Andrew Sanderson reveals how shooting with film allowed him to recover a blown-out sky in this landscape photograph.

this shot is called ‘The dip’. It was taken in the late 1990s in Meltham, West Yorkshire. I was out on a walk that day, exploring the local area where I had recently bought a house. Meltham is a small town and you don’t have to walk far before you are in open farming country. I wandered up Mil Moor Road and soon found myself at Leygards Lane, looking south-west. I set up my camera on a tripod, and decided on a

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Getting Inked

Exceptional color InkJet All-in-one printers for the home and office


Canon’s PIXMA Black series of inkjet printers arc the epitome of print sophistication; the new PIXMA MG2I70 all-in-one photo printer doesn’t just look good and perform great, but is also designed with an array of creative features intended to bring your still prints to life. With an enhanced Full HD Movie Print function. you can edit frames to tweak resolution quality or reduce noise before printing. It has new features that allow you to merge multiple video frames into one printout to show the flow of motion,

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Evolving the Laser Printer




An evolution of the MFP(Multi Function Primer), the new HP TopShol doesn’t just print, scan, and copy to regular paper, but comes with TopShot Scanning technology. Л high-resolution camera produces professional 3D scans of objects directly on the printer itself. With LAN and Wi-Fi support, it can operate without a PC. posting your 3D scans directly to the web. and with its range of integrated business apps, enhances your productivity with cloud-enabled printing. HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint features let you print from virtually anywhere.


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3D — printing for «dummies»

About 3D — printers today and write a lot more say. Like and planes are already printed, and organs for transplantation and an alternative to domestic mass consumption of «Ikea».

According to forecasts, these devices will soon be on the farm every civilized person. But while the cost — around 100 rubles Ltd., even the most civilized do not know which side to approach the topic of fashion. «MM» has decided to hasten the future and empirically establish step by step instructions on the development of 3D -pechati.

The object of the experiment was chosen to quickly to it

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3D Printers.

Filament is the life blood to a 3D printer. Without it, your printer will not print, and bad filament will create lousy prints. In this article, I will talk about the various types of filament and I will show you how to calibrate the printer to a specific type. While the filament mentioned in this article is available in both 1.75 mm and 3 mm diameters, I will be concentrating on the more popular 1.75 mm version.

Filament Calibration.

The 3D printer manufacturer will be able to provide most of the configuration settings for the printer. There are, however, a

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Drunk driver biting a traffic policeman

"Narodnaya Volya" prints an interview with the creator of the idea of the Baltic-Black Sea oil reservoir Stanislaus Husak, who spent 30 years in the Belarusian energy. Among other, the emperor Husak discusses the idea of building a nuclear power plant in Belarus. In general, he supports the idea and believes that the emergence of nuclear power would be a step forward in the energy sector, but with certain remarks: he believes that the official propaganda soon defends the interests of, and emphasis on the fact that Russian nuclear reactors are not terrible Western. The expert believes that if put

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By 2050, Belarusians will lose 38% of the population

Newspaper "Our word" first lane is subject 645th anniversary of the victory of the Belarusian army over the Mongolian Blue on Water and Ukraine’s liberation from the Mongol yoke. What role did the battle on the course of history in Eastern Europe? Read the article in Anatolia Gritskevich most fresh newspaper."Our word" print information materials, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Vladimir sodalite. Readers can read notes about Vladimir sodalite today his case with the police and reasoning about life in the article "What is baptism and the same fate.""Our word" published a letter from the Constitutional Court, which advises

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Newspaper Narodnaya Volya — 12 years

Editor in Chief Joseph Syaredzich said in an interview with "Freedom" and that "for this edition ordinary day.""I work on a team first place put the work. Who do ordinary room — says Joseph Syaredzich — and will summarize when the configuration will come positive disposition. And on this day, when practically every day takes place in the struggle for these configurations, each line is given blood.For three months waiting for a response from the president and his entourage to the question we are going back from Smolensk or, in general, after the Smolensk we are obliged to printed in

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Anatoly Titov: I laid in the genes zeal for knowledge of the past

Znatkevich: "Last week of the Academy of Management under the President of Belarus Lev Kryshtapovich coat styled" The Chase "and a white-red-white flag" ahistorical symbols. "Like you comment on this?"Titov: "It’s cumbersome to comment as a shamanic zakliknanne … Why is ahistorical symbols? If this symbolism has an age of more than 700-800 years old when she was legally assigned to the Belarusian land, why is it ahistorical?Our forefathers lived with this symbolism from the early 15th century, it is recorded on the flags during the Battle of Grunwald. This symbolism official ON Charter approved in 1566, the monument of

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On svinavodchay farm farm Path atrocities happening tips (1937)

"Star" in 1927 contains a report to A.Charvyakova days of printing: "We blame that in Russian there is no press freedom. Indeed, we have the freedom to impale workers and farmers. Rabkorov selkary and we have extraordinary freedom of criticism. And then our print freer than at least some bourgeois … We can not go and never go out in order to allow our country the existence of printing which is intensely fought against the Russian government, which is building socialism. ""Bolshevik Polessye" in 1937 reveals: "At svinavodchay farm farm" Path tips "Krukavitskaga village council Domanovichsky area atrocities happening. Iorkshyrskay

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