Smorgon rights activist appealed to the prosecutor

Via phone Ales Dergachyov also said that police blame him for that day he was walking his dog and insulted anyone.The prosecutor promised to investigate.Let me remind you that the police are already a few hours around the house Dergacheva and demand that he went with them to the district police station.

Detained activists Smalyavichy For Freedom to Freedom

The policemen left the newspaper in the area.Arthur Esbaev said "Freedom" that he was given a summons to the police on October 8. Explained to the policemen that they need to question him as a witness.Smolevichy: police detained nine young activists of "For Freedom", 5.10.2007

In Minsk 15-day arrest activists sentenced three civilians

October 1 Borisov Dmitry and Svetlana Barodka Gorokhovik met in Minsk Leonid Novitsky, which released on the day of the detention center in Akrestsin where Nowicki served 10 days in jail. About 17 hours, and all 3 arrested, taken to the Central police station first, then the special distribution. Standard charges: behaved defiant, rude swearing in the address police officers. Student of the 4th year of the Faculty of Applied arithmetic BSU Svetlana Gorokhovik that police witnesses also blamed rough battle, says:"There was never such. General I never use swear words, so very sorry that these people as evidenced by

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Policemen let pass signatures against repeal of benefits

On the square in the structure are the police, security officers and special forces soldiers president.Head On» Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko tried to reach the building to convey a signature, but riot police prevented him.If Lebedko got inside the building, he claimed the book of complaints to lock the facts from the police barriers.

Mogilev region: the authorities forbade all 12 planned pickets

Applicants pickets police are trying to get receipts for non-participation in opposition rallies, "Social March" and "European march". Mogilev police applicants are invited to preventive conversations on the phone, they shall be removed.In Bobruisk policeman tried to persuade activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk" Il Mitsuru sign the protocol prophylactic conversation.In Bobruisk social pickets not allowed, 28.09.2007

V.Uhnalev All the same people will find out about the march Soc

In the last days the police visited the apartment applicants pickets and require writing renounce role in unauthorized actions.In Minsk and other Belarusian towns opposition filed more than four hundred applications in local executive committees. After the ban pickets organizers decided to conduct an information campaign in a different format.Says the chairman of the organizing committee, "Public march" Valery Ukhnalev:"The majority held pickets, maybe just not in the forms that ordinary pickets. Integrate our activists under day and huge fines we will not. But people will come out with informational materials, which are made subject to the Belarusian legislation.As for

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In Brest, police confiscated the newspaper Comrade

According to public activist Lyudmila Denisenko, during a rally intended to distribute the newspaper "Comrade." But police seized 5,600 copies of the publication.The other day in Minsk police confiscated 10 thousand copies of the newspaper "Comrade" and Zhlobin 5400. • The newspaper "Comrade" confiscated to check 27.09.2007

In Zhlobin police took Comrade newspaper

According to the source, more recently, police detained two private cars — Marat Viktor Afanasyev and Balyankova. Sovereign Afanasyev police said, as if in a car of drug trafficking. At night, the car remained in the structure Zhlobin police and activists released.Now day Marat Viktor Afanasyev and Belyanko applied to the local prosecutor’s office to complain about the illegal actions of militia. Meanwhile police cars began screening and later confiscated goods."We received a certificate of the amount confiscated copies of the newspaper" Comrade "- says Marat Afanasyev — and all other requests are ignored. Policemen warned that any explanation will

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Belarusian police will not let young people to the festival The right to be free

Special Forces soldiers now NIGHT MODE police detained two buses young people, who went to the festival with the role of Belarusian rock bands in Lutsk. Evening about Academy, youth gathering on the spot, there were several police cars. As buses young people, the principal amount of whom were students, drove toward Dzerzhinsky Avenue, followed by a descent toward the police trucks.First detained at the bus approaches to Dzerzhinsk. People transplanted into a police bus and taken under escort to the police. There all copied passport data. According to police, the cause of detention — the technical problems of the

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In protection Dozhinki 2500 policemen involved

In policing in Rechitza 2.5 thousand policemen involved in including 450 internal troops.Recently "Dazhynki" inhabitant Rechitsy Oleg Sobol said in an interview with "Freedom":"Militia full city. At every intersection — paddy MAZ. Now daughter said, now the school will not feed — there will be feed up police officers, riot police and others who came to the city in an indescribable amount. "Liquidator Basil Siliverstov watchmen Lukashenko was taken to the infirmary Rechitsky, 22.09.2007 Lukashenka: "Gazprom" means to raise gas prices for Belarus 15-20%, 22.09.2007

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