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Krasnoyarsk region produces the most oil in Siberia

Krasnoyarsk Territory is leading oil producer Ranked Among the subjects of the Russian Federation of the Siberian Federal District. According Krasnoyarskstata. The volume of oil produced in 2005 was 55.1 million tons, and by 2010 had increased to 12,803 tons.

Growing production rates are provided by the commissioning of new production facilities, the use of advanced methods of enhanced oil recovery and increase the existing wells, explained Krasnoyarsk Statistics. As of 2010, enacted 83 oil wells from drilling.

Natural gas production in 2010 reached 2,125.6 million cubic meters, exceeding the volume in 2005 was 2.8 times.

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Not a word, and deed: the first real projects RUSNANO


RUSNANO all used to curse up hill and down dale, at the same time mentioning that the drain on the budgets and actual results as there was no and no. But there is a Russian science, there are young companies that RUSNANO support, and it all starts to bear fruit. In this article we will discuss some successful investments and interesting Russian projects

Abusive press articles about the current state of the Russian microelectronics industry today almost the norm, the rule of etiquette. And that, in fact really have something. You can blame the nearly

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Irkut plays vdlinu

Gains in the market combat fighters "Su" combined with a European co-operatives and civilian development


Before the task of the Russian aircraft industry in the next ten years, at times to increase the production of military and civilian products. The dramatic increase in the volume of production — a challenge no less than the ability to survive in the absence of orders. "Irkut" accepted the challenge and successfully overcame.

In an interview with the Algerian newspaper El Khabar son of Muammar Gaddafi safe ul-Islam al-Gaddafi said the talks, which in the period of the Western

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Engines of growth of industrial production

Russia is not only ahead of most countries in the EU and the U.S. in terms of growth of industry, but also showed a qualitative leap in the industry. Drivers of growth are now a huge industry clusters: automotive and construction.


Russia ranked second among the "Big Eight" in terms of growth in industrial production and GDP in the first half of 2011, said yesterday the press service of the Federal State Statistics Service. The reporting rate was 5.3% and 3.4%, respectively.

The leader in the industrial growth rate among G8 countries was Germany

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TSU and FNPC Altai started to produce unique raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry


Tomsk State University in cooperation with Biisk Federal Scientific and Production Center "Altai" launched a joint innovation project. It is aimed at the development of domestic technology and production of raw materials — 2-methylimidazole necessary for anti-infective drugs that are synthesized from glyoxal. The size of investment in the production of 150 million rubles.

«C as long as in 2009 on the basis of our development was started the production of glyoxal in Tomsk, we have the opportunity to initiate similar projects, — says Alexey Knyazev, head of the Laboratory of catalytic research TSU. -We are

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KrAZ increase production of high-purity aluminum


In the next six months, the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant will start 10 cells in the body to produce high-purity aluminum (AVCH) that will allow the company to increase production of this metal at 2,000 tons per year.

Part of the cells housing two years ago at the height of the global financial crisis have been stopped. But now the demand for these products is growing in the world. KrAZ launched a program to restore the cells. Today metallurgists have metal from the first cell AVCH started up again. With the introduction of the ten baths in

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GC prevention has launched of whole goat milk


In August 2011 GC "prevention" launched the production of whole goat’s milk: whole milk drinking «Lactica» and soft cheese "Dolcheza." To manufacture these products using high quality milk — raw goat Swiss Zaanen breed. Currently, this breed is one of the most highly productive in the world, and has a long life and good health. The source of the raw milk is their own production.

The group of companies "prevention" — A group of companies with a complete cycle of the 45-year history of dairy products, specializing in the production, processing and marketing of dairy

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Great article about helicopters


2010 was a record year in helicopter production in Russia for more than a decade and a half. Company formed in 2006 under the auspices of the corporation "Oboronprom" holding company "Helicopters of Russia" produced and delivered 214 cars to customers of all types. Thus, in 2003 the volume of production of helicopters has increased three times, and since 2006 (when they were created "Helicopters of Russia") — by 2.5 times. It is safe to say that this figure will be significantly exceeded in 2011 — according to the forecast, is expected to produce up to 260 helicopters.

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Launched seventh tanker built for the company VolgaFlotTanker

Nizhny Novgorod, August 20 The stocks of the shipyard "Red Sormovo" today launched the seventh tanker built for the Russian company "VolgaFlotTanker."


The ship was named "The Mechanic Sazonov," in honor of the Volga riverman, who died during the Great Patriotic War, and was the seventh of oil tankers, built this year by order of the company.


Six ships of the project, also received the names of the war dead Rivermen "Volga Shipping Company," has given us — the customer.

All of these vessels of more than 5.5 tonnes are classified

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Fittings Plant Askold launches a new production line

The plant "Askold" city Arsenyev Primorsky Territory is preparing to launch a new production line of radiators made of aluminum alloys. One of the housings has installed three robotic complex based on injection molding machines, as well as furnaces. At the company also received a new modern equipment for automatic lines machining, assembly and painting.

For the conduction of commissioning the plant came the Italian experts.

"The Italians are leaders in the production of radiators made of aluminum alloys — told RIA PrimaMedia Assistant Director General for Personnel Denis Stepanov. — Therefore, the plant and the choice

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