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The third production line Freudenberg Polytex opened in the Volga

The third production line of "Freudenberg Polytex" officially opened at the company in the Volga city of Nizhny Novgorod region on September 24.

the first line of "Freudenberg Polytex" opened in 2006

Performance of the new line for the production of non woven fabrics for use in the roofing industry will reach 6,000 tons per year. Investments in the opening production — 20 million euros.

Taking part in the opening of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Governor Valery Shantsev said that this is one of the examples of the implementation of major investment projects in the region.

"It's been six years

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Transneft started to build a production base in Bratsk

In late June, on the right bank of OJSC "AK" Transneft "has started to build a production base for the East-Siberian branch of the CAP" Diascan. "

Of the CAP "Diascan" — a subsidiary of OJSC "AK" Transneft ". Activities — diagnosis and assessment of the technical condition of the oil pipelines, equipment, pumping stations, reservoirs vertical steel, industrial safety expertise, design and manufacture of devices for pipeline cleaning and diagnostics of pipelines, equipment testing facilities pipelines and facilities in-line cleaning and diagnostics, technical supervision for the construction and operation of pipeline facilities and the production of products of

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Trams XXI century

Considering the current global trends, the rejection of topping the rings in order to save space, facilities, Branch Tram Repair Plant "TRZ" SUE "Mosgortrans" designed and manufactured by six tram trains Tatra T-3 Series MTTA-2 to work on dead-end lines. These consist of two train wagons linked by a system of many units of the rear ends. Thus, the cab drivers "look" in different directions according to the principle of underground. Trams also have access to both the right and on the left side. The compositions have pantographs polupantografami company «Lekov» 1 EPDE 16-2600 electric. Heating cab

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Tractor AGROMASH-50TK became a top seller

Russian farmers are actively exploring new wheel tractor domestic production, which far exceed outdated production enterprises of the former USSR. Over 2011 sold more than one hundred and ten units of tractors "Agromach-50TK", and portfolio sales generated in the first half of 2012, suggesting further growth. Significant competitive advantage of this machine is its ability to work with any attachments with low operating costs. During his time on the market of agricultural machinery "Agromach-50TK" earned a reputation as a reliable, economical to operate, convenient and easy to manage the tractor. This model meets the requirements of drawbar category

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The grand opening of the river terminal Svetlovodsky

 Inauguration of "Svetlovodsky river terminal" — Novo Group companies' UkrAgroKom "and" Hermes-Trading "on the receipt, storage and shipment of grain and oilseeds.

The group of companies "UkrAgroKom" and "Hermes — Trading" — a powerful agrarian region corporation, is developing dynamically and combines agricultural production, agro-processing and trade in the domestic and international markets — purposefully striding towards elevating infrastructure development, investing in this project more than 90 million U.S. dollars.

The activities of the group of companies "UkrAgroKom" CEO Anatoly Kuzmenko (TOP-25 largest agricultural holdings) and the "Hermes-Trading", director Yuri Skichko (TOP-10 largest grain

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Tomskneftekhim reopened after renovation


Major investments "Tomskneftekhim" directed at the development of the production of polypropylene. In particular, it was realized the final stage of transferring production to the titanium-magnesium catalyst for increasing the volume of output. Also, was upgraded filling and shipping lines, which will improve the quality of packaging, palletizing use and speed of shipment. "Tomskneftekhim" also held a large-scale modernization of tower internals allocation of ethane-ethylene fraction K-11 monomer production. In addition, Preparations for mounting an effective plate heat exchangers. On the second line of polyethylene and an automated process control system, the reconstruction of the drain inlet

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Tomsk NIIPP began mass production of LEDs


"Scientific-Research Institute of Semiconductor Devices" (NIIPP) launched serial production of LEDs in the project for the construction of the plant in Tomsk LED lamps.


This was announced on Thursday by the chief engineer of the Institute Vladimir Kovalenko.

NIIPP included in the holding company (integrated structure) in the area of microwave technology, semiconductor devices and materials under the control of "Russian electronics." The company intends to build a factory of LED lights in the full cycle of the Tomsk special economic zone (SEZ), the construction of the plant is due to start in 2012,

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Tomsk plant TDSK opened the production of reinforced concrete structures

At the factory panel construction TDSK opening of a new production of precast concrete. This modern highly automated line can significantly wider variety of products and in the 2-4 fold increase in the rate of production. The design capacity of the new industrial area — 160 thousand cubic meters per year.


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Tomsk plant completely replaced imports of electric drives, Transneft

CJSC "TOMZEL" was established in 1998, produces about 40 kinds of drives. The average wage at the plant — more than 40 thousand rubles., Number of employees — 485 people.

Deputy Governor of Tomsk Region Industry and Energy Leonid Reznikov visited the production site of the manufacturer of actuators for the needs of "Transneft" Company "TOMZEL", calling it exemplary for the engineering industry in meeting the challenges of the national fuel and energy complex on import substitution.

"Specialized Design Bureau has been developing highly reliable equipment for the enterprises

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Tomsk MOJE Ceramic-implant released the first batch of tools for installing stents

The first production released venture Tomsk innovative company "MOJE Ceramic Implants" together with the Indian Shagun Cares Inc.

A resident of a special economic zone "Tomsk" "MOJE Ceramic-implant" announced the release of the first batch of tools for setting made by the company ceramic implants joints. For production tooling, Russian-Indian joint venture in New Delhi (India).

The products of this company is already registered in Russia and Europe and has the necessary quality certificates. It is planned to produce up to thousands of sets of tools per year. At the same tools produced in India is manufactured

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