In the Kizlyar district of Dagestan construction, one of Europe’s largest fisheries

In 2010, investors s.Rechnom Kizlyar district of the northern capital has laid a commemorative capsule in the foundation of a unique enterprise — the first in the north of Dagestan superzavoda breeding pond fish of valuable species. What did we do in a year?

Functions contractor took over the Dagestani company LLC "Gorska construction company."

At the site allotted for the plant (as long as it is only 11 hectares of land, but soon another 40 hectares will be in the use of investors), it built two huge hangar — the so-called production workshops, which will store

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On the Lipetsk plant Structural component launched a new production wells and pipes

Equipped with the latest equipment line forming concrete products for the installation of sewer running by LLC "Structural component" in Lipetsk. This will produce up to 80 rings for the device wells closed pipeline per day.

All processes are computerized. Overall, the project has been invested more than 38 million rubles. From neighboring regions have already received orders for the supply of finished products.

For the modernization of production at the plant began four years ago. With the help of state support — the use of fund assets pledged Lipetsk region — the reconstruction of the shop, installed a

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Out of pure stubbornness


Exclusively from its own resources a small company from Novosibirsk reached the level of the world market leaders of night vision. At the decisive moment "clean" the designers were able to become serial producers


Even in his native Novosibirsk Company "Cathode" few have heard.

"Did you know that your city has company — almost a world leader in the production of night vision equipment?" — I asked Novosibirsk, the majority of respondents responded negatively. I explained that the "cathode" was a small design office of one of the well-known factories in the city, and

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Siberian machine builders are adopting nanotechnology in manufacturing

Machine-Building Plant "Trud" (Novosibirsk), specializing in the production of gravity concentration equipment for ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metal industry develops innovative technology. On the new test section hoop molding plant specialists, the technology of strengthening alloys by introducing nanoscale powders.


According to the chief engineer of JSC "Plant" Work " Gennady Mochkina, in recent years, there are often problems associated with the fact that the steel companies manufacture products that do not have sufficient strength to produce from it beneficiation equipment. Since these machines are working in a high abrasion, for their production requires a more

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NEVZ increased wages


At the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant ("PK" NEVZ ", is part of ZAO" Transmashholding ") conducted a differentiated increase in wage rates of workers, engineers, technicians and managers. This wage increase — planned, in recent years has gained a measure regularly.

The increase in tariff rates by 15% from July 1 this year produced in accordance with the terms of the collective agreement for 2008-2011. and made possible by the implementation of a socially-oriented economic policies. Spent raising is one of the most important components of a set of measures of social support and the well-being Elmavalmshenebeli.

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Siberian scientists have found a way to turn sewage into biodiesel

A unique method of biofuel production from sewage sludge and developed by scientists of the Siberian Federal University and the Institute of Biophysics.

According to the experts, organic-rich sediments and waste water treatment plants, saturated fats household wastewater can be effectively used as a raw material for the production of so-called biodiesel, which is as good as conventional diesel fuel. In this case, it is not toxic and readily biodegradable.

The first 15 milliliters of a new biofuel obtained in the laboratory. The raw materials scientists used sediment from the bottom of a small lake in Krasnoyarsk

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CJSC Mal’tsovsky Portland (Bryansk region) has commissioned a new high electrostatic


According to experts, the new filter will ensure compliance with current health standards for emissions. It is reliable, economical and very effective. Since its launch, allows a 40% reduction in dust content in flue gases from the furnace and provides a level of treatment, corresponding to the European standards of environmental safety.


"Today could be a modern, high-tech company that just — said Nikolay Denin — which not only shows the financial stability, but also provides ecological security".

Construction and commissioning of air pollution control facilities on a rotating furnace number

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Belgorod Energomash expands production

On the territory of the steel plant of the largest enterprise in the region is building a new production facility.


On the new space will house the body for the production of piping for thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, oil and gas industry. The planned capacity of the new building — 12,000 tons per year of main products and no less than 9.9 million tons of stamped components for the petrochemical industry.

The production building area of 45,900 square meters. m planning to equip overhead cranes 15 and 30 tons. Steel structures for buildings

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Shooting innovative queue


The former defense plant, capable to bring raw ideas to the level of industrial products, helping private businesses to create innovative products and launch them into production Figure: Konstantin BatynkovGod ago Russian toolmakers have made a breakthrough in the global high-tech market — the company "Interskol", a leading developer and manufacturer of power tools, first bought a leading Italian firm instrumental Felisatti, and then the Spanish Casals. Thus, the "Interskol" was released in the segment of professional power tools, which is positioned equipment with high added value, accumulating high technology. For the first time in the history of

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Exposing misinformation MK

The assembly shop of anti-aircraft missiles for long-range air defense missile systems at the "Vanguard" Photo

Due to the advent of the "MK" apocalyptic articles about the situation at the "Vanguard" I invite everyone to look at this exclusive photo — a huge modern assembly plant factory "Avangard", fully loaded production, as is a serial execution of orders. It must be borne in mind that the photos "cropped", because underneath were promising missiles, appearance and internal structure which refers to the protected parameters. So the article in the "MK" is clearly not just a customized character — it is aimed

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