Ka-50 Production Resumes

AFTER YEARS of inactivity, production of the Kamov Ka-50 is now getting under way again at the Progress aviation plant in Arsenyev. It had originally begun in 1991 and the type had been ordered into service by the Russian president on August 25, 1995. However, only nine Ka-50s were delivered, some joining the Army Aviation’s 344th Combat and Conversion Training Centre (CCTC) in Torzhok, and the rest being used by Kamov for development testing. Once the first batch had been delivered, production funding was cut, leaving another nine helicopters incomplete at Progress. According to Progress Director General Yuri Denisenko, continuous

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Weapons in July 2013 zb-60 vz.30 — YUGOSLAV gun in CZECH PERFORMANCE

Shtuera "vertical scheme"

Second Youth legendary Gewehr — 98 Yugoslavian "Zbroevki"

The most fruitful period in the military-technical cooperation Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia became the 20s and 30s. the last century. At this time, most types of machine-gun weapon army of Yugoslavia was purchased from the company «CESKOSLOVENSKA ZBROJOVKA, AKCIOVA SPOLECNOST, BRNO». It is these samples and we will go today.

MANUAL (light) 7.9 mm machine guns OBR. 1926

(«FC Zbrojovka Brno» L.K. ZB VZ.26)

Artillery and Technical Department of the Ministry of the Army and Navy of the Kingdom of SHS (Kingdom of Serbs Croats and Slovenes) in the

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Our plans.

Russia has always been considered a country of developed beekeeping. Even during the perestroika reforms that caused severe damage to agriculture, our industry has suffered relatively less as compared to other. The property is 88.6% of the population turned out to bee colonies, and in all categories of farms (including private and cooperative) — 11.4% of households from the total. In 2004, there were 3.3 million bee colonies at a fairly steady production of marketable honey in the last 10 years at around 50 thousand. Tonnes per year.

It should be noted that the state has an enormous resources

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Prospects and opportunities for the development of hardware production in Russia highly appreciated by foreign experts and analysts. What is the basis of their findings?

First of all, Russia is one of the world’s largest steel producers, which enables cost-effective to solve the problem of providing hardware production of raw materials and the workpiece.

In — Second, Russia has a technically trained engineering personnel who are able to solve the problems of the organization of modern hardware production.

B — Third, when you reach the desired level of production costs in the production of hardware, you can ensure high

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BEST — this is where to reinvent

Always an important task — to cut the path from idea to serial production.

When it comes to a slow introduction of new technology, often complain about the conservatism of enterprises. Criticism against them was much. Presumably, the new system of planning and stimulation of industry production significantly lower tendency to conservatism. But a lot of technical progress is hampered and conservatism of many research institutes and design. It is said often. Meanwhile, the inability to quickly restructure the work in accordance with me to the factory production situation, unwillingness to regroup, to focus professionals on priority issues — a

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Clonal selection — at the service of production

Until recently, the assortment of fruit and berry crops is improved due to new breeding varieties. Previous notions of immutability varietal characteristics of vegetatively propagated plants completely outdated.

Gardeners have not learned to consciously control clonal variability and have not studied its sources. Yet direct responsibility of workers of science and industry — the securities selection and elimination of unwanted variation within varieties.

Intravarietal selection greatly enriched the industrial assortment of fruit (especially apple) and berry crops in the Americas and Western Europe. This is accomplished primarily through the introduction of krasnoplodnyh bud-variation varieties of apple and pear partially. Krasnoplodnye

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Cassette roller dies for the production of wire

In recent years, more and more Russian producers of steel wire pay attention to the technology of wire drawing using a roller die. The development of technology and technology enabled the manufacture of carbide rollers alloys based on tungsten carbide, which greatly enhanced the stability of this kind of drawing tools. Modern roller dies allow at high speeds to produce not only wire of periodical profile, but also high-precision wire with a smooth surface. Using a roller die in the wire manufacturing technology has significantly reduced the cost of its production due to the increased use of mechanical preparation

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DIVERSIFICATION OF PRODUCTION AS A STAGE technology that uses specific assets

Conceptual approaches to the analysis of the process of diversification of production

Currently, in the context of the search mechanisms of achieving sustainable economic growth is widely discussed possibility of using the strategy of diversification. However, in consideration of this problem is not clear clarity in the relationship of the concept of diversification to other economic categories — growth, technological change, production structure, export, etc.

Diversification is not a process of increasing the number of industries or companies. The growing number of companies that manufacture products of various product groups, is differentiation. Diversification is the process of increasing the

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25 years of RAF Nimrods

ON OCTOBER 2, 1969, HS Nimrod MR.1 XV230 was delivered to trie Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at RAF St Mawgan to become the first Nimrod to enter operational service with the RAF. The Nimrod grew from Air Staff Target (AST) 357 issued in July 1963 which defined the RAF’s requirements for a maritime reconnaissance aircraft to replace the Shackleton by the year 1972. This date was later brought forward to 1968.

Hawker Siddeley submitted the HS800, based on the Trident airliner, in April 1964, but the AST was again revised calling for an interim aircraft to enter service in 1966!

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U.S. Undersecretary of Defense Procurement, Technology and Logistics Frank Kendall (Frank Kendall) expressed «cautious optimism» that the fighter F-35 «made quite progress in its development» and the Pentagon since 2015, may increase the rate of procurement reports now flightglobal.com.   «At the moment I can say that we can raise the rate of production as planned. The development comes close applets close to the planned pace, but few systems are lagging slightly behind schedule, but not dramatically, «said Kendall. Pentagon’s decision will be reflected in the president’s address economy in 2015. This means that in 2015 the Pentagon will buy


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