if it will not do you, then no one.

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Poland offers a new version of the Russian helicopter modernization of production

Warsaw Air Force Institute of Technology (ITWL) developed showed them the option of upgrading the cockpit for the attack helicopter Mi-24 multipurpose Mi-8/17.

The package for the Mi-24PL is based on the modernization project, designed for combat support helicopter W-3 "Glushets" with the company «PZL Swidnik" (a division of "Agusta / Westland") under a contract with the Ministry of National Defence Poland, reports, "Jane's Defence Weekly."

For the new package E-24PL proposed board system Planning tasks and built-in system Avionics (Zintegrowany System Awioniczny — ZSA), consisting of navigation and control communications (ZSL), ITWL developed and installed on the helicopters'

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Poland refused to take Israeli drones

Poland's Defense Ministry refused to buy the party of eight unmanned aerial vehicles from Israel Aeronautics Defense Systems. As reported on the website of department, the contractor has once again violated the terms of the contract.

As noted in the press release of the military department, in the middle of September, the Israeli company had to send a batch of drones in Afghanistan for reconnaissance from the air. Its commitment Aeronautics Defense Systems can not be met, despite the fact that the supply of machines already been delayed by two years. As a result, Poland decided to break the contract

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Poland and the Czech Republic offered upgrade options SAM Cube

The American company Raytheon and Polish WZU-2 developed their option modernization of self-propelled anti-aircraft missile systems 2Q12 "Cube" reports with reference to Jane's Defence Weekly.

In the future, your own option modernization "Cube" has to offer, and Czech company Retia. It is possible that one of the options for upgrading the S may be ordered by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.

The creation, installation and service of automatic Gate.What are automatic gate? For automatic gate include: street — is sliding (sliding) and swing gates overlapping check on the object, garage — is often sectional doors that rise

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Poland and Norwegian anti-ship missiles

Poland increment the order for the Norwegian ship missiles (Naval Strike Missiles, NSM). The initial order anticipated delivery of 24 missiles and 12 launchers. Launchers and trucks for their transportation will be available for use in the Polish coastal defense system. Most likely, a possible enemy is our homeland, in relation to which Poland as earlier experiences terror. Antiship rocket (ASM) weighing 409 kg has a 125 pound warhead and act in a radius of 185 km. NSM uses GPS and inertial guidance system, a database of thermal images of a potential enemy ships to detect and engage targets.

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