The two most common metabolic diseases in New Zealand are milk fever and ketosis, with hepatic lepidosis expected to become more common as farm livestock are fed increasing amounts of supplements.

Hypocalcaemia (lowered blood calcium)

Animals affected: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, camelids

Risk factors: high or low body condition score, bad weather (w’et and/or frosty), sudden change in feed type, sudden feed restrictions

Symptoms in cattle: excitement agitation, muscle spasms, staggers, eventually unable to stand, often sit with their head ‘kinked’ around at right angles, back towards their bellies, dry muzzle, cold legs, ears, constipation, drowsiness Symptoms in sheep: staggers,





In recent years, the author has written 13 books on the major issues of theory and practice of hematology; Many of them have become reference books, not only by hematologists but also other doctors. The fact that Soviet doctors adequately withstood such a test, as the tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, have greatly contributed to the work of these scientists, which led the academician of AMS USSR, Head of the Central Institute of Advanced Medical AI Vorobyov (now headed by the newly created Union Hematology Research Center the Ministry of Health). Developed by scientists leukemia

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1 week of pregnancy


Even before you've learned that you are pregnant, your organism began to prepare for a new life. This work does not begin at conception, but much earlier, during the the last menstrual period. It is from this period (the first day the last menstrual period) And starts the pregnancy calendar.

Your organism preparing one of the eggs to fertilize. This work he does every month, and it takes about two weeks, after which ovulation occurs (yield mature egg to the uterus).


11 Weeks Pregnant


Now you burn calories faster than before pregnancy: the metabolism increases by 25 percent. Forget for a moment about the meats, preservatives and spicy. Your Diet must the most diverse, especially a lot of it must fruits and vegetables. Ideally cake with cream stands prefer a carrot, but do not go too far and try to get the most satisfaction from his position.


Your baby appears sensitivity of the skin of the palms. Gets busy grasping reflex. Developed sense of smell, baby even smells the meal eaten by the mother. Between 11 and 12

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12 Weeks Pregnant


After 12 weeks toxemia, usually weakens his fight. Feel better, disappears increased tearfulness and uncertainty.

Unfortunately, some pregnant manifestation of toxicity may be kept and further, especially in the case of multiple pregnancies.


Growth of the child reaches 9 inches, weight — about 13 grams. During this period, the baby starts to develop liver bile, following the first colonic contractions (peristalsis). Formation of the brain.

At this time, usually carried ultrasound, which allows you to specify the duration of pregnancy, number of fetuses, to identify possible deviations in development.

15 Weeks Pregnant


Bulging tummy can already be seen with the naked eye. And if you have a tendency to stretch marks, in this period, they can occur. Do not forget to go to the dentist — may need to treat your teeth (to put the seal) or varnish (during pregnancy increases the sensitivity of the teeth — hormones change the body, enamel becomes more sensitive.) Do not forget to take vitamins for pregnant women.


A big role in the development of the baby 2-3 months hormones play. Hormones mother through the placenta. Later begins to produce its

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18 Weeks Pregnant


Soon you will learn to recognize when your baby sleep, and when awake, will feel like he has hiccups, and know when hungry (in this case, may be followed by an unequivocal kick to the side). By shock and fetal kicks you can understand that all is well with him, or something goes wrong.

When half of pregnancy (4.5 months) was left behind, it's time to think about preparing for childbirth. Best of all — start attending special courses or school motherhood, where you will be shown a movie and explain how to proceed labor, will

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19 Weeks Pregnant


With the advent of the stomach begins to change your posture, which may affect back pain and worsening of sleep. Try not to strain your back, wear shoes with a low, stable heel, get a special bandage. In the second trimester may occur anemia (low hemoglobin levels in the blood), nasal congestion, and even nosebleeds (due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in the blood), leucorrhea (separation of cables of the vagina). But do not be frightened in advance and look at the sores, tune in a positive way and easy pregnancy.



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20 Weeks Pregnant


Now you are exactly half way — congratulations!

During this period, the skin may appear dark spots. Do not worry, they will be held after the birth. It is also possible that you can be a problem profuse discharge from the vagina. To prevent infection, avoid irritants, and tight clothing. Uterus rises above shifting up the abdominal cavity and, consequently, little oppressing lungs. You may notice that your breathing has become more difficult.


This week, the sebaceous glands begin to produce fruit waxy secretion called "vernix." Its mission — to protect baby's delicate skin.

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21 Weeks Pregnant


Between the 5th and 6th month of pregnancy you will quickly and easily gain weight (normal — 300 g per week). Typically, this period is already possible to determine the sex of your baby by ultrasound. However, the sexual organs are not always visible: unlike adults, can not force the baby to turn the "right side" to the US-installed. Therefore, some parents may not know the sex of their offspring up to the birth.


Baby may already be angry. This picture shows a child at this age. It shows his angry look, muscle tension

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