Saab company started to assemble the latest generation aircraft Gripen E, reports First prototype aircraft will receive the index «39-8» and its first flight is planned for 2015.   Construction Gripen E begins with the production and assembly of all parts of the fuselage: naikrupneyshim and more labor-intensive parts of the airframe. These parts will then be combined and assembled into a complete airframe. Then followed a period rich period cabling, mounting systems, exterior panels and other equipment. In the current time at Saab in the development and manufacture of Gripen E employs more than 1,000 people.   Experienced


V.Shlyndikav: Reduce emissions by more impact on the Chemist

Specifically, they are, for example, Grodno "Nitrogen", more than any other use energoelementami. Sovereign Shlyndikov also notes that reducing gas will lead to a rise in price of the Belarusian products:"If a specific company want to quit their profits without changing it will be forced to increase the cost. In different companies, it will be different: someone will raise prices by 5%, and in particular energy-intensive industries (for example, "Keraminum") and may 10. But not everyone is able to do, as for other lost competitiveness. And because someone will reduce their income, while others lost their increment. They say, that

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Mogilev: consequences of the abolition of trade preferences

Products "Belshina" grow by 4-4.5%Bobruisk "Belshina" became the first and so far the only company Mogilev, which recognized that the removal of trade preferences will affect the competitiveness of products.According to the official disk imaging, products "Belshina" will be subject to duty at 4-4.5% of the price. Products more expensive, and it will affect the profitability of exports.In the department of products in the country of so-called far abroad "Belshina" said "Freedom" follow:"In fact, four percent each product group on the European Union our customers in the distant abroad lose these preferences from June 21. This question must be set

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Nanoscale films in the defense industry

Historically, the prevailing trend of development of industrial and economic potential of the country directly depends on the development of military-industrial complex at all times inspired the country to focus on means of defense and attack New ideas in technology, materials science, in development begin their lives, usually attached to a specific task in the production of military equipment, and only then run across to the sphere of civilian production. Balance between these components (remedies and means of attack) is determined in the ongoing life of the municipal military doctrines and certain foreign environment. With all this thing is

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Industrialists will rescue the economy forum

The Belarusian manufacture small marginNot spared the negative trend and one of the flagships of the ordinary Belarusian economy — Minsk Automobile Plant."If we consider prices energoelementy and all kinds of taxes in comparison, for example, with the Russian manufacturers, producing befitting products, the Russians have a 7 percent increase profitability than us", — explained the "Freedom" Managing public relations center MAZ Valentin bursts."Why is that?""Their more deshevenky energoelementy and lowest taxes. None, for example, the turnover tax, which we have," — said the emperor burst. Belarusian products obsoleteBad economic trends in affected This year not just giant factories and

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F-35 discovered the Chinese MAGNETS

In 2012 and 2013 the Pentagon allowed the introduction of Chinese component in the program production fighter fifth generation F-35 cost 392 billion U.S. dollars, while the South American bureaucrats have expressed concern about China’s industrial espionage and military buildup of the state, Reuters reports January 3. According to Pentagon documents, caught to the agency’s head of defense procurement U.S. Department of Defense Frank Kendall (Frank Kendall) allowed two companies which supply programs from F-35 — Northrop Grumman Corp and Honeywell International Inc, use magnets Chinese-made components for the production of radar, chassis and other components of the aircraft

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Belarusian companies increased losses in the first quarter by 1.6 times

Kobyakov also announced a sharp decrease in the profitability of production in the criteria for new prices energoelementy. Warehouse supplies of finished products, according to Deputy Prime Minister» EPA, increased by 1.5%.

In regions impose restrictions on trade

Change in Brest trading orders. Local Executive Committee issued a document on the implementation of priority products produced in the area. It concerns first traders entrepreneurs. Says executive director of the Regional Union of businessmen Nina Karpinchik.Karpinchik "businessmen urged to renew the assortment of mandatory lists of mandatory application of Russian products in including and Brest region. There is indicated as must pieces of soap in a shopping kiosk, then Brest products household chemistry plant. More lipstick, nail polish, cosmetics — all that is not for sale. And if he will not be in kiosks, the businessman can lose their

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Yaroslavl Refinery launched diesel hydrotreater

Yaroslavl refinery Slavneft-YANOS launched commissioned a new diesel hydrotreater capacity of 1.5 million tons / year. Building installation was started in 2010, the cost of the project — 6.3 billion rubles.

The plant operates on Technology and Prime D designed for commercial diesel fuel component, characterized by an increased cetane index, as well as ultra-low sulfur (less than 10 ppm). The project is set to introduce Neftekhimproekt under license of the French Axens. Entering the unit will allow a 4% increase production of diesel fuel Euro-5, as well as to launch a project to translate one of

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Yaroslavl Motor Works Autodiesel GAZ Group increasing production

The mother of all Yaroslavl motor summed up in 2011. They are impressive.

From the conveyor JAMZ for the period descended 49358 engines, more than last year's 1.2 times. The increase in production is associated with an increase in orders from major customers — car plant "Ural" "GAZ Group" and the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ).

Work for our motorschikov enough demand for the products is growing steadily — Yaroslavl parts only released to 2,777,000,000 rubles., 20458 manufactured transmissions and 922 stationary power plants (a growth of 2.6 times).

The plant continues to develop, implementing projects on production of

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