Exhibition dedicated to the Belarusian national resistance

As noted at the opening ceremony Ales Tsirkunov, the task of exposure — persanifikavats national resistance to the occupation and the communist-Bolshevik terror of the twentieth century. "At half-framework of 10 paintings in chronological order identified the main figures of the Belarusian state movement — this Vaclav Lastouski and brothers Lutskevich and Roman Skirmunt, Zoska Veras, Auntie, Ales Harun, Karus Kaganets, Bronislaw Taraszkiewicz Stanislav Bulak-Balakhovich Vincent Godlewski, Victor Sikora, Vassily Bykov, Mikhail Tkachev, Vladislav Chernyavskii, Zenon Pozniak, Timothy Vostrikovs "- said A.Tsirkunov.In late February, it will replace the exposition exhibition of political posters. According to a member of the Commission

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Posters of the First World War

2nd Russian War (1.8.1914-3.3.1918) This war is called in different ways: the first Global War Imperialist war, Lofty war. But there was another title, which by all means try to delete from the national memory Communists — the second Russian war. Second Russian war. The world on fire.

And that was not you flint'll teach you a belt, that is long remembered rascal that suffers for William:

Kaiser Wilhelm, to start a world war, the enemy of the human race. Specifically, such a Makarov and his pre-revolutionary posters depicted on:

Map of Europe during the second Russian war

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Posters of the siege of Leningrad

January 27. The date for each inhabitant of the town on the Neva is not less than 9 May. January 27, 1944 to May 9, 1945 had more than one year, but the city was celebrating his victory. He persevered. Persevered against all odds. In that distant January evening Leningrad for the first time during the war saw the beams of searchlights and no breaks of anti-aircraft missiles and gun salute. The blockade is removed, the enemy dropped.Congratulate visitors of our web site to this date, we want to sample posters, painted in the besieged Leningrad. The city lived, the

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Posters of white plainclothes times of war

Creating an enemy types — one of the main tasks of at least some of the advocate. So, in the midst of ordinary fighter armies of white reddish distributed posters and leaflets with a reminder that behind and come with crisp white landowners, who will select the land again. But other than that reddish promised a new world — a world of freedom and labor, which they opposed the old one the world who are going to return the white on their own bayonets.

But the snow-white propaganda in the main focused on the development of species enemy, not

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Stainless steel iron post

Scientists are still baffled by the huge iron pillar, which is in India. It is still unclear how many of the century metal is rusted through, and the inexplicable many anomalous properties of the mysterious tower.

Are you interested billboard clubs today? In this case, find the full poster of clubs you can online luxlux.net.

This metal object mounted on the square, at the outskirts of Delhi. Applied on a column of Sanskrit inscriptions, it appears that the column in the V century Indian king Veil erected

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Vitaly reveler who warned unknown

Society Arrested for putting up posters in Vawkavysk with photos of political prisoners UCP member Vitaly reveler alerted the police and confiscated his posters.

In the words of Vitaly reveler at once during his interrogation by police attended a man in civilian clothes, who also tried to ask him questions.

Vitaly Gulyako refused to talk to him because of the fact that he refused to introduce him. After, as were reports of interrogation and seizure, the person in civilian clothes made Vitaly Gulyako official warning for taking part in anti-government actions.

Vitaly Gulyak putting up posters on advertising

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In Vawkavysk arrested Vitaly Gulyak

Society Party member of the UCP Vitaly Gulyak was arrested while putting up posters in the city with pictures of political prisoners. He was taken to the police station.

Vitaly Gulyak putting up posters on advertising pillars. Among plastered posters — portraits of Irina Khalip Andrei Sannikov, Vladimir Neklyaeva, Statkevich and others.

On Last week Vitaly reveler was detained policemen for putting up the same posters. Then he was questioned by the police, and drew up a report questioning.



The Swiss will see how the freed Belarusian Poster

Society In the Swiss town of Morges in museums Alexis trout from June to September, an exhibition of Belarusian poster "Perestroika. Posters at liberty" to mark the 20th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Organizers say the intention with the collection of the Belarusian posters from the 1950s through the perestroika in the 1980s to the present day to show how freedom of speech came during the Soviet and post-Soviet graphic arts.

In the photo: the opening of the exhibition

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Russian-Japanese War. Posters of the Russian Federation

Most of the Russian posters of the Russian-Japanese war belonged to the genre of "splint". Living in the country of the rising sun on these posters look dumb and weak, funny opponent, which is easier to handle than usual — the defeat of, naturally, then no one expected.In this collection we want to offer to you a sample is not popular prints, and more or less severe posters.

Some of them are devoted to fighting episodes, and the least severe part of the story about the complexities of monetary Land of the Rising Sun — the war was a

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Commander took off for a portrait of Yanukovych

Commander of the military unit is not removed from office for a portrait of President Viktor Yanukovych, who came top of the image with the previous president, Viktor Yushchenko, on an information poster.

This was said Defense Ministry spokesman Konstantin Sadilov.

He also said that photo posters made during the press tour for journalists this ground, arranged to the days of the journalist.

Journalists are outraged emergence photo

The participants of the tour wrote a collective letter in which outraged at the fact that the deputy editor of "Podolsky courier" Vitaliy Taranenko posted this photo.

"The journalistic community Khmelnytsky,

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