Again, PowerPoint

I repeat once again: PowerPoint- leader in creating presentations, fairly «pump up the muscles» in recent versions, but it does not tell the full perfection of the program. It is not surprising that in recent years there were serious attempts to overcome its main drawback: the linear structure of the presentation.

For example, one of the really serious competitors — Prezi — laid emphasis on the colorful effects and flexible zoom presentation that allows parts to move from consideration to general overview. Strengths Prezi, however, may turn around and disadvantages: vivid transition effects still often distract from the overall

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Burmester B10


The Burmester B10s were never supposed to exist. Well, not as a consumer product anyway. These intriguing standmounters were simply a side-project for founder Dieter Burmester, who decided he would build a pair of small monitor speakers himself rather than buy some. Such was the interest that they aroused, however, that they became a full-blown part of the German high-end hi-fi company’s line-up.

You could be forgiven for worrying that so much effort may have been wasted when you first lay eyes on the rather conventional — albeit beautifully finished — B10s. The devil, however, is in the detail.

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Reddish church prayed for teachers and Belarusian Writers

Mass in the parish church of reddish arranged rector, priest-master Vladislav Zavalniuk. He said:"Today we also pray especially for teachers. Thanks to everyone who really gets this foundation in the education and development of our people. Among us very pochetaemy sovereign Ryhor Baradulin our recognizable poet, who, for his possible love for the fatherland through God, through spirituality. And we come together in a spirit of prayer with all the masters words, all the poets and writers of Belarus. God bless, that language was unblemished, in different values of net. To assist in the formation of the word through the

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Vitebsk accomplished presentation of books by Vladimir Orlov Names of Freedom

Ul.Arlov: "Heroes of the book became as famous personalities whose names are already in the encyclopedia, and those who have been known except in the narrow circle of his own relatives, friends and associates. But these people — from one cohort. Those who waited freedom, fought for it, suffered and died very often. "In the book "Names of Liberty" includes essays about the natives of Vitebsk. Stories fate of the famous artist Jazepa Drozdovich famous writer Vasil Bykov Anatoly Konopelko Vitebsk poet, a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Vladimir Pleschenko voiced during the current presentation.Copies signed by the

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80 km on the bike — the presentation of the Names of Freedom

Writer who was born and raised in Polotsk, recognizable stories popularizer of Polotsk, have to meet with readers in a semi-legal criteria.Samples to advertise the planned meeting with the readers had of success. But in spite of this people at a presentation comes a lot, and the room is not able to accommodate all who wish to meet with the creator of "Belarusian history in the people."To get to the presentation of a medical Driss (Verkhnedvinsk) Petro Kvetinsky rode a bike eighty miles.Yesterday Vladimir Orlov presented his book Rositsa residents — a village on the border with Latvia.According to the

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Names of Liberty — New presentation

On last week Vladimir Orlov continued to give interviews to the Fatherland and zabugornye media on the release of the latest book in the series "Library of Liberty" "Names of Freedom" and meet with readers. Friday writer talked about the book and answered questions from the interested audience, who came to the meeting in a church in Novopolotsk .Heroes in the midst of books — a huge number of individuals associated with the Polotsk land and history. Tuesday’s scheduled presentation of the book in Polotsk, then the meeting will be held in other towns of Vitebsk.On Saturday, September 22 meeting

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Presentation of the book Names of Freedom in Mogilev

Lukashuk: "I came out almost a minute as just at the moment is the main part of our presentation, playing Vladimir Orlov. Initially, I asked the audience who listens to Radio Liberty, and the response has risen more hands than were people in the audience — some raised both hands. Perhaps those who read us on the Web. We’re in the midst of friends.In the beginning, we introduced favorite volumes of the series "Library of Liberty," answered the questions arise as these books, who makes them, where they can get. Public library center, we gave our collection.People were very glad

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Vladimir Orlov: Freedom has many incarnations

First presentation Vladimir Orlov read the first essay of the book about Tadeusz Reytana and graduated presentation essay about his own grandmother Avginya. Freedom has many incarnations, says Vladimir Orlov."Epitome of Freedom for me and Paul have Seviarynets, and his friends and Artur Finkevich Dashkevich, which is currently behind bars. And when they hear there for themselves behind bars "Freedom" and a report from the current presentation, I wish to convey their greetings, and that each of them signed this book. Middle of the embodiment of freedom for me and Anastasia Azarko of Nesvizha and Anastasia Palazhanka from Minsk, and

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In Minsk, Belarusian translation analogy presented

Almost devyatsisotstaronkavy is presented in which 658 poets 57 languages and 198 Belarusian translators invested poet Michas Scoble. And given the analogy due to personal money in publishing "Limarius." Verses many poets represented in it sounded now in the original presentation of the mouth diplomats accredited in Belarus. Head of the Embassy of Ukraine Igor Likhovyi fifty works of outstanding poets in the anthology of the country chosen for the presentation of lines of Taras Shevchenko.

Igor LikhovyiSalting Latvia Maira Mora reading poetry classics of Latvian literature Janis Rainis, who later heard in translation Sergei Poniznika. By the way, for

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Presentation of the ABC Night in Minsk — photo report

Victor Shalkevich hurry to leave Grodno, but managed to sing a few songs. Recorded on the disc 5 of his satirical mini-plays.Pavel Morozov read about the dying of the printed word, and the ability to give literature new technologies.Misha Anempadistov for "Night ABC" wrote his poems, many of which were texts of favorite rock songs. But he decided to limit the presentation of funny stories.Sergei Balakhonov read an excerpt from a new work on behalf of the teacher, which is surrounded on all sides starshaklyasnits temptation.Adam Globe examines the list of creators on the CD "Night ABC." Specifically, he suggested

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