Political prisoners will receive letters from Vitebsk

Vitebsk opposition, also once punished with arrest, handing out pieces of paper with the addresses of institutions where Alexander Kozulin, Artur Finkevich, Dzmitry Dashkevich and other political prisoners. And from personal experience explains why so much feel the support from the outside."If a man" sits ", he certainly need support, I’m on to know myself — says Boris Khamaida. — A these people not sit day — their great time. And here is unprincipled than different eyes addition or other policy, because they all — political prisoners. And must feel that freedom for them to have not forgotten. When I

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Amnestied political prisoners?

Political prisoners Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich and Alexander Kozulin have several penalties — Tipo for violations of internal regulations. Under the Criminal Procedure Code, such cases ability to deprive prisoners to be released early and do not use them amnesty.Statkevich, Paul and Catherine Sevyarinets Sadouskaya released ahead of schedule in time, when we looked at the issue of trade preferences."Amnesty is not abolished once again as we have political prisoners"Statkevich shared his thoughts about the prospects of other political prisoners amnesty:"Amnesty is not revoked once just due to the fact that we have political prisoners. In addition, have such levers as

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Solidarity picket was held in Warsaw

Now held in Warsaw on the occasion of a day or a picket of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners and politicians. About 10 ka Belarusians living in the Polish capital, gathered in the center of Warsaw, near the presidential palace and monument to Adam Mickiewicz with state flags, portraits of disappeared politicians and placards reading "Freedom to political prisoners", "dictator in jail."One of the picketers Adolf Droplet said correspondent our radio:"We are always mindful of those who disappeared, who is in jail at the moment and especially in today in solidarity with them. 16th of every month we go out

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Belarusian-Ukrainian border demand freedom for political prisoners

According to the press service of the UCP, the action is carried out with Belarusian and Ukrainian activists. They posted on the Ukrainian side of the crossing several white-red-white flags and handing out leaflets demanding the release of Andrei Klimov and other Belarusian political prisoners. There is information Belarusian guards detained people of Belarus Vital Stazharau and Alexander Sergienko, who were going to participate in the action. Where presently detained unclear. Telephone communication with them is absent.

Grodno activists filed a rally in support of political prisoners

Require applicants to allow a picket on August 13 in the center of town, near the Palace of textile. Goal — to draw public attention to political prisoners.Organizers of the campaign believe that of all political prisoners must drop charges — in including and from the former presidential candidate, chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk" Alexander Kozulin.

Solidarity day mark in the framework of the 10 cities

A day of solidarity in Vitebsk Belarus waving white-red-white flags.Portraits of disappeared Zakharenko, Victor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry Zavadsky appeared in subways, bus stops of public transport in the Belarusian capital and in regional centers.In Minsk districts Uruchcha and Robin about the big stores appeared portraits of political prisoners.Usually in street protests — flash mobs and pickets — participates in more youth. Now 6pm on October Square scheduled a human chain in which except for youth activists will participate UCP members. So they express support for his own colleague Andrei Klimov.United states favorite civilian party Anatoly Lebedko"We get to

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Last political prisoner Pavel Seviarynets visited Mogilev

According to Paul Sevyarinets, problems with visiting Artur Finkevich was not. The only thing on a date attendant took his passport. With Finkevich he read about the Belarusian youth movement and the political situation in the country.Mogilev Seviarynets Paul said about his own way of life on the chemistry and their future plans.According to a former political prisoner, on the "chemistry" in small Sitna he often sent letters of Mogilev, Bobruisk, Osipovichi, Klimovich Belynichy Shklow yes — only about 20 people.

K.St ‘Ewart: United States continue to insist, to release all political prisoners

Ms. Stewart, commenting on "Freedom" sentence youth activists, expressed the hope that soon will be released to freedom all Belarusian Political Prisoners:"I hope that they reduced the amount of the fine, as discerned all the details of the case and took into account the severity of the perfect, as directed attention the fact that they are students, we are limited. I can not read minds, but maybe they also took into account the fact that Young people have the right of assembly and expression own presentation.We are pleased that the number of people in jail are not increased. Also we

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Some political prisoners are critical of the role of Congress

Former political prisoners Mikhail Marinich Siuchyk and Alexei Shidlovskii that I read yesterday in the evening, on their invitation to the Congress learned from me. And one more thing connected these discussions — any of them said, that he can not give a clear answer about their own participation in the forum. Why?

Siuchyk: "It is alarming that what’s happening at the moment. Congress is considering only individual issues. "

Siuchyk explains the situation: "Congress Democratic Forces was created back in the main efforts Gennady Karpenko. In the first embodiment of the most basic idea — specifically the union of

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At the congress of chemists will further guard?

Political prisoner Dashkevich sawing boardsThe fact that Dmitry Dashkevich, who is serving a sentence in Shklou colonies again sent to work at the sawmill site, we reported in the last survey. But then it was not clear exactly what work was given to the political prisoner. This is a significant issue, as previously languid Dmitry dragged logs and got the disease range. "At the moment, he was transferred to the sawmill. Saws boards" — said of other "chemist" Artur Finkevich, which liaises with Dashkevich. According to Arthur, it is still easier job. He hopes that the injury will be less

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