Continuing the series of articles on two-stroke tuning, this month is the turn of the RGV250. As you know the Suzuki RGV and the Aprilia RS250 share the same engine so it applies to the RS as well.

Next month will be about tuning the Suzuki RG500 because I won’t be doing anything else this month — a customer has delivered 20 RG500 engines to overhaul and tune. Yes 20.

Any dimensions of ports I give will be in mm measured from the top face of the barrel and widths will be as measured simply across using a caliper or

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The port with everything

The city of San Diego was founded in 1542 by Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo, who originally saw how the long dogleg of the bay could be used as a harbour for ships to shelter against the vagaries of the Pacific Ocean. Over the centuries the facilities at San Diego have been progressively enhanced, until today the port can truly be described as a super-port. San Diego is also a military city, being home to the US Navy’s largest naval base on the West Coast. Just 20 miles from the border with Mexico, San Diego has also, within the last 15 years,

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Night Owls

With the Battle of Britain at its height the first Beaufighters were delivered to operational units. The new, heavily-armed, long-range fighters were all destined for night-fighter squadrons. The initial batch was fitted with cannon only but also had the airborne interception (AI) Mk IV radar with its characteristic ‘bow and arrow’ nose aerials and wing blade aerials. These machines represented a step-change in the nocturnal war.

From the Filton production line, the ‘Beaus’ were issued to units equipped with Bristol Blenheim Ifs, most of which had been fitted with AI. Getting the Beaufighter ready for its debut were the following

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Sixth ready for delivery

8 November 2011. at «Nobel Shipyard" successfully completed running and acceptance testing of the sixth boat-bonopostanovschika project A40-2B. In the near future he will go to the place of registration in the port city of Novorossiysk to transfer to the Customer.

The vessel is intended for operation in the coastal port infrastructure, and serves to ensure the safety of navigation and protection of the environment.

This ship was built in the framework of the Federal Program "Development of civil marine engineering" on 2009 — 2016 years, by order of the Federal Agency of Maritime and

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Chukotka port Pevek opened to foreign vessels

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree number 1389-P to open a seaport Pevek to foreign vessels. The press service of the Russian government. The draft order is designed by Ministry of Transport of Russia in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 5 of the Federal Law "On the internal waters, territorial sea and contiguous zone of the Russian Federation." Sea Port Pevek, located in Chaun Bay of the East Siberian Sea, is one of the main ports of the Northern Sea Route. Founded in April 1951. The total length of the quay wall is 499 meters.

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Flotilla Ship Repair Center asterisk enriched modern tug

On Sunday, December 16 to the area of "Sprockets" entered tug "Alexander sighted people." The path length of three thousand nautical miles from the building to the home port, which runs through the five seas, the new tug yagrinskoy shipyard went for ten days.

The tug was built at the shipyard of "Leningrad Shipyard" Pella "in 2012. Its main feature is the use of an engine full-circle rudder propellers and higher in comparison with other tows "Sprockets" power of the main engines. These qualities of the new tug will conduct ship's shifting and tilting the ship without additional

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Ust-Luga ten years — a new benchmark

It is not often the anniversary of a company is a landmark event for the region. It is understood that in this case the date itself is not important, and achieved results. 10th anniversary of "Ust-Luga" remarkable emergence and development of the port of the same name, as well as integrated development of the adjoining territory of the Leningrad region. It is now thousands of jobs, and in the near future there will be even greater.

"Ten years of the port — is not only a serious date, but also a visual confirmation — the project took place, and its

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Ust-Luga extended for the construction of a new terminal

The Russian government has decided to expand the boundaries of the port of Ust-Luga to include land designated for the construction of a terminal for transshipment of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with a capacity of up to 4 million tons of base and providing fleet.

The company "Sibur-Portenergo" started construction of a terminal for transshipment of LPG in the port of Ust-Luga in May 2010. Its design capacity is 1.5 million tons of liquefied petroleum gas and 2.5 million tons of light oil per year.

Also in the village of Ust-Luga launched a pilot project in the Leningrad Oblast

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Ust-Luga handled the first port call of Team Lines

Ust-Luga Container Terminal (ULCT), part of a group of National Container Company (NCC) has processed the first port call of Team Lines. The press service of the NCC.

Grete Sibum Container capacity 1,036 TEUs arrived at the port of Ust-Luga port of Hamburg and then proceed to St. Petersburg.

Later, Team Lines ship calls will be made weekly on Fridays, linking the adjacent territories with the largest European ports — Hamburg and Bremerhaven.


ULCT — container terminal of the NCC in the port of Ust-Luga. Construction

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Ust-Luga — the biggest port under construction in the Baltic Sea

 Photo source:sdelanounas.ru

Ust-Lou? Ha — Sea port in north-west Russia, the Leningrad region, in the Luga Bay of the Gulf of Finland near the village of Ust-Luga. He began work with the opening in December 2001 coal terminal.

Today I would like to take a few lines of the project, which is not drawing much attention of the media and the general public is implemented in the Leningrad region since the early 2000's and is built from the ground port complex, the turnover is growing by an average of more than 70% each year and for the first

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