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Agricultural production in Ukraine grew by 13.3%

The volume of agricultural production in Ukraine in January-August 2013 increased by 13.3% compared to the same period in 2012, reported the State Statistics Service.

According to the report, the growth of production on farms by 23% in households — 6.2%. 

As UNIAN reported earlier, according to the State Statistics Service, the volume of agricultural production in Ukraine in 2012 decreased by 4.5% compared with 2011. The decline in production on farms last year was 6.5%, in households — 2.4%.

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Agricultural machinery of shuffles to Volga Field Day 2012

5 July 2012, a collective farm (APC) to them. Michurina Vavozh district was "Volga Field Day 2012".In order to increase the yield of crops and the introduction of advanced technologies in crop production was a demonstration of agricultural machinery show in the work. Has been shown by various tillage soil tillage implements, technology fodder.

In the fields of agricultural cooperative started a broad exposure, in which each region of the Volga Federal District introduced its modern production technology and scientific expertise in the field of crop production. Exhibition bribed a wide range of the most modern pieces of agricultural

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Agriculture: wheat, barley, sugar

Production, consumption, imports, and exports of wheat in the last 25 years. Note the trend in recent years of the USSR, "dashing the 90th," and the last 10 years.

As can be seen from the chart, wheat production to date already exceed the production end of the 80th. A small increase in imports in the early 90th was crushed in the early 2000s. Znachitilny export ~ exists last 10 years.

In general, the production of barley consumption is kept at or above. Exports more active in the past ~ 10 years.

If you divide the European

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Agriculture Chechnya is flourishing

When you read some of the media materials or bloggers, it seems that no one in Chechnya is not working. If they work, it is only in the ministries and departments, or law enforcement agencies, and the rest sit back and eat away subsidies from the center (at best building in Grozny, palaces and skyscrapers). It is clear that these commentators do not have a clue about the life of the republic. It is clear that these ideas — just the result of a well-established clichés. But these myths are not only unfortunate, but also a surprise.

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Agriculture Russia: Problems and Prospects

About the alleged critical situation in Russian agriculture today is not expressed, perhaps, only the laziest. And we have abandoned the field, and technology is not enough, and the meat import. It is believed that as soon as we stop food imports, the country will immediately begin hunger.

Let's try to understand: is it really, should we be afraid of the potentially possible hunger and what the problems really are. And most importantly — how to solve them?

Crop and livestock production

Agricultural situation in the history of the Russian Federation government is clearly divided into two

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In China, again expensive selskohozproduktsiya

Beijing, January 28. From 17 to 23 January 2011 in China again recorded higher prices for agricultural products. These are the data of the Ministry of Commerce.

Last week, the average wholesale price of 18 kinds of vegetables in China grew by 12.6%. Growth rates were 6.5 percentage points higher than the previous week. In particular, pepper, cucumber value rose by more than 10%.

Analysts tend to associate with a rise in extreme weather events in the south, where the cyclone brought cold snap and heavy snowfall. This has a negative impact on the production and transportation of vegetables

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NATO and the production of drugs in Afghanistan.

In late August 2008 the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) released its annual report on the production of opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, which states: "No other country in the world except China middle of the XIX century, did not produce as many drugs as modern Afghanistan . "

After the invasion of U.S. and NATO forces, drug production has increased several times. Today it is Russia and the EU countries are the main victims of heroin from Afghanistan. It is noted that the rapid increase in the consumption of drugs in Russia in the last ten

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Secret excavator CHETRA EGP 230. Japanese shuddered


New Crawler Excavator EGP 230 for the first time presented at CTT 2011 Concern "Tractor plants". The prototype machine is ready for operation, but in a series, this model has not yet gone ahead State 'exam'. Despite this concern management already has a well-defined plan of sales trends in the near future, because of EGP 230 answers, the assurance of the representatives of the concern, the pressing needs of builders. Detailed specifications of EGP 230 are kept secret. Representatives of the company hide them for obvious reasons — no need to prematurely tease competitors. But some things we

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TMK today on volume of production capacity and output (4 million tons per year) in the top three global market leaders

In addition to the post about the Seversky Pipe Plant in developing innovation Sverdlovsk region.

March 31, 2011. Stroypuls — all about building. Bulk rate TMK (Interview with the Deputy Director General of the Trade House "TMK" Timoshenko)

Big business always starts with an idea. Become the first company in the world for production of pipes — this was an ambitious plan TMK.

Top management made a bid for the concentration profile of assets of enterprises, industrial science, methodology of corporate governance, sound investment policies. TMK today on volume of production capacity and output (4 million

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Segezhsky LDK started production of a new product

On August 1 лесодеревоперерабатывающем plant "Segezhsky" industrial production of special pallets for transport of paper bags. The new products are designed for a different group companies — "Segezhskaya Packaging." It is planned that by the beginning of next year, LDK will provide at least half of the needs of "Segezhskaya Packaging", producing up to five thousand pallets per month.

Transport containers made of dry lumber low, but sufficient to produce this kind of product quality. Before these lumber sold to other local producers, who are then "Segezhskaya Package" gets ready pallets. However, after analyzing the economic

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