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What happens when the Tobolsk-Polymer will be released on the planned capacity

With the launch of Tobolsk-Polymer (Sibur group) Power Russian producers of polypropylene (PP) doubled to 1.36 million tons per year. By the end of the year, Russia will become a net importer to a net exporter of polypropylene, according to a research report ScanPlastMRC.

In accordance with the plan of commissioning of the complex "Tobolsk-Polymer" comprehensive testing began on operating environments warehouse propylene and the first line of polypropylene to give the final product a test mode. Earlier trials have been completed in the working environments of the first line of

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CTZ-Uraltrak ready for production tracked mini-excavators EO-112M

Ltd. "Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant — Uraltrak" completed the production of a pilot batch of 14 tracked mini excavators EO-112M.

Development of a mini-excavator was launched at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant Transmissions Ltd. "CTP-Uraltrak" in 2006. The first excavator made in May 2008. After a comprehensive test new certified certified center in Chelyabinsk tractor equipment, the plant received a design patent and began preparing for mass production of mini-excavators in the division of engineering technology CTZ. The volume of annual production will be determined by the number of orders received. Prior to the start of series production will

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CSY repaired the ship Kirovograd

PJSC "Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant" (CSY, Nikolaev, Ukraine) on June 4, has completed a comprehensive renovation medium landing ship "Kirovograd" Naval Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As the press service of the CSY, in the course of repair, according to the drawings of Design center of the plant was made a new ramp of the ship and the gate leaf device for receiving and landing. Also repaired two main engines of the ship with the production of new gas lines. 

— "After the call KFOR" Kirovograd "in the waters of the plant, the ship was

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CMP has created and delivered a new class of steel holding company Helicopters of Russia

JSC "Mechel", the leading Russian mining and metals companies, announces that the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant ensured the fulfillment of the order of a new class of steel for helicopter. Customer deliveries made holding company "Helicopters of Russia".


Commenting on the performance of the order, the chief technical management of CMP Dmitry Shaburov said: "In July 2012 our factory passed the order for production of metal for the helicopter industry. CMP for this order means the release of a new class of steel. He carried out in cooperation with JSC "Ural Forge." Manufacturing technology of the helicopter were developed

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ChMZAP put on the conveyor Abschiebewagen Rhinoceros

Chelyabinsk Machine Works is planning to increase the production of dump trailers "Rhino." Increased production vyzvanovozrosshim demand for machinery. In addition, a steady increase in demand has led to the decision to allocate the production of trucks in a separate line. This year, the semi-trucks "Rhino" ChMZAP become a mass product.

Before the production task — to increase the production of trucks in a few times. This requires a lot of work: ordered new equipment from overseas suppliers, create more jobs, technical issues worked out a new production.

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ChMZAP announces price reduction!

Flatbed semi ChMZAP 99065W-038-BTK11

Trailers and semi-trailers ChMZAP production now at a lower price! Buy a new trailer today ChMZAP profitable than ever. Reducing the cost of almost all models by up to 15%.

Over the past year, the plant increased production of trailers twice, is now running the new production line. In connection with increasing orders ChMZAP received substantial discounts on direct deliveries from the suppliers of metal giants, which reduced the price of the finished product.

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CHKPZ develops the market of agricultural machinery

On Chelyabinsk Forge-Press Plant found a new niche for the production and marketing of products. The company enters the market of spare parts for agricultural machinery. The first samples are presented in the exhibitions "Agricultural Complex" in Ufa and "UralAgro" held in Grand Istok near Yekaterinburg. The collections of the plant could be seen as a traditional production factory, auto parts, tires for agricultural machinery and special and harrow discs modification of "daisy", rack and leg seeding system "Kuzbass".

To develop new products plant began in late 2010. Today it started serial production of the disc harrow,

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CHKPZ signed a contract with Scania

Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant will produce components for trucks Scania. The contract with the automaker signed, delivery is scheduled to begin in spring 2012. Now this is almost ready: commercial production, agreed upon and documents opened an office with a warehouse in Sweden.


The conclusion of the contract — an important victory for JSC "CHKPZ." In fact, the plant received high praise from one of the most respected experts in the world automotive industry. Multi-step, complex process of authorization providers, through which the Swedes guarantee the quality of their products, includes a thorough check of partner companies

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Chip for Cows: Omsk cows will track the satellite

Milk production in the Omsk region is entering a qualitatively new level.

During the year, Omsk milk production will receive more than 207 million rubles., According to the order for the provision of state agricultural commodities producers, who will go to compensation for the costs of construction, reconstruction and modernization.

Among the 14 households that received grants included Pavlogradskaya Company "Field". Now it goes to a qualitatively new stage of milk production using information technology.

Reconstruction of the barn will end in early October: farm animals gradually transferred to loose housing. The

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Czech manufacturer of hydraulic localize production in Russia

In St. Petersburg, the official meeting of the representatives of JSC "North Sea" with the company "Tes Vsetin, sro" Czech Republic for the signing of the Cooperation Agreement for the implementation of future development projects (reconstruction, modernization and construction) of small hydropower facilities and the location of production elements and parts of hydraulic generators in Russia.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia Valentin Cimili, Consul of the Czech Republic Karel Haramza (Karel Charamza), Vice-Consul Malek Vladimir (Vladimir Malek), Managing Director of "Nord Hydro" Alexey Vinogradov, Director General of "Tes

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