Participants of the rally are in Dzerzhinsk police

Militiamen rewrite passport data of all participants of the rally. Also conducted inspections of vehicles. Managing police department Minoblispolkoma Sergei Maslowski said correspondent Radio Liberty, that they are interested in printed matter that may be in the rally participants.Recall now Minsk Baranovichi headed toward a tuple of 4 cars, which is involved in the rally of solidarity. Vehicles were 20 activists "Junior Front". Motorcade was stopped by traffic police soon after departure from Minsk to Brest highway near the motel and have to go to the police Dzerzhinsk.

Chernobyl Way 2007: The peaceful march and detention

The organizers want to hold a march from Yakub Kolas to the State Library building, but the city authorities have allowed the collection Academy and the forthcoming procession through the streets to Surganova Chernobyl Chapel Street Karastayanava — there was commemorated the victims of the disaster.According to the organizers of the "Chernobyl Way" in action assumed the role of about 10 thousand people. Observers note that among the participants was dominated by young people. After the rally, police special forces soldiers cordoned off the mass of people at the "McDonald’s" in the street and Bogdanovich became brutally beat them and

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Bobruisk: Chernobyl march ended without arrests

A public activist Kabanchuk Thais in action assumed the role of around 30 people. In the column throughout the procession participants comped three police cars. Through megaphones police warned about the responsibility for the unauthorized public event.The action ended without arrests.

Organizers Chernobyl Way suing bureaucrats

Applicants require the tribunal to cancel the decision of officials who willfully, without preparatory coordination with the organizers changed the route and format of the mass action.The application organizers "Chernobyl Way" planned march from Yakub Kolas to the State Library.Bureaucrats allowed to collect about Academy, a procession to the chapel on the street Karastayanava that area around Bangalore.

Congratulations transferred to the U.S. Embassy, Germany, France and Poland

Procession ended near the U.S. Embassy. Diplomats came to the marchers and also congratulated days of Valentine. Whereupon column of several hundred people went to the street Bogdanovich that expenditure. The participants went processions police bus.

Dzyady 2008 Belarusians shared …

Our correspondent Anna Sous held from march 10-kilometer route from the watch factory to the tract Kurapaty.SV: Anna, a good day. You have many years to go through this route Dzyady and make reports from the funeral march and rally. In what has been a feature of today’s action?Sous: At first, it was the 20th anniversary of the first march on Dzyady, the first mass opposition action October 30, 1988, which, in practice, the new history of Belarus. But if 20 years ago the people who walked from the East to the cemetery Kurapaty were the only ones that this

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From the graves in the Park CHelyuskincev to Kurapaty

The funeral procession from the watch factory began a few hundred people to Kurapaty column has grown to nearly a thousand participants. According to tradition, people carried in kurapatsky memorial crosses, flags, flowers, candles and sang the national anthem. Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yury Belenkyexplained to today’s choice of route and collect the benefit of annual tradition: "We usually apply for Dzyady on route bukovku font in like a year, and 5 reverse. Indeed, if given permission in the past year, if not changed in this format of the event, we will we see, and that

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Under the hum from the Eastern cemetery to Kurapaty Forest

About five hundred people gathered today at the Eastern Cemetery. Among them were the chairman of BPF, Lavon Barshcheuski his deputies, Vintsuk Vyachorka, Viktor Ivashkevich, Alexei Yanukevich Chairman of the Joint civilian party, Anatoly Lebedko favorite "Young Front". Zmitser Dashkevich Participants of the rally laid flowers on the graves, Vladimir Korotkevich, Pimen Panchenko, Misha Tkachev, Vasil Bykov, Anatoly Bogatyrev, Gennady Karpenko Igor HermyanchukBelarusian and other recognizable figures. Laying flowers at the tomb of Vasil Bykov Barshcheuski Lavon said:"Before the death of Vladimir Korotkevich Vasil Bykov not very keen on public display any of their properties, which he really had.

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Dzyady — 2008: online reporting

15.35 Kurapaty rally ended. People all together sang "God Almighty." Now they put candles, flowers lozhut install kryzhy.15.25 Deputy Chairman of the CCP BPF Sergey P. .. 15:35


Valery Buffalo, secretary answers the CCP BPF, said at the rally — "We must follow the example of courageous Georgian people and defend our homeland in accordance with the Constitution of the brutal occupier."

15:10 At the rally, the deputy chairman of the CCP BPF Yury Belenky, who urged people every year and comes in Kurapaty Chelyuskinites Park, where there were mass executions.

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Santas two processions — one rally?

Minsk city executive committee gave permission for the march, Minsk Regional Executive Committee — a permit to hold a rally in Kurapaty. BPF Party declares gathering marchers noon, says deputy Party chairman BPF Viktor Ivashkevich:

Viktor Ivashkevich"Lays flowers Vasil Bykov, Vladimir Korotkevich, Igor Germenchuk, Gennady Karpenko, other figures. 12:30 A plan output columns from the Capital cemetery along the avenue, street Kalinouski Logojsky tract Kurapaty. Rally allowed". Parallel application for the same shares fell and the Conservative Christian Party of the Belarusian Popular Front, and also received permission to the City Committee. Deputy chairman of the Conservative Christian Party

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