Vacuum Bagging

Creating wooden laminates in your shop

AS A HOMEBUILDER WORKING on a Pietenpol Air Camper, I’ve had to contemplate a fair amount of woodwork. While some of the solutions are fairly straightforward and easy to resolve, others have taken a bit of research and have occasionally required me to learn a new technique, which is one of the best things about home building—the learning. For those familiar with the Air Camper, you know that many choose to construct the center struts (or cabane struts) out of wood. These vary in type from solid planks of walnut or Douglas fir to

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Titanium was named after the Titans, a group of powerful and immortal gods in classical mythology. One of their number was Oceanus, who was believed by the Greeks and Romans to be the divine personification of an enormous river that encircled the world on the line of the equator.

It is fitting, therefore, that the cases for the finest diver’s watches are made of this remarkable element, which in its metallic form is resistant to corrosion (especially in salt water) and boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. The striking C11 Titanium Elite Chronometer is the first Christopher Ward


Fit to Fly

Philip Belsham, FRCS, Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine to a leading London hospital, looks at the hostile environment in which the modern military pilot operates, in the first of a series about aviation medicine.

THE HUMAN ANIMAL, Homo sapiens, has, over the millennia of his evolution, become superbly adapted to his environment. Although his leas are not as fast as the Cheetah, his strength not that of the bear, his eyesight not as sharp as the cat, and his sense of smell not that of the dog, he has still become monster of the whole land surface of the

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Building a 236-bhp, Turbocharged Testastretta V-twin

Ducati’s extroverted Diavel already tends toward excess in terms of style, horsepower, and, of course, acceleration. With a tuned-for-torque version of the superbike-derived Testastretta V-twin mounted in a long, low, dragstrip-ready chassis, the Diavel delivers fast-forward acceleration that few motorcycles—production or otherwise—can as easily match. For a certain breed of two-wheeled extremists, however, even too much isn’t enough. Chad Wells, the builder of this turbocharged Diavel, is one of those guys.

Predictably, this isn’t Wells’ first turbo bike. “I had already built a Hayabusa with a Stage 1 turbo kit that made decent numbers,”

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Poland reacts to statements by Russian Ambassador to Belarus

"This is an attempt to pressure on Poland during the time when we receive the principal for our country and public interest decision. If we succumb to this pressure, the it meant would that Poland — not independent states. Expressions Ambassador also indicate the views of that reign in the midst of the ruling circles of Russia. This mentality of the times Russian Union "- Said Polish Minister.Speaking of "important for our country and state interests solutions "sovereign Shchiglo mean likely decision on placing on the Polish countryside of the U.S. missile defense system.

Baranovichi Victor Parnachov under house control of the police

Employees Baranovichy police detained Victor Parnachova NIGHT MODE August 10. He was accused of involvement in the inscription on the building of the city court — "End the persecution of" Young Front "and" End the persecution of democratic youth! "After a search of personal belongings was prepared standard spray paint that had Victor. Parnachov states that at the moment under house control of the police: tomorrow evening he was again summoned to the police Baranovichy where made the report."Gave the order not to disable the phone. Said:" We call for you, if you will need us. "Interested in Victor, if

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Citations a day or — 16 July

"He says that the colony is a reflection of our country Belarus. That people here — nobody. They do not educate, and maim, and above them morally strong sneer. He says that later to say about this in including in the book. ""I was even forced to remove the linen and turnover in One way, after another. If I could back in bras carry something cherished. All berries are pierced with a knife, pies and cakes cut into pieces. We constantly felt the pressure and now realize how it feels pressure Dad every day in the colony. "Daughter of Alexander

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22 Weeks Pregnant


Before the decree is still far and you'll inevitably have to move around the city. Meanwhile, at this period, you may feel dizziness and even fainting, especially in a stuffy and crowded public transport.

Vertigo can be caused by different reasons:

sharp decrease in blood pressure (hypotension) increasing pressure on the uterus the inferior vena cava (supine) decrease in the level of sugar in the blood due to the large gaps between meals (so do not forget to eat regularly!) lack of oxygen in the room. Baby

This week, your baby's eyebrows appeared. Baby

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Survey in Minsk: Lukashenko concessions Europe

Man: "Maybe the government has begun to listen to their opinion?"Woman: "Maybe it’s because of Europe? As I know, the European Alliance will be in contact with Belarus only if political prisoners are released. This is a political move. Likely the most basic not be released. How do I know Sevyarinets released a few months or weeks before he owed exit. It’s such a show-off. "Her friend: "Not with spiritual goodness."Man: "Our opposition is not completely effective. I think the government it is also thinks. In part they were left at liberty. It’s like a drug. If, as may their

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Night Siege May 29

The forums web site "Nasha Niva"Discussions are four Malady sentence for his role in an unregistered organization. Young people got from a warning to fines currency. Recently the media expressed in different predictions about the more formidable sentences. Comments: "Haretski said that public pressure Tribunal was obliged to withdraw. Well, well! Under public pressure :). I think, when judged Kozulin, pressure was significantly stronger ";"I congratulate all Junior Front, this is small, but the victory! The only pity somehow embarrassed that I have to congratulate the fact that the defendants received for anything so is not enough … We are

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