Mark Levin: The U.S. government simulates the collapse of the financial system, society, and the possible spread of violence


Each week, well-known conservative radio host Mark Levin refers to tens of millions of listeners. What he said recently on his radio show, broadcasted by several radio stations across the country, many students caused cold chills.

A few years ago it was a marginal theory, limited only to the sphere of alternative (conspiracy) news sources.

Warnings about the full economic collapse, the accumulation of government armories, and the idea that Americans are free to define as terrorists and detain indefinitely, or kill, often bumping into a

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Europe is threatened by widespread flooding

The United Nations calls on the countries of Eastern and Central Europe to prepare for possible flooding. This is said in a statement on the UN website."The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction Margareta Wahlstrom called upon all States in the region to prepare adequately for the upcoming disaster," — said in a statement.The threat of flooding is due to melting of ice and snow. According to the organization, the greatest risk of flooding prone areas along the Danube, where already the first signs of spring thaw, transfer Ukrainian News.UN admits that floods may be

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Scientists mentally prepare humanity to a dramatic surge in solar activity

Observations show that the luminary slowly gaining a powerful solar storm that happens once in a thousand years.

Human health, he can be very damaging, even though many people experience discomfort from magnetic storms in the days of the solar activity. But a lot of damage can be caused to the infrastructure — the solar wind of such force can instantly bring down power lines, transformers and burn overnight disconnect planet. And the restoration of electrical take months. In addition, victims and the mobile network experience shortage signals GPS, computer failures threaten flying aircraft, train traffic operations in global

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Atlantic coast of the United States threatens new storm

U.S. national meteorological centers, watching the air masses of the Atlantic, found a new storm that could reach the coast of New England and the middle part of the east coast on the day of elections. This system will not have such a destructive force as Sandy, and she did not come from the tropics. But the coast should be wary of snow and blowing snow with strong winds of 50-60 km / h and beach erosion coast, already affected by previous supershtorma.

Direct threat does not exist yet, but the status has already been monitoring the storm, and

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Belarusians and soon got used to the heat

Society Mr."I just say for example that from the Stock Exchange work on the farm and in this heat I spend the whole day on the field under the sun. What might be ready? "

Mrs."Of course not prepared. We're just not used to this heat. "

Her friend"We are just suffering from the heat. We're not in Australia, for example, where such temperatures — is the norm. "

Mrs."Yes, it's hot, but I have not thought of."

Mr."And I think that's not so hot, you can still suffer and endure."

Mrs."Why are not prepared? Prepared. And among other things,

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The Tibetan Book of the Dead

November 24, 2011 23:54

The film consists of two parts of the "Way of Life" and "The Great Liberation" of 45 minutes each. We could not prepare his birth, but we can prepare for death. Wonderful and inspiring words Dalai Lama 14 can help many to reconsider their attitude to death.

Soviet nuclear artillery

Russian artillery Union has played a crucial role in achieving victory over Germany in 1945, but in the coming for this type of troops was prepared for a difficult and tragic fate of immediately.

Since coming to power in 1953, Nikita Khrushchev decided to actually get rid of the artillery units, taking into account the development of missile systems frisky firing. Large supplies of guns, which remained after the Second World War, were cut to the metal, it was a period of time when a new system of tools have not been developed and manufactured, and an old destroyed.

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Recipes of traditional medicine for hair loss

October 31, 2011 19:40

Human hair decorated, emphasizing its beauty, it is especially true for women, but for men hair loss often becomes a tragedy. The causes of hair loss are different: metabolic disorders, diseases of the nervous system, internal organs, poor nutrition, impaired function of the sebaceous glands, etc.

Traditional medicine for hair loss recommends the following recipe:

— lubricate the scalp and areas of hair loss within 1-2 months alternately with sunflower oil and propolis tincture pharmacy;

— wash your hair three times a week strong decoction of grass mother and stepmother;

— wash your hair strong decoction

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Deception can be improved

A new study by Northwestern University shows that the art of deception is more accessible than previously thought, it can be improved by spending some effort on the theoretical and practical training.

Previous studies have found that when you try to lie to people usually spend more time and make more mistakes than to tell the truth, because they have to keep two conflicting answers in the head and suppress honest answer. Accordingly, the aim of this study was: to find out whether you can learn how to lie with more automaticity and less effort.

The study

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Horrible Japanese dish (video)


The Japanese restaurant has created a dish called Odori-Don, which means Dancing Squid. To prepare the dish the chef uses fresh Ikkatei Tabij kalmary.U squid head and removed all the innards, and the tentacles are still intact.

Squid "sit down" in a bowl with rice and sprinkled with soy sauce sousom.Sol to react to nerve cells, causing the decline and squid tentacles as it comes to life.

Then clean the squid, do not dish edyat.Stoit 2000 yen (about $ 30). Dish made such a success that its patented many of the restaurants and

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