What is light pollution?

Dave Ridgley

Light pollution is excessive or misdirected artificial light. It comes from a number of sources, from streetlights to external lighting. The majority of light pollution comes from lights either being pointed upwards or the light bouncing off of objects and scattering into the sky. With the main sources being street lights and illuminated buildings it is obvious that light pollution is considerably worse in heavily developed areas.

Excessive light pollution can have some notable effects, one being ‘skyglow’. Skyglow is the name given to the phenomenon of a glow effect that is often seen over populated areas. This

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10 tips to minimise light pollution.

If you live in or near a town or city you know the effects of stray light dimming down and ruining your view of the stars. Here are some tips to help…

1. Get into 1shadow.

If you have street lights shining into your garden, do your best to find a spot that’s not illuminated by these and which can give you a good view of the sky. Getting into the shadow of a brick wall or a tree can help here. The side of a building can help too, but this can of course block your view of a

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Ecology eyes Minskers: garbage trucks, Chernobyl

Woman: "Surely, this global warming. Climate change — it Anyway bad. "Man: "I was most worried about pollution. Especially in hot weather effect is enhanced emissions, apart from the transport of companies. Also — the pollution of rivers and lakes." Lady: "What wildlife destroying nature. And then try to keep them as individuals. " Reporter: "Tell me, please, what difficulties Environmental Protection trevozhut you the most?"Man: "I support a This is the meaninge anti-globalization call for a reduction in emissions. See how climate change: Europe and America is not in vain floods because very great content of harmful substances. Disrupted

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Air pollution in China can be seen from space

Air pollution in China can be seen from space Danger Zone

On satellite imagery revealed haze over eastern China, which confirms reports of severe air pollution in Beijing.

At the time of taking pictures haze enveloped the sky for more than a month. In early November, the Beijing center observations of air reported that the detected particles ranging in size from 10 microns, classifying the level of pollution as the average or small. In this case, the U.S. Agency for Environmental Protection has expressed a strong level of pollution particles 2.5 microns.

France accused of water pollution

France accused of Water Pollution Facts

27 February the European Union, guided by the law of 1991, expressed his intention to call the leadership of France to the court on the issue of water pollution nitrate waste. The country has not yet identified the areas where the risk of nitrate pollution is very high, and has been instrumental in preventing contact with dangerous substances into water rezurvuary.

Nitrates are commonly used as a fertilizer. However, in some areas should be established "closed periods" when allowed to use compost and other fertilizers. They should arrange for special tanks, says the European

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2011 — Year of the Environment in China

2011 — Year of the Environment in China Facts

As China welcomes the new year of the Dragon, which has more impact on the climate and weather, this article will address environmental events that fall into the main headlines.

While air pollution is aggravated to a dangerous level in the Chinese capital, the most discussed in the environmental question was smog. The government promised to improve the rate of ozone pollution, nitrogen oxides and fine particles PM2, 5, damaging the respiratory system. To date, official data very blurry, so most of Beijing residents rely on data of U.S. monitoring stations.

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Pollution aggravate winter smog in South Asia

Pollution aggravate winter smog in South Asia Facts

According to the government air pollution combustion of fossil and biomass exacerbated and increased the duration of the winter smog in many parts of South Asia. In Bangladesh, India and Nepal, the temperature dropped and the clouds of fog and smoke muzzle the sun for several days. Flights and transportation trapped in low-visibility conditions.

According to experts from the 1990th density of smog over the Indo-Gangetic plains has increased. These changes can not be described as linear, as they are observed annual fluctuations. But the number of years in which was recorded

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Iranian schools will be closed because of the dirty air

Iranian schools will be closed because of the dirty air Facts

As stated by the representatives of the province of Tehran, December 4 and 5, all schools, universities, ministries and other government agencies will be closed due to air pollution levels that exceeded all acceptable performance. This decision was taken in order to prevent the students and workers of stress and physical discomfort caused by the inability to breathe properly in the province, where about 12 million people.

This prohibition applies to all locations except the cities of Damavand and Firuzkuh, located in the north of Tehran. At

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Paris fights pollution butts

Paris fights pollution butts Facts

After a fairly successful struggle against the faeces of domestic and stray animals, so long bad name city streets, Paris finally took up cigarette butts from cigarettes. Before fining worst polluters of smokers and in one, the city authorities decided to install on every social urn stands for extinguishing cigarette butts. If the situation does not change until 2013, the penalty for discarded cigarette butt will still be introduced.

On November 14, 2012 in Paris, was established 10 thousand of these stands at 30 thousand boxes, which should help smokers get rid of

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Shanghai's air has become even more dangerous

Shanghai's air has become even more dangerous Danger Zone

The air in the city of Shanghai has the worst indicators of pollution over the past few months. Delay harmful particles over the city also contribute to the thick clouds and fog, which had already provoked a car crash, where one person was killed and dozens injured. Due to the thick smog canceled 70 flights to Pudong International Airport and Honkyao, flight and another 27 arrested.

Due to poor visibility, created smog had 6 hours of morning traffic stop express routes. The measurements showed that the content of hazardous

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