I do not want to involve our beautiful craft in the dirty political games. I want to believe that the architecture of the above political intrigue. I want to endlessly entertain illusions about the high mission of architecture, pompous repeat Honor architectural monuments — witnesses of history, the keepers of information, cultural landmarks — forgetting. that in fact the entire architectural work, as well as protection of existing cultural heritage is reduced to political games, to the redistribution of property, which also removed undesirable and unjust rule. Who dictates the policy architecture of its own rules, and it is


Moscow protesting against the elections

In a statement the protesters demand that the authorities of Belarus: End pressure on independent media, activists political parties and movements to hold an open and fair investigation into the disappearance of recognizable politicians and public figures, to hold another, truly democratic parliamentary and presidential election.

Russia — The street action agains parliament election in Belarus. Moscow 27sep2008Participants of the rally chanted "Long live Belarus!" And "Your choices — is a farce!" They also held banners reading: "And his, and our splyashem for a penny," "multi-vector policy." In picket stood more than 10 ka activists of youth organizations, "Defence",

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Match heroes Shejman & Maltsev, Liabedzka & Kaljakin

Valery hoe blogger notes: "After the change of ownership at the local match factory" managers set off the brain. " "Enrage profits" initially prompted them to print on labels portraits favorites opposition parties. But after criticism from "above" started producing portraits "siloviki". Repeated samples contact Tsapkov came to nothing. Then we went to another method.Lebedko: "Groups of UCP" Pinskdrev "no"The coming of Brest match factory located in Pinsk. I tried to find out if a company that enters into the structure of "Pinskdrev" attitude toward reklyamavannya official and opposition politicians. Hearing my question, a company representative at a loss: "And

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End quote: 01.09.2007 — 07.09.2007

"Our homeland is not planning to have a nuclear weapon in Belarus. No such plans …. Belarus has its own status, enshrined in the Constitution. On this, I think the question is exhausted."Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation — in response to a request to comment on an interview with Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov, in which the diplomat hinted at the possibility of placing Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus. "Belarus — for» joint efforts of European countries in the development of a strong and competitive Greater Europe role nearest non-European partners."Valery Voronetsky, Deputy Minister

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Night Siege 3 September

Blogger salihorsk remembers about trial youth Ivan Shyla, which will begin in Saligorsk September 4. Schoolboy trial on criminal charges "for his role in an unregistered organization" "Young Front"" If you have decided to go to Soligorsk, it is easier to use the services of private taxi companies. " On the website "little letters" located verses Azarko Anastasia — Young Front, which will be judged at the same time with Ivan Shyla, but not in Soligorsk and Nyasvizh. Verses "Do not disturb":"You — briefs. Fade from your ears already skavytannyav, gentlemen, stunted world stuffiness in this winter thunderstorm pores. You

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Mon to Freedom

Morning 6:05 * "Prague accent" — Why Polish deputies were not allowed in Belarus? Or more official Minsk hopes to improve relations with» united Europe? What role does the incident with Polish politicians on the Belarusian border can play in the Polish campaign? On these issues reflect the analyst of international relations of the Polish Center Wojciech Boroditš-Smolinsky, editor of the magazine "Our homeland in global politics," Fyodor Lukyanov, and head of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic research Vital Silitski.6:30 * "Calls to" Freedom " — Weekly review calls.6:45 * "Free Studio"Misha Scoble discusses with the writer, the director of

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Zenon Pozniak: Lukashenka has no strategic policy

Pozniak "segodnyaschy" gas attack "is connected with the problem of retaining power in Russia and the KGB first Putin personally in connection with the expiration of its cadences and new elections. After last year Our homeland has changed strategy. Currently she practices attack instead of "incremental policy" or "incremental integration" as constantly had read. The essence of this latest strategy — get spirited victory or at least progress on "the Belorussian front." In other words — to intimidate Lukashenko, corner him and force calculated state property. In general sign any formal paper on the "integration" or at least an act

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In the CIS appoint politicians who do not know what to do in Russia

After, Lukashenko as vetoed approval A.Veshnyakova situation immediately interested professionals. According to one version, this position of the Belarusian president explained that Veshnjakov than once declared undemocratic and non-transparency of elections in Belarus.Editor in chief of the magazine "Our homeland in global politics" Fyodor Lukyanov ranges that personal relationship between former managing CEC Russian and Belarusian President became the reason of the conflict. According views Lukyanov, the answer is to be found at the level of control of:"After the tension between Minsk and Moscow, which also achieved first peak this year, after the gas and, in particular, the oil conflict,

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Kwasniewski: I would wish the EU facilitated dialogue in Belarus

During the conference "The European Union and the close proximity of the difficulties", which was organized by Aleksander Kwasniewski, "Friends of Europe", a past president of Poland said that a united Europe asks for "appropriate policies" in relation to its neighbors."I would wish the EU facilitated dialogue in Belarus, which would lead to democratic change in this country. At the moment we have a situation where all of Belarus stronger isolates himself in Europe, while the mainland opposite — built "- said Kwasniewski.By him, absence of such a joint policy towards the countries of Eastern Europe "can lead to bad

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M.Mekel Belarusian EU policy has failed

This statement famous German politician said in the Polish town of Krynica, which runs September 10-12 XVIII International Economic Forum.During a special debate on the issue of encouraging democratization in Belarus, Meckel stressed that "the EU should create its strategy against Belarus, instead of doing what was to This time. What we have to This time do — it is the policy of isolation that had been defeated. "Bundestag noted that at the moment EU has no "impact on the instruments Situation in Belarus"Or" tools to support the opposition. "But he said," we have to create them. "In discussing the

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