Nasha Niva and CD-mag — laureate of Bucerius

The founder of the project — the German fund newspaper "Die Zeit" or, as it is called, the fund name Bucerius. Gerd Bucerius — recognizable German journalist, lawyer and publisher, a huge part of own life intended to support free media unfree European statesah. From 1999 Bucerius Prize is awarded every year the best Eastern European journalists and publications. As told "Freedom" at the headquarters of the fund in Hamburg This year for the prize claim 48 candidates. 6 favorites steel. "These are two of the Belarusian media project — the newspaper" Nasha Niva "And" CD-mag "- such youth multimedia

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Marina Koktysh uganaravali prize fund Zeit

Society Deputy editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" was the winner of the International Award Gerd Bucerius "Young Press of Eastern Europe — 2009" (Prize Fund "Die Zeit").

The journalist was invited to attend the grand ceremony to be held on June 15 at the Nobel Institute in Oslo (Norway).

The award "Young Press of Eastern Europe" was founded in 1999 by the German Foundation "Zeit". At recent years the organizers of the competition, also joined the Norwegian fund "Free Speech." Winners of the awards can be both media and individual journalists of Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia and the South

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