Elektrouchastok assembly facility modernized at Kurgan Machine-Building Plant

December 4 Kurganmashzavod after reconstruction started in operation elektroradiooborudovaniya site assembly and commissioning of production (MOP).

The purpose of the reconstruction project — the separation of technological conversion — procuring and wiring (assembly) as well as training areas for promising products. In addition, it will greatly improve productivity and product quality. Now harvesting operations and assembly of finished products are focused on different floors of an office building.

On the "new" areas equipped with 27 stationary jobs secured orgostanstkoy ergonomic and modern tool for electrical work — manufacture of cable products, shields the driver, control units, etc.

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Electric car leaves the Astrakhan

Astrakhan businessman Konstantin Artemiev has launched production of electric cars that have no analogues in the world market. Young businessman confident that in time he will be able to press foreign competitors and take 70% of the Russian market utilitarian golfkarov. In an interview with "Expert South" Constantine shares his plans and technical details.

Konstantin Artemiev

Electric cars Constantine Artemyevinterested about three years ago, when he was 23 years old. By that time he already had an eight-year business experience, in 2003, founded the company astrahanets "Security Stronghold." This business is associated with the development of a

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Electro-technology for pharmaceutical production.

Electro-technology for pharmaceutical production.

Company Membranines Tehnologios more than 15 years of experience in matters of innovative use electromembrane (electrodialysis) equipment in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. In particular, in 1996, specialists have proposed a method for preparing 3 — (2,2,2-trimethylhydrazinium) propionate dihydrate with the method of electrodialysis. Electrodialysis process was carried out in a specially designed apparatus in which the circulating solution of 3 — (2,2,2-trimetigidraziny) methyl propionate bromide, alkali, and distilled water. A solution of starting material was subjected to alkaline hydrolysis efficiently, bromine ion is removed to form NaBr. The proposed method, tested on PAT Grindeks, Latvia,

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Ukrainian exports of drugs increased by 25% — A.Soloviev

In 2013, Ukrainian exports of medicines production increased by 25%. This is made possible by the introduction of the Government and the State Service for Drugs series of measures to control and quality of medicines. This was stated by Chairman Gosleksluzhby Alexey Soloviev during a briefing at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, reportsUNN.

"With the transition from the 2010 to the European standards of quality and production in 2013, exports increased by 25%," — said the Chairman of the Gosleksluzhby, adding that the domestic production of medicines available in every continent except Australia.


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Export of small arms Izhmash in the U.S. was 2.7 million dollars in 8 months

MOSCOW, September 19. (ARMS-TASS). NGO "Izhmash" (part of the corporation "Russian Technologies"), on the eve of the gunsmith summarized the interim results of a 2012 According to ARMS-TASS, the press service of the company, the first 8 months of this year, released by 11 percent. more firearms than in all of 2011 are forecast to rise by year-end production of weapons-grade will be 56 percent.

Large volumes of production "Izhmash" still exports to the United States. At the end of eight months, according to the source, the amount of goods shipped to the United States more than

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The expedition to St. Petersburg 23-25 maya.Idet set of participants!

In late May, we go to the next exciting journey to study the industrial and high-tech industries in Russia. At this time in the Rostov region! If you or your friends — undergraduates, graduate students and young scientists, economists, managers, or even anti-crisis managers, employees of enterprises, businessmen and technicians — all who are passionate about industrial production or working in it. Get involved!

I would like to see the innovation? Learn how interesting ideas put into practice and create a unique production sites? — Then you just us.

If you've always wanted to visit on this

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Exclusive of Russia

A consortium of "Russian Railways" (RZD) and OPK "Oboronprom" intends to present the "Indian Railways» (Indian Railways) its proposals for the operation and possible production in India is unique Russian locomotives running on compressed natural gas — turbine-electric locomotives. It is expected that an international tender for the supply of this equipment Indian Railways will announce in November. Competitors on it in Russia will not grow. But the experience of turbine-electric series production in our country either. Therefore, India and Russia will perform in fact pioneers in the industrial development of this type of technology. Transforming ideas

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Cost-effective insulin pens from the Ural scientists

Urals scientists have developed a unique insulin pen for diabetics. The new device is created by specialists in the Ural biopharmaceutical cluster NOVOURALSK plant "Medsintez". This technology will compete with foreign manufacturers even.

Note that the project was the development of the Ural innovation center "Skolkovo". The plant's management has already prepared the relevant documents for the export of insulin pens in the EU, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and others.

"Insulin — this is not a business, it is our drug safety. It's peace of mind of millions of our Russians. July 25 Plant received

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EZTM presents solutions for pipe manufacturers

Machines Heavy Machinery (Moscow region). Recently put pipe hot rolling Seversky Tube Works, standard HPT — Seversky Pipe Plant, and TESA for the Royal Pipe Plant. About this magazine "Metal Supply and Sales" said Deputy Chief Designer Vladimir Poor people during exhibitions Metallurgy-Litmash, Metalworking, Pipes, Non-Ferrous Metals. In the near future — ball-rolling mill for Ukraine and mill for the production of large-diameter pipes for the Moscow government.

EZTM is this week in Moscow, cold rolling mills pipes, medium-grade, Light section, wire, detaleprokatnye, Ball-and other special machines, as well as finishing equipment and pipe coatings, cement equipment, rolls for

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Shchekinoazot introduce methanol complex in July

 Photo source:rupec.ru

"Shchekinoazot" in May-June 2011, plans to launch a range of methanol production value of more than EUR 150 million.

Previously entered into commercial operation the capacity of 450 thousand tons of methanol was planned in the IV quarter of last year, but the date was moved to amend the investment project.

"Shchekinoazot" began construction of the methanol production M-450 in 2007. In August 2009, put into operation the first starting complex — a warehouse of methanol. Methanol is planned to implement the domestic and foreign markets.

Specialists complete the installation of technological pipelines are

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