PMC Twenty 23


The Twenty 23s are diminutive for floorstanders, but the sound they produce belies their size.

Transmission-line technology

PMC uses a transmission-line design to improve bass performance. The rear output of the mid/bass driver forces through a damped path within the cabinet, where most high frequencies are absorbed, leaving the lowest notes to exit the speaker.

Physics are so annoying. Not least because they dictate that a small driver is never going to produce huge volumes or the very deepest bass. And so it goes with the PMC Twenty 23s. These are a speaker of relatively compact dimensions (by floorstander

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How did Home-grown Foods begin?

We saw Hong Kong as a place with huge potential for reversing the current fast-food trend by advocating the benefits of eating local organic food. In early 2009, we initiated contact with local farms that shared our vision. The vegetables feature in recipes at Posto Pubblico, Cantopop, Linguini Fini and Pizzeria Pubblico.

What are the difficulties faced in farming in Hong Kong?

Farmers are facing high labour costs. They’re also facing high rents for farmlands, land reclamation for property development and weather fluctuations.

What are your tips for people to grow vegetables in a small space at home?

Get basic

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Get creative with flash Produce some great results

Use flash gels for colour

Flash gels are used on flashes to correct colours casts from various light sources, such as household and fluorescent light bulbs, or from shooting at different times of day. Some flash gels are purely for creative effect, though, to create a deliberate colour wash across your photo. You can buy flash gels that will clip onto your flashgun, or take the DIY route and use coloured sweet wrappers instead. Some colours are more striking than others; for instance, an orange sweet wrapper or flash gel simply warms up the shot slightly, but a red wrapper

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Or appear in Belarus bargaining chip?

There is international practice: if a country develops its monetary system, first produced iron, coins. In all statesah have a bargaining system is steel carton monetary system — says Hist. Ira Kolobov."Memorial coins are issued, usually in countries with manetnuyu currency system. Abnormal thing for monetary monetary system that we have no bargaining iron tools — coins. Yet, our country produces coins commemorative memorabilia. Different, beautiful — appropriate. Etc. … But this is not entirely true means. In the traditional commemorative coins numismatics real means never were. "Spokesman for the State Bank Zhuravovich Misha said that releasing a bargaining chip

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Grodno beer precipitates

Pros and cons of Grodno beerIn the center of town, I could hardly find in a store two plastic bottles of local beer, and not so long ago the authorities did in Grodno obstacles even for "Lida" and entire refrigerated cabinets were installed Grodno beer. It actually speaking, could not compete, although the plant since 1877. We asked its director Andrei Losev now is whether beer, or not?"Not yet I can tell neither yes nor no, — responsible Losev. — Therefore, that utter release — releasing and utter not let — do not release. So it’s a little commercial maybe

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Siege for February 5

On the website the user Eolonir commented yesterday unregistered detention favorites Junior Front"Jacket with minor head first 21st century … Need more evidence about the mental health of our police that lost sense of true reality? If someone else needed confirmation that Lukashenko rhetoric about Europe — it’s just rhetoric to tighten time — here it is, proof. "In general, this event residents BYNET now not very interested. But guests Forum Portal

EMSS will produce a large shipment of rolls Azovsteel

PJSC "EMSS" (EMSS, enters the engineering division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) has entered into a transaction with a large steel mill in Ukraine — MK "Iron &Steel Works" (included in the Steel Division of Metinvest). According to the contractual obligations of EMSS will produce 26 work rolls for rolling mill Ukrainian steelmaker.  The rollers are designed for rolling channels, beams, wheels, rails and other steel products. Forgings will be held at Energomashspetsstal complete machining and under the terms of the transaction will be sent to MK "Iron &Steel Works" in August-September 2013. The total weight of the order amount

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Price lost in Chernobyl health is defined in $ 100

"Star" in 1938 prints such advertisement: "Minsk factory kanditserskaya" Komunarka "Mayday prazdnichkom to release a new range of baby gifts. Enter the market — in a new design in beautiful box — top grade chocolate kanfet … Produced children chocolate toffee and some new kinds of candy — "Crimson", "May pad", "Rocks in the pan." Results will be released and will hit the market 200,000 units. different boxes and children’s gifts. "The same "star", but in 1958, has placed a report entitled "In the city, the spring has come": "At every step possible to meet ladies in white robe with

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Our homeland renounces Belarusian milk and meat

Our homeland from November 1, 2008 prohibits the importation of dairy products and poultry meat from 20 Belarusian companies. This decision now said a press release Russian agricultural supervision. What consequences it threatens Russian processing industry?On the first official reaction of the Belarusian side "Freedom" has learned mostly State Veterinary Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

"Everybody panic! Everything!"

"Everybody panic! Everything!" — Said one of the managers of the institution Victor Aladko. — You’re perfectly aware that the company is now aiming to export their own products, of course, will panic. "In answer to the question

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Uralvagonzavod plans to produce a new type of cars.

Corporate head "Uralvagonzavod" ("Uralvagonzavod") Oleg Sienko told the governor of the Omsk region Leonid Polezhayev that at the production site "Uralvagonzavod" in Omsk — JSC "Design Bureau of Transport Machinery" (JSC "KBTM") — will produce a new type of wagon axle load to 25 tons, the press service of "Uralvagonzavod".

According to Mr. Sienko, now Omsk plant is the first stage of preparatory work — modernization of foundry. This year will also be running assembly line, and then start serial production of the finished product — the modern cars with mileage overhaul of 500 thousand kilometers. Presenting

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