Problems of Architecture and Urban Planning at the second conference of economic and cyber USSR Academy of Sciences

In December last year, held in Uzhgorod second economic-cybernetic conference organized by the Scientific Council on Cybernetics and the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, Academy of Sciences of the USSR. She was devoted to the economic and mathematical methods of the regional forecasting and modeling regional economies.

As part of the conference are 11 specialized sections on different aspects of the great economic problems.

In the sections were made reports and presentations on the problems of urban simulation and prediction of their development (section 5); Spatial modeling of demographic forecasting and analysis of the distribution of population and labor force

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In 1993 I purchased a Gibson Les Paul Studio for £495. It might be ‘bog standard’ but it sounds great with two balanced humbuckers. The neck is a bit clubby and it had a reasonable action when new. However, later on I had a lot of trouble with trying to keep it in tune and buzzing on the frets. In the end I got fed up with it and went back to using my other guitars, rarely using the Studio. After reading your action adjustment article in the June 2013 issue, I thought I’d take a look. So I took

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Ask Irma

She’s the world’s best agony aunt and is here for you when your friends can’t be

It’s different when we’re apart

I’m in a serious relationship with someone who was my best friend in my teenage years. But he’s at university abroad and, in a year of being a couple, we’ve only spent five months together. When he’s with me it’s electrifying, but when we’re apart I feel emotionally distant. It’s like being in a relationship with two people.

You are in a relationship with two people. Together you’re one couple; apart you’re a slightly different couple. See separation as

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Construction of power plant on the Neman: pros and cons

Grodno scientist candidate bio sciences Valentin Lucko aware of the plans to build 2-HPP on the Neman and constantly interested in environmental side this prepyadstviya.Lucko: "I’m a skeptic about this project, I repeat, not an opponent, and skeptic. According to one of the usual reason that the river is flat, albeit short-lived, although the shore of the Neman high and allow to make a definite drop of water to could produce energy using water power, but the essence is that the main problem, in my opinion, it will be difficult to solve. First problem: the area is very rural and

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Liberty Poll: No problems we have. Need only rejoice

Young Man: "First read about the dilemma of international relations. Our country needs to solve it. And about the lack of democratization inside our country . "Young Man: "I believe that we are not very good relationship with the adjacent countries, including Western Europe. We do not very Cancel internal policy, as there is no democracy. We have a bad economy, as the country is very low standard of living. Very many problems. "Man: "I would read on, it must achieve growth in the number of population, solve the problem of demographic. It is now the main thing. "Woman: "ecology.

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UN General Assembly begins work

The other day during days New York held a meeting at the highest level on the dilemmas in Iraq and Afghanistan, as in matters of climate configuration. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the highest hopes for the continuation of diplomatic activity in the coming months:"I think it will be a period of more intense multinational diplomacy, always UN history. Since we started to work perfectly in the 21st century, the UN remains the global forum where discusses the difficulties and their solutions are developed. "Srdjan Kerim, President-elect of the General Assembly, states that climate change — the main

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Liberty Poll: what prepyadstviya you would raise at the UN?

Lady: "Most worried about the fate of man, the protection of old, frail, lonely, unhealthy people."Guy: "I am most trevozhut problem in our country, and not in the world. During 1-x, the political situation in Belarus. And in-2, youth difficulties. Youth evenings nowhere to go, and she sits and drinks beer. That’s what is most disturbing. "Woman: "Most likely, the problem would affect large families. There is no customary law on the protection of large, the more single mothers."Lady: "At first the problem of environmental, associated with the fact that our very Belarus affected by the Chernobyl disaster. And the

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Poll: Will fit Belarus to pay for gas?

Man: "I can not judge, but I think that the problem will be. Something our manager can not talk with Putin, to solve this question. Afraid, for sure. So worth the wait problem. "Reporter: "Will Belarus fit to pay for gas in the future?"Lady: "I think it will pay off in time. But likely no means a product barter. Our homeland because, in my opinion, very determined, and our economy is in a difficult situation. "Man: "I do not think that a couple of years Belarus will able to pay the price of gas. "Guy: "I think it’s very pretty

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Lukashenka: Our dictatorship does not hurt

"It is time to radically rethink our business. We are neighbors, Belarus and the EU common interests — from the fight against terrorism, human trafficking, illegal migration to economic stability and strengthening Europe’s role in international affairs, "- said Lukashenko.

He called for a more profound development of trade relations and vkladyvatelnyh. With all this Lukashenko noted that awaits respect interests of Belarus, state sovereignty and identity.

"We never made problems for Europe. Our "dictatorship" does not hinder anybody to live and develop. On the contrary, we are your partner of mandatory, solving many problems in Western Europe … We

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Mogilev: Throw garbage where are sitting

1984 in Mogilev built plant, which processed municipal solid waste fertilizer. And 10 years have passed, in 1993 it mothballed. Official prerequisite dubbed lack of demand for the product processing — compost.Since 2003, the plant trying to revive. In the inspection of natural resources Mogilev City Executive Committee said that by the end 2008 Plant remodel. It will process the garbage on the new technology of bio cleaning. Meanwhile household waste dumped in the landfill for 28 km from Mogilev.Deputy Head of Inspection Igor Borodko does not see problems with the harsh industrial waste processing, but with difficult household:"Household waste

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