Portrait Professional 11

Jon Stapley tests the latest version of Portrait Professional photo-retouching software

FACIAL retouching is big business in portraiture, and aspiring portrait photographers will need to learn the basics and how to use the software to make it happen. Portrait Professional aims to provide both, with powerful skin-smoothing and facial-alteration technology combined with a preset and slider-focused approach that makes it easy even for the novice to get rid of blemishes, whiten teeth and even alter a subject’s facial structure.


Once you’ve input the gender and rough age of the subject, Portrait Pro detects the face and places

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Russian artist at home Andersen.

Work in Denmark at the invitation of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II Dmitry Žilina went from a country where the profession of the artist over the last seven or eight years has lost its former social recognition, prestige began, outside the range of concerns of high state institutions. Although once, remembered by many artists not without a nostalgic warmth, these «care» pestered much free creator. But there were exhibitions, contracts, titles, awards, creative journey, large orders, systematic purchases. Now, if you’re lucky if someone help myself pretty tired with running, then you can, for example, to go to work on

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Portrait of Avicenna

Many centuries have learned HEALTH PROFESSIONALS IN THE WORLD OF MIDDLE books are great physician, philosopher and thinker Ibn Sina (Avicenna). However, over the thousands of years that have passed since his birth, it has not saved any Scola any reliable IMAGE scientists. Not exactly restore FACE Ibn Sina and the famous anthropologist Professor M. Gerasimov. Most recently, his mistakes to correct Researchers from Andijan.

In 1954, by the decision of the World Peace Council, in Hamadan (Iran), where he died in 1037 Avicenna, it was built a new mausoleum. The ashes of the old burial had to be

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Portrait of the 18th century.

If the XVII century was predominantly religious, the XVIII — mostly not religious.

Divine Providence takes place is now omniscient human mind. This was the era of the internal courage: if there is no God, but there is only empty sky, which can not be afraid, you lose the value of many of the moral criteria and restrictions. We live only once, after death we did not expect, so we will enjoy every moment, and «after us — the deluge.» It was a time, a premonition, to prepare the catastrophe of the French Revolution.

The main lifestyle for a

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Create a stylised portrait

Shoot a fun portrait in your back garden, and turn a rainy backdrop into a shimmering blur with beautiful bokeh

Shooting fashion portraits doesn’t always require a studio setup with complex and costly lighting setups. You can capture fun and stylish portraits like ours in your back garden with just a couple of simple props. Although you’ll be using flash to light your portrait, the setup is simple and you’ll only need one flashgun if your D-SLR has an on-camera flash. We’ll be lighting our model’s head and shoulders with our pop-up flash, which will also send a signal to

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Two portraits of a noble lady.

In the hall of the gallery, where the works of famous Russian painter Karl Bryullov, many viewers are delayed at huge ceremonial portrait of a society lady and her little daughter. However, her name is little to explain the visitor gallery. M.A.Bek portrait painted by the artist in 1840. Such spectacular, custom paintings including many works by the master.

In the picture, the full image of a young beauty with fine regular features, beautiful black hair in ringlets laid the fashion of the time. Dressed in sumptuous velvet dress, she poses, holding the hands of well-dressed little girl. It

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Take care of yourself, be careful!

The world is becoming increasingly difficult to remain unnoticed. Here you smoked, and then threw a cigarette butt. They spit out the gum. Why are there — just wind ruffled your hair and took away a hair, was just this enough to people who had not seen you never got your portrait …

No, it’s not paranoid delusions, but real modern design — and not at the service of security, while artists. Thus, post-graduate and «information Artist» from Brooklyn Heather Dewey Hagborg creates a three-dimensional portraits of people based on their DNA. which is

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The viewer is shown the noble oval face with serene expression Stoic philosopher. because Adrian was a supporter of this doctrine. To convey the inner workings of thought, his eyebrows with a careful study of the individual hairs are a little tense with the intended fold. Large locks of hair crowned with majestic wreath. Spinning wheels slightly curly mustache and beard worked thinner and therefore seem to be more lenient. Making beard and lush curls hairstyle sculptor gave the opportunity for additional use in the portrait features of light and shadow. Skin affects smoothness thanks to gentle polishing marble.

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Malady urged judges to send portraits Sevyarinets

"We begin this action and appeal to all our colleagues with a request also print portrait of Paul Sevyarinets and send to the address in Baranovichi A.D.Kushavay judge that issued the policy last sentence," — reported the press service "Junior Front. "Last time Paul was detained on September 11 in the trial of the youth activist Yaroslav Hryshchenya. Paul Seviarynets received the same day the penalty — a fine of 620 000 rubles and 17 days in jail. Currently Paul Seviarynets serving his sentence in Baranovichi.• On-line conference with Paul Sevyarynets, 05/09/2007

Match heroes Shejman & Maltsev, Liabedzka & Kaljakin

Valery hoe blogger notes: "After the change of ownership at the local match factory" managers set off the brain. " "Enrage profits" initially prompted them to print on labels portraits favorites opposition parties. But after criticism from "above" started producing portraits "siloviki". Repeated samples contact Tsapkov came to nothing. Then we went to another method.Lebedko: "Groups of UCP" Pinskdrev "no"The coming of Brest match factory located in Pinsk. I tried to find out if a company that enters into the structure of "Pinskdrev" attitude toward reklyamavannya official and opposition politicians. Hearing my question, a company representative at a loss: "And

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