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Prototyping center established at the University Dubna

The decision of the Academic Council of the University "Dubna" on September 27, 2013 created a new unit — the center of prototyping.

Prototyping Center— Engineering and production facility, specializing in the development of a complete scheme of production — from computer-aided design to prototyping functioning of electronic devices. Its capabilities will be used not only students, but also small businesses Dubna, including residents of the SEZ. This will allow them to significantly reduce the cost of production of prototypes of their own development. 

Center equipment received under the program to support small and

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Center for the production of pilot batches of new drugs has opened in the Siberian State Medical University (Tomsk)

Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) has opened a center new developments, where the Russian pharmaceutical companies and university researchers will be able to produce experimental batches of drugs, for project funding has been allocated from the federal budget of 12.5 million rubles.

During 2012 it is planned to raise an additional 12.5 million rubles of federal funds, and the same from other sources on the opening of the second phase of the center. The second phase will be equipped in accordance with international standards of GMP (the rules of production of drugs) it will "clean" the room of

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GS Nanotech center in the Kaliningrad region is ready to start

«GS-Nanotech» (

The first high-volume plant in the Russian Federation on korpusirovke microelectronic components in the topology 45 nanometers and less, the Center GS Nanotech, located in the Kaliningrad region, will be commissioned in late autumn.

As the head of the production center Alexei Yarcev: "The production capacity of the center — more 10 million microchip in the year, "- he said.

And yet it seems plant is not engaged in the production of chips (lithography, etc.) in 45 nm technology. Orders for chips (even, apparently on a plate with chips) are placed on the outside, and at this

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Cement terminal opened in Omsk

In Omsk, the launch of a cement terminal. Company "Omsk cement" will produce Portland cement — hydraulic cement, used in modern construction for the production of monolithic and precast concrete. The production capacity of the new venture — 700 thousand tons of cement a year, promising an increase of 1 million tons.

Photo: RIA "Omsk-Inform"

Construction of the terminal began in 2011 on the site of an abandoned factory agloporitovogo gravel, construction of which began in the middle of the last century. General contractor NGO "Mostovik" reconstructed and built 12 facilities with a total area of over 8,500

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Cement record

Cement production hits record. For the first time in the modern history of Russian cement output reached 6.5 million tonnes in the month, exceeding established in August 2007 to a maximum of 6.6%, the "Expert Online» Director of PR and GR LLC "SMPro" Roman Kuprin.


According to experts, the main reason — the growing demand from builders and manufacturers of building materials.

"The main reason for the manufacturing boom — growth in demand for derivatives of the cement building materials: concrete, concrete, dry building mixtures — explains Kuprin. — In the season of 2011 cement

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TSAMTO. Top 10 most significant exports to Russia in 2011 in a segment of the arms NE


In the top 10 most significant events in the segment of Russian arms exports Army in 2011 TSAMTO turned 3 and 7 of the contract of delivery of programs (by previous agreements).

Top TSAMTO rating of up to 2011 takes delivery of the ground forces of Venezuela on a large batch of arms contracts signed in 2009-2010.

The following places in the ranking are occupied by the following programs.


2. Delivery of the joint venture "BrahMos Aerospace" NE India for completion of one regiment of the new modification of the Kyrgyz

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Khrushchev — the path of betrayal

By their profession I am very far from politics and economics and is a purely techie. Over 50 years I have been creating a fundamentally new computer equipment or, as they say, the development of computer technology. Recently I was asked to write an article about the history and development of the areas of computer technology, I've been doing all my life. In the course of writing this article, systematizing their memories and studied a number of historical materials, I unexpectedly found that in Soviet history, there is a period of phenomenal development of science, technology and the economy as

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Refrigerators Biryusa

Krasnoyarsk factory of refrigerators "Biryusa" — one of the largest manufacturers of refrigeration equipment in Russia.The main activities of the company "Biryusa" — the production of household refrigerators and commercial refrigeration equipment.

Krasnoyarsk factory of refrigerators "Biryusa" has a full production cycle — more than 85% of the parts are made independently of the materials and components of well known international manufacturers such as BASF, Danfoss, ACC, DOW, Ticona, Ilpea, Samsung. Production equipment is equipped with leading companies from Germany, Italy, Japan, and Korea.

Today the products' Biryusa "is implemented both in Russia and in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan

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Holding company ELEKTROZAVOD shipped equipment for MES West Siberia

At 500 kV Substation "Demyanskaya" (Tyumen Region), a subsidiary of OAO "UES FGC" — Trunk Power Grids Western Siberia carried shipment of two power transformers of 63 MVA TRDN-63000/110 production holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD."

These units are manufactured at the new plant in the Republic of Bashkortostan, are unique in their design, are made on a modern technical level with high quality materials and based on 85 years of experience in the largest Russian power company OAO "ELEKTROZAVOD." Transformers are manufactured in full compliance with customer requirements and exceeds them by certain indicators.  


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Holding RKTM started producing cars at its own casting

Holding RKTM released the first freight car on its own foundry. This event was preceded by a reception ECM-Stal (part of the holding structure) permit marking the main nodes trucks — frames and beams side bolster. Experts Railways and FAZHT conducting the certification, noted the high quality of the cast, and in particular, the robust frame construction side, which is a proprietary engineering center RTKM. Pilot testing confirmed that the frame can withstand the load and has reinforced the best among domestic manufacturers of mechanical-strength properties.

"We have taken another step towards raw material security and strengthen its

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