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Gomel: We have no coal, no oil. All imported

Man: "Ukraine buys oil at a cost, we — on the other. Accordingly, the price of gasoline different. "Man:" Just someone wants to fill their pockets, and in humans it — do not care. That’s an understatement. "Man: "Ukraine, if wished for, on the corner could ride. And we have no coal, no oil. All imported."Man: "Various fees for processing at the ready fuel. Prices at the moment we have gasoline similar to Europe, and wages are approximately three times less than in Europe. This — least. If wages were higher gasoline prices could be such. "Man: "Maybe us reach

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What was the difference fists of wealthy farmers

The kulaks as a class

Cousins historians — physics — any discussion begins with the words "agree on the terms." Historians just fine without it. A pity. Sometimes it would be worth it. Here, for example, who's fist? Well, here, and think of nothing: it is "spravno" hard-working host, cruelly robbed and destroyed by Stalin's collectivization machine. Yes, but for what devilry car collectivization destroy "spravno" host that she is not a competitor and not a hindrance? He farms on its ten-twenty tithes oboch farm — and let yourself economy, and wants to — go to

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Food prices fell in Russia unprecedented


On average, products fell by 5, 5%, on certain categories of goods — by 40%. The Public Chamber regularly examines the movement in prices of basic foods. According to the observations of experts, the fall in food prices continues for five months. "Similar stories grocery deflation in Russia still was not fixed," — said in a statement.

The cost of the food basket in August amounted to 1,470 rubles, which is only two rubles more than in November 2010. Most of the reporting period fell potatoes (39, 7%) and vegetable set for borscht (26, 9%), due

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Bread War

"Provide 10 percent of capital gains and capital consent to any use, at 20 percent, he becomes animated, with 50 percent positive is ready to break his head, at 100 percent, he defies all the laws of man, not at 300 per cent of the crime for which he is not dare to go, even under pain of the gallows. "

Thomas Dunning

Rarely a historian mentions today about the "bread strike" in 1927. This is an unpopular topic. After all, the NEP is considered to be an ideal future of Russia, the alternative to the

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Apartment prices start to fall!

"Bobruisk courier" publishes an article "I’m cool in the dugout warm …" about sectarians who voluntarily imprisoned himself in prison in the dugout in the Penza region and waiting "doomsday". Knows journalist Viktor Kachan:"There is a resident of our town, 70-year-old Evdokia Popov. Relatives lost contact with her in late October. In July grandmother went to this community. Our reporter found a daughter of this lady. Previously, we conducted a survey of the material:" Do they believe in the end of Bobruisk light? Here, however, encouraging responses that do not believe. " Journalists online newspaper "Solidarity" conducted experiments to learn

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Effective owners resent U.S.: totalitarian power encroached on the invisible hand of the market

The head of the New York prosecutor's office announced that the fight against speculators who bid up the prices of the most essential products following the devastating Hurricane Sandy.

In particular this applies to the price of gasoline, bottled water, food and batteries.

State Prosecutor's Office has received more than 400 complaints about high prices, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing the head office of Eric Schneiderman. One of the locals said that a packet of potato, which cost up to the disaster three dollars, after the storm is sold for seven dollars. A similar situation with the matches,

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Gasoline prices in Europe

Compiled on the basis of statistics at the beginning of IV quarter of 2012, prices for gasoline with an octane number of 95 (in Russian with an octane number of 95 or higher)

RIA Novosti


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Soviet Union — Russia. Prices and quality of life. Or 30 years later.

Found on the net interesnyuyu note, could not help but share:

"First of all necessary facts, only then they can misinterpret. (Mark Twain)

For comparison table I took a good salary Soviet 1982 (150 rubles) and mediocre salary Moscow in 2012 (25 000). Dividing one by the other, was the indexation coefficient 166.

That is, wages increased by 166 times. Let's look at Soviet prices also increased in 166 times, and compare them with the prices in Russia in 2012.

The first column — name of the product. The second — the price of goods in

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Sugar follows the buckwheat

Retail sugar prices significantly affect the overall rate of inflation. Photo:

World prices for white sugar reached a maximum in 21 years. Reasons different: from low world stocks to drought in Russia, floods in Pakistan and a modest harvest in India. Involved in the sugar speculation and international investment funds. Wholesale sugar prices in Russia may grow in the near future by 20%, while retail prices could jump even higher — even despite the end of the autumn season home preparations.

The prices for white sugar rose during the London trading on Tuesday to its highest level,

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The worst in 60 years frost destroyed the boarding culture in the Southwest United States and northern Mexico

Be prepared to pay for products in supermarkets much more. In early February, the worst frost in 60 years of records destroyed the entire planting crops throughout the southwest United States and northern Mexico. It was reported that some U.S. supermarkets have doubled or even tripled the price of some goods. Yes, you read correctly. Prices for certain positions of vegetables in many American supermarkets have really grown in two or even three times. Oddities weather, that we are seeing this winter across the globe, play havoc with food prices. In January, food prices have broken all records, and

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