Food Safari: Sri Lanka

Each month, we dip into the UAE’s multicultural melting pot to discover a new cuisine from a foodie.

Far win Simaak, born and raised in the bountiful land of Sri Lanka, didn’t always have a knack for cooking. Sure she did the ‘odd job/ as she calls it, of scraping coconuts and extracting the milk, to help her mother and grandmother in the kitchen, but she never thought it would be something she would become known for someday. «When I graduated from high school, my mother decided it was time for me to learn how to cook. So I would

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Hello! My name is Paul and I’m an indie developer.

I used to read all sorts of analytics, there is a lot of graphs about how much is now activated Android devices as iOS, as the rising markets and falling share. Unfortunately, interest and abstract figures are rarely allowed to accurately grasp what is really going on inside.

Most of all, I’m not one encounter such a problem, so I decided to share a «live» the statistics of one of my games, has become quite popular on iOS and Android. Immediately say, that we are about the game entirely in Russian, respectively, play it only Russian-speaking users. For those

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An iOS fans guide to E3 2013

Exciting iPhone and iPad titles were on display at gaming’s biggest event

This year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) show, held June 11-13 in Los Angeles, was heavily focused on the impending holiday launches of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, but it wasn’t hard to find great-looking games on every platform, including numerous promising games for iOS (some of which will be available by the time you read this).

One of the highlights was undoubtedly The Walking Dead: 400 Days. This gory add-on for The Walking Dead: Season 1 sets the stage for season 2 by introducing five new

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All About… Cassegrain


The Schmidt-Cassegrain is one of the most popular telescopes for the more serious amateur astronomer.

The Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, as the name suggests, is a hybrid. It is the merging of two designs of telescope by a German optician (Schmidt) and a French optician (Cassegrain). To get a proper understanding of how the telescope works, it is best to have a look at the original designs from which it grew.

The Schmidt telescope, sometimes called the Schmidt camera, was designed in 1930 by Bernhard Schmidt to produce a wide, flat field of view. A photographic film was placed at the

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What is the secret of popularity of the television series Not born beautiful?

Kirkorov is resting …Assured of the popularity of the television series had to scale staff of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus". 2 months reversed Vvarava Nelly, played the main character movie, was a guest of the "straight strip" newspaper. This is the number of calls were not expecting any actress or newspaper staff. Knows journalist Ira goat:Ira goat: "Usually a straight line is a journalist. In this case, the five of us had to work. Were busy all 4 lanes. Vvaravay In Nelli had no ability nor rest, nor sip tea or juice. While she answered one question, or

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On Glubochchina arrived pelikany

Minsk is expected over the political process, "Malady". And, as reported by now "Narodnaya Volya" criminal case takes 7 volumes. Interviewed 100 witnesses. What blame patriotic youth knows edition Haretski. "Narodnaya Volya" now recalls that two years reversed dramatically in Tanzania killed seven Belarusian pilots. Not so long ago in the Eastern Cemetery near buried eight more pilots. Then, many have seen that in the early graves no monuments. Clarifies the situation spouse Lyudmila crew commander symbol.As feels at the moment the famous Basil Starovoytov? To answer the question of its own readers, journalists "Narodnaya Volya"Been 82-year veteran. His words

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Press review: a water meter can save each month 20,000 rubles

"Brest newspaper" analyzes the situation in what turned out to entrepreneurs. Do they come out to protest against the decree number 760, which allows them to hire only relatives? In the resolution, the authorities promised to answer entrepreneurs’ caring government "demonstrations, pickets and strikes. Read more in the article "In mon cheaper."In the spring of the IV Congress of the intelligentsia. Creators publications refer to the words of Olga Ipatovoj which calls on intellectuals claim opposition unity and moral influence on opposition favorites.In Brest regional hospital doctors called the police because he got there a man with stab wounds languid.

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Overview of non-state press

"Narodnaya Volya" published an article Seeds Bookchin with the rhetorical question in the subtitle: "How a man to live with his conscience?" The reason for the publication of the visit of rock musicians to the main ideologist Oleg Proleskovsky. Creator says in today’s society can save human values such as honesty and dignity.The newspaper published an appeal Deputy Chairman BPF Ivashkevich to party members. Ivashkevich requests to endorse his candidacy for the presidency of the party and argues his position."Narodnaya Volya"Visited the bridge that linked the village and the village of Alexandria Kopys. In August bridge was inaugurated in the

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Russian has become the second most popular language of the Internet

OnAccording w3techson March 19, 2013, Russian walked German and became the second most spoken language of the web.

Russian language is used 5.9% of all Internet sites.


Domain. Ru became the most popular national TLD in September 2011, and since then has continuously increasing its popularity. Russian language is not only used by 89.8% of sites in the domain zone. Ru, but also in 88.7% of the sites that use the domain of the former Soviet Union. Su (which, logically, should lose popularity, but in practice the situation is the opposite.) Russian is also

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Moscow Theatre Entertaining Science performed at the festival Days of Science in Tomsk


Today, 23 November, launched a popular science festival "Days of Science in Tomsk." The event started at the conference hall of GC "Ruby." The festival organized by non-profit foundation "Dynasty."

The aim of the festival — the popularization of science (mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology). Tomsk universities, schools, city and region will receive literature from the Foundation "Dynasty." Lecturers of the Russian and world levels will give lectures and conduct master classes.

Eight days in the region will take action to increase interest in science among people of all ages and professions. Guests can visit

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