Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita — Gas manna will not

Dashed hopes for El Dorado gas, fuel oil shales in there, but too small to build on it the future of Poland.

The calculations presented by the State Geological Institute, destroy hope: nature's bounty does not free us from Russian supplies, we have to win energy independence and well thought-out investment strategy. It's even better because when cheap gas we could fall into a political Oblomoffdom. Now, it does not threaten us.

Americans woke up our appetite.

According to their data, in the shales was to be as much 5.3 trillion cubic meters. meters of gas, making Poland, along

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Made in Russia-8: Our trains ….

… poezdadye most trains in the world. And it is no exaggeration, as many may think. Again, the same, unfortunately for 10 years devastation in the 90's, some manufacturers have gone ahead, especially in the niche of high-speed traffic. After all, we have, in the twilight of the Union began to emerge, such as trains and ER200 CHS200 capable of moving at a speed of 200 km per hour, but then broke up the Union, and after the government "reformers" was that we should not think about the high-speed movement, and at least then it was recovered. It turned out

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Made in Russia-7: Rostsel’mash

In this article, I want to tell you about the plant Rostselmash. Surprisingly, this huge plant almost unknown in central Russia, and especially in the cities. And for good reason, to have the hallmarks of Rostselmash, and especially in recent years.

Rostselmash plant is in the city of Rostov-on-Don, and is the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the country. In 90 years, the plant was virtually most of the workers were laid off, including my uncle, who worked at the plant for more than a decade. But in the early 2000s, a revival of the plant.

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Made in Russia-6: Projects

In the previous series I have tried to select examples of production facilities, or already working, or who are in the final phase of implementation. So what would a mosquito nose are not undermined, and the critics had no reason to find fault with the facts. So I decided to make a separate large investment projects in Russia. Some of them are new businesses, and some are implemented on the capacities of existing facilities. Over ones already in all hard at work, others only in the plans.

Construction of the complex of refineries and petrochemical plants in Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan

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Made in Russia-3: Construction

Modernization is good, but unfortunately, many of the production was so destroyed the Democrats in the 90's, which is quite impossible to recover them. But not only because of their physical destruction, but also because the production chain were destroyed, and the state itself was divided into independent territory, changed market, market capacity, Russia suddenly found itself in a silent isolation, former friends in the socialist camp, while we enthusiastically demolishing their country shifted to the west.

Many people think that Build a factory and all, here's the jobs, here's production. But this is not so, without any plant

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Made in Russia-2: Modernization

Before turning to the specific examples of the production, I want to warn the application of such a plan, "Well, done, but it got from the Soviet Union and its nothing to build"

Truth in these words there, but some of the favorite words do here is obviously out of place. And here's why. Let's first take a simple thing, which by itself can prove that we have built a great deal. Look at the statistics of imports.

As is known, Russia's trade surplus, that is, we sell more than we buy. But it is clear that it is

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Clantsevy bubble or sell Global

The world is changing global gas market? No — this is just another global sell! Looking through the material of the Western media, and the Russian "friendly" western creates the view that their task is not objectively reflect the problem, and grind certain stereotypes developed by spin doctors to manipulate the public consciousness. If Lukashenko — that Europe's last dictator, if Gazprom — a gas giant, if the gas market — the global change associated with the "shale revolution". At the same time these activities are spent considerable money — it is obvious that in order to gain even

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My sugar is sweeter. By 2020, Russia has to feed herself

After eight years, Russia has almost completely support themselves with sugar, nearly 90 per cent — the meat. Imported fish products on the shelves will be no more than 18 percent. A production of domestic cheeses by 2016 will grow more than a quarter.

Such ambitious plans spelled out in the Strategy of development of the food processing industry, which was developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and already approved by the Government. In total, it is assumed in the document production supply 2020 should be increased by 1.4 times. In particular, grain production could reach 125 million

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Spend on defense and not go broke

The Russian government has decided to increase the amount of funding the state armaments program for 2011-2020 and a half times compared with the previously planned amount. This volume will reach 20 trillion. rub. first isolated against 13 trillion. In other words, by $ 2 trillion. per year versus 1.264 trillion. in 2010.

But here will go to benefit the "defense" excess funds?

The first value for the army — it's strategic deterrent forces, which have a minimum of two components: the strategic nuclear forces (land, sea and air), as a system of missile warning, missile defense and

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Pig production: positive dynamics of development

Steadily increasing its production of the domestic pig industry. Thus, in the IV quarter of 2012, the industrial production of pork has increased by 18% compared to the same period in 2011. In January 2013, the dynamics of growth of production was a record at all — 31% compared with January 2012, to 172.7 thousand tons According to recent data, in 2012 the private sector provided 36% of pork production in the country, with a / c enterprises — 61%, farmers — 2%. In 2012, the Company produced 3.31 million tons of pork. On 1 January 2013 the number

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