In Orel opened FOK Olympic

February 18, 2012 in Orel in the State University — UNPK the grand opening of a fitness center with a swimming pool. Construction of the complex was carried out in the framework of the project "500 pools." Sports facility built on the latest technologies. The cost of construction amounted to 234.5 million rubles, including 37 million rubles — the regional budget, 145 million rubles — federal, 57 million rubles — extra-budgetary funds.

The pool is designed to use it as university students and residents of the regional center. In addition, it is planned that in the construction will be holding

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In the city of Kursk was opened after reconstruction pool Olympus

The history of the pool "Olympus" begins in 1998. A year later, the object was handed over to the balance of children's sports school № 6. And in June 2008, for technical reasons, the pool was suspended. In 2010, the project was carried out major repairs swimming pools, and in July 2011 began the first construction work. For 6 months the building was renovated.

After the inauguration of the building pools guests of honor inspected it from the inside, appreciated the scale and quality of the work done. It is said that they were satisfied with what they saw. "Compared

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In Kungur Perm region opened pool

Oct. 26 in the tourist complex "stalagmite" of the city Kungur a ceremony opening the pool.

Pool 7.5 by 25 meters, a cascade-type — a depth of 1.6 to 2.3 meters. The swimming pool on three tracks, which is available to residents of kangaroos and Kungurskoye district. The plans of the construction of shallow pool for children — with elements of the water park.


In Kirsanov (Tambov region). Opened pool

August 1 in Kirsanov opened pool "Gazovik". It is built in the framework of cooperation of the Tambov region and OAO "Gazprom" for the program, "Gazprom — to children." Construction of the facility began in December 2008. The cost of construction amounted to 184 million rubles.

In the pool a variety of sports will be able to engage in daily to 320 children. The two-story building with a ground floor comprises a hall for training sessions, fitness room, modern showers and changing rooms, a juice bar, sauna. Actually pool is located on the second floor. Bowl Size — 8.5

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In the city of Iglino (Rep. of Bashkortostan) has opened a new pool Dolphin

March 2 Iglinskiy area opened FLC with pool "Dolphin".

For its construction, which began in December 2008, of the national budget allocated about 54 million rubles. On the ground floor there is a 25-meter swimming pool for adults and a small, 10-meter pool with children. Also, there are changing rooms and showers, relaxation room, medical room, sauna. On the second floor there are administrative buildings, a juice bar and a gym.

In Balashov (Saratov region). Opened swimming pool in the framework of the project 500 pools universities

August 25 Balashov branch of Saratov State University. NG Chernyshevsky opened a new swimming pool "University" within the project "500 pools."

Pool "University" has two floors, the basement area, where is the bowl with water treatment system, as well as an autonomous boiler room. Built-up area of 1.5 million square meters, total building area — 2.5 million square meters. The size of the pool — 25 by 16 meters. Six swimming lanes allow for competition at the highest level. The facility is equipped with two special lifts for people with disabilities.

At the same time the pool can accommodate

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In Vologda pool opened after reconstruction

Last fall, the pool "Dynamo" was transferred from the federal to the municipal authorities of the city of Vologda. After that began overhaul: has been completely replaced with cleaning system and water intake, wiring, communications, facilities, roof, facade itself bowl swimming complex. For reconstruction has been spent around 40 million.


As the Chinese in swimming pools …


Swimming in China is quite popular as a sport. Yet, outside of sports schools in the country and elite competition, there are ordinary people who take it as a hobby and a chance to relax. For most of the Chinese swimming pools — this is just the place to cool off after a day and calm down. During the peak days of summer, when the heat becomes unbearable, the pools are painted in a riot of colors and people fill to capacity. Thousands of people are dipped into the water to escape the scorching heat. China's

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In Valuyki Belgorod region opened a swimming pool Wave

Sports complex, which opened Dec. 14, was created by the conversion and renovation of the former City House of Culture, which was located on the street of Gagarin.

The complex includes a swimming pool of 200 square meters (25×8), small swimming pool and sauna.

The main feature of the pool is that the water treatment will be carried out by means of ions of silver and copper, with complete elimination of chlorine-containing substances.


In the Bryansk School pool opened after reconstruction

Six million rubles needed to identify the city budget for reconstruction work in the pool Bezhitsk school number 61, located in the worsted mill. Construction, idle since 1997, was officially opened after a major renovation.

Now 800 students at the school will be able to engage in the pool, equipped with the most modern equipment made in Germany. It allows you to not only filter the water, but also to control its temperature and chemical sostav.Krome order to practice the guys in the pool purchased equipment and sports equipment for 218,000 rubles.

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