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What if… communism had failed?

What if the Bolsheviks hadn’t come to power in Russia?

The Bolshevik uprising was a coup d’etat, a power seizure. The masses were not involved in any way and, in fact, the general public did not know that anything was happening. If you read the newspapers from that time you find that the theatres were operating, there were concerts, and nobody knew what was happening. It was [just] a real power seizure. So I think if the Bolsheviks had not seized power in November 1917, the most likely scenario is that the military — the officers — would have overthrown

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Home appliances offer a world of choice and a world of confusion! Here’s how to make the right selection to suit your needs and your budget

What makes us buy one particular manufacturer’s appliance over another’s? Are you a very savvy consumer; are you armed to the eye-teeth with information, or is it a case of buying what takes your fancy? When you buy a product there are many factors that influence your buying decision, including advertising on TV, printed media and home shows, retail showrooms, the Internet and personal recommendations. Of these, a personal recommendation from somebody who you

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The power of quasars.

The brightest known objects in the universe, quasars blast light and other radiation across billions of light years of space, Illuminating some of the remotest corners of the cosmos.

Scan a small or medium-sized telescope across the constellation of Virgo (the Virgin), to the north-east of the moderate star Eta Virginis, and you’ll trace scattered chains of apparently nondescript stars.

There’s little to suggest that one particular star-like point of light is any different from the rest. But, in fact, one faint object — a ‘star’ of magnitude 12.9, listed in catalogues under the designation 3C 273 — is extraordinary.

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The power of Galactic tides

Galactic tides are capable of shearing entire galaxies in two and ejecting stars and debris into interstellar space

A galactic tide is a cosmic process in which an object of small mass is distorted gravitationally by one of larger mass, such as a satellite galaxy being influenced by a larger galaxy.

This process occurs as gravitational attraction between two objects increases with a decrease in distance, with objects in close proximity to each other experiencing stronger attraction and greater probability of generating a galactic tide.

A good theoretical example of a galactic tide is two galaxies located close to each

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The power of ANTIMATTER

Is antimatter the key to understanding more about our universe and propelling future spacecraft between the stars? All About Space investigates how close we are to finding out more about this exotic matter

Written by Gemma Lavender

Imagine a mirror held up to the universe, one that reflects matter on the scale of particles. Just like a normal mirror, the image would be reversed. Particles like protons with positive charge would suddenly look to be negatively charged, while electrons that spin in quantum fashion one way would appear to spin the other way. While the universe doesn’t really have a

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Power to Lift

Large-scale powered-lift demonstrations underline the value of flow control for aircraft efficiency

During the past year, two large powered-lift models have been tested in the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex (NFAC) at NASA Ames Research Center in California, evaluating the low-speed benefits of blowing air over high-lift flaps for short takeoff and landing (STOL).

High-speed tests in the National Transonic Facility (NTF) at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia have investigated the benefits of blowing to reduce drag in the cruise. And while a STOL transport, civil or military, looks unlikely in the next decade or so, the wind-tunnel tests conducted

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Power Shift

Variable-speed drive systems

Open up new possibilities for efficient rotorcraft

Momentum is growing behind the desire for a step-change in rotary-wing performance. More speed is most often mentioned by customers and manufacturers, but range and payload limitations are also seen as holding back rotorcraft from wider use.

As a result, one attribute could change that has stayed essentially constant since helicopters were invented— rotor speed. Most helicopters operate at a fixed 100% rpm to provide the slender blades with rigidity and stability in edgewise flight. But as designers push for higher speeds, the ability to slow the rotor is becoming

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Plug and Play

Composite wings and more-electric systems offer greater integration opportunities

As the first engine maker to attach a fifth-generation civil turbofan to a more-electric aircraft’s all-composite primary structure wing, Rolls-Royce says its Trent 1000 experience on the Boeing 787 gives it a significant advantage in the race for ever greater levels of engine-airframe integration.

The company aims to build on this knowledge base as it prepares to install the first Trent XWB engines on to the Airbus A350 later this year. It is already planning a range of longer-term developments that will see it work more holistically with airframe makers.


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Last month you may have seen the beat-up standard pipe attached to the 3-hunge following its journey to the Melbourne Enduro-X. Well, all pride in the KTM has been restored with a new expansion chamber and silencer from KTM’s Powerparts division. This top-quality factory-spec exhaust system is specially built for KTM by FMF, which has been building performance pipes for longer than I can remember. Apart from looks, the new pipe and muffler combo feels lighter yet also fits to the bike with the same alignment and precision

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On a Friday morning in August, my wife, my dog, and I took off from Princeton, New Jersey, in my Cessna 172M. We were headed 50 minutes north to Cherry Ridge Airport in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, from which we would have a short drive to our vacation home in the Poconos. I added a quart of oil; did a thorough preflight, found nothing out of the ordinary; and runup was normal. We took off, requested flight following from New York Approach, and looked forward to the weekend.

About two-thirds of the way to our destination, the engine sound suddenly

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