Portland proud

How Oregon does urban.

Portland is a photographer’s paradise,» says horticulture photographer Janet Loughrey (loughreyphoto.com), who calls the city home. «It offers many green spaces, as well as a fun mix of traditional and quirky neighborhoods.» The mild climate keeps the city green year-round, and September lures with dry days and fewer tourists.

For lofty city views with Mount Hood in the distance, Portland- based pro Bruce Forster (www. bruceforsterphotography. com) recommends late-afternoon views from the Pittock Mansion, situated 1,000 feet above the city. For views of Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and evening city views, he suggests

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How to recycle old suitcase

How to recycle old suitcase Facts

In one U.S. city have found an unusual way to not send the old travel bags and suitcases to the shop, antique shop, or in a landfill, but to give them a second life, carrying with beneficial effects for the environment.

Creative processing company located in Portland, collects unwanted bags of interesting vintage look and makes them "bass cases", or Case of Bass. Product output is a portable sound system with a relatively high capacity and quality better than modern brands. Each bag is cleaned and specially prepared before starting it suitable

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Airport near Moscow Portland was visited by UFOs

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