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Belgorod Energomash expands production

On the territory of the steel plant of the largest enterprise in the region is building a new production facility.


On the new space will house the body for the production of piping for thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, oil and gas industry. The planned capacity of the new building — 12,000 tons per year of main products and no less than 9.9 million tons of stamped components for the petrochemical industry.

The production building area of 45,900 square meters. m planning to equip overhead cranes 15 and 30 tons. Steel structures for buildings

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Shooting innovative queue


The former defense plant, capable to bring raw ideas to the level of industrial products, helping private businesses to create innovative products and launch them into production Figure: Konstantin BatynkovGod ago Russian toolmakers have made a breakthrough in the global high-tech market — the company "Interskol", a leading developer and manufacturer of power tools, first bought a leading Italian firm instrumental Felisatti, and then the Spanish Casals. Thus, the "Interskol" was released in the segment of professional power tools, which is positioned equipment with high added value, accumulating high technology. For the first time in the history of

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Exposing misinformation MK

The assembly shop of anti-aircraft missiles for long-range air defense missile systems at the "Vanguard" Photo

Due to the advent of the "MK" apocalyptic articles about the situation at the "Vanguard" I invite everyone to look at this exclusive photo — a huge modern assembly plant factory "Avangard", fully loaded production, as is a serial execution of orders. It must be borne in mind that the photos "cropped", because underneath were promising missiles, appearance and internal structure which refers to the protected parameters. So the article in the "MK" is clearly not just a customized character — it is aimed

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In the capital of Chechnya opened plant equipment

In Grozny, the grand opening of SUE "equipment." The opening of the plant will provide up to 170 new jobs. During the recovery period of the plant workers have been trained at the Yaroslavl plant of welding materials.

Annual design capacity allows it to manufacture products for a total cost of 80 million rubles. The plant functioning of the production of welding electrodes for the production and repair of oilfield equipment.  

Minister of Industry and Energy G.Taymaskhanov gave a tour of the restored shops of the plant. He said that in the period of

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Almaz — Antey send to 2011 for new plants stroitelstvo more than 3.5 billion rubles


JSC "Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey "plans to hold in August 2011, an additional issue of its shares. Necessary for a decision to increase the authorized capital of Concern documents submitted to the Federal Agency for State Property Management (Agency) that implements on behalf of the Russian Federation of the right of its sole shareholder.

Part of Concern received cash amounting to more than 3.5 billion rubles will be allocated for investment projects to build two new assembly plants for the production of anti-aircraft missile systems.

In 2010, the implementation of these projects from the federal

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Medsintez growing by leaps and bounds

The plant "Medsintez" heart of the Ural pharmacological cluster, hidden behind checkpoints Novouralsk. Says CEO Alexei Podkorytov plant, which meets us in the "Medical synthesis" and this location also plays a plus and a minus.

— In terms of salaries difficult for us to compete with the Ural Electrochemical Plant. But easier to resolve issues with the administration of a small town — the head of "Plant Medsintez." — In Novoural’sk high level of security, which is good news — we are producing genetically engineered insulin.


In the best years in Novoural’sk had three major

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JSC Orelstroy has opened a new shop for the production of paving slabs


Voronezh 11.08.2011. Ltd. "Orelvibropress" — "daughter" of "Orelstroy" — launched the production of paving slabs. The project cost is estimated at 100 million rubles, said director George Kardashan. As told Mr. Kardashan, plant capacity will be 31 million cubic meters per year. The company, according to the source, will be focused mainly on the Orel region. At the same time George Kardashan does not exclude other markets paving slabs. The event was attended by Governor of Orel A.P.Kozlov, Acting Chairman of the Regional Council of People’s Deputies A.A.Labeykin, the leaders of the executive and legislative branches of

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Nitrogen launched Refurbished two shops


August 9. Branch "Nitrogen" of "UCC" Uralkhim "in Berezniki completed the second stage of a planned overhaul of production. After re-equipment shop run higher aliphatic amines and nitrite-nitrate salts. Activities carried stabilized technological regimes, prolonged use of the equipment resource departments, as well as possible to reduce the pollution of the environment. "For the first few days after a major overhaul of the equipment shows that air emissions declined by at least 3%," — said the chief engineer of the branch "Nitrogen" Basil Malikov. Under the re-equipment of production for plant loading "Nitrogen" acquired two truck —

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The group of companies Agro-Belogorie launched two new sites in the Belgorod region

The holding of "Agro-Belogorie" inaugurated the "Selection and Genetics Center" and meat processing plant.

Both companies are unique not only for the Group, but also for agriculture and processing facilities throughout Russia. The investment cost of the two projects are nearly 4 billion.

"Selection and Genetics Centre" in Prokhorovka area was opened first. It was built in less than a year. Spring from Canada and France were brought here animals with high genetic indicators. And in August, the first of them were young.

The grand opening of the meat-processing complex was timed to

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Berd plant started production of air purifiers


Berd electromechanical plant started production of air filters for operating theaters.

As the general director of "MESG" Victor Osin, at the facilities of the plant started production of air treatment systems for "tion."

The device is designed Research and Production Enterprise "tion", which is based in Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. According to the developer, the feature set — its low power consumption and the ability to simultaneously decontaminate air and clean it from mechanical and gas pollution.

In total this year will be collected 900-1000 air cleaners, the price of the instrument will be

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