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Evraz has mastered the production of new products at NTMK

As part of the program to improve the competitiveness of the Nizhniy Tagil Metallurgical Plant (JSC "NTMK", is part of Eurasia) started production of slabs of new brands of steel grade X70 with special requirements for chemical composition. New slabs are designed for large-diameter pipes, which are used for laying of trunk oil and gas pipelines of high pressure.

The quality of new products NTMK meets the American Petroleum Institute (American Petroleum Institute, API). Slabs were characterized by high purity (absence of inclusions), low impurity (phosphorus, sulfur) and the exact amount of alloying elements (titanium and niobium). Products to

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New Russian manufacturer of tractors

The car of his own design Machine-Building Plant "Tonar" (known manufacturer of trailers for the transport of goods) has started to develop in 2006.

By 2010, the "Type Approval" was received on the chassis, tractor and dump truck with 4×2 and 6×4 with Cummins engines and JAMZ-650. In the same year cars equipped with diesel engines only Yaroslavl.

In the summer of 2010 train "Tonar" with tractors made a run of their own production to Vladivostok and back, which took place without delay due to technical or other reasons. The fall of the serial production cars. This

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Kuznetsov roused

Samara aircraft engine company, "Kuznetsov" plans in 2014 to resume production of NK-32 engines for aircraft of strategic aviation. Judging by the statements of the Russian military in the next 15 years, "Kuznetsov" will produce dozens of engines for the Russian long-range bombers.


NC-32 — three-shaft turbojet engine with a common afterburner. It is used for strategic bombers, bombers Tu-160, and is mounted on a supersonic "flying laboratory" Tu-144LL. The engine was developed in the 70s of the last century in the famous in the Soviet era Samara Scientific-Technical Complex (SNTK) im.Kuznetsova. Since 1983, he began mass-produced here

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Award Prism Award 2010 awarded to Russian fiber laser


Prestigious awards Prism Award 2010 in the category "Industrial Lasers" was awarded the fiber laser YLR-150/1500-QCW-AC, production NTO IRE Pole. This quasi-cw fiber laser has created a new class of industrial fiber lasers designed to solve the problems, which are usually used for classical solid state lasers pumped lasers. Quasi-optic lasers is better and safer efficiency 30% vs 3% of solid-state laser running at 19 "Rack housing with air-cooled. In a quasi-continuous mode, the output of the fiber laser is achieved 150 W average power and peak power of 1.5 kW at a pulse energy 15 J.

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AvtoVAZ has started testing its own electric car

Volga car started tests of the prototype electric vehicle, reports "Interfax" referring to the Director of External Relations of the company "AvtoVAZ" Igor Burenkova.

According to him, the Russian carmaker is now conducting research work on building cars on alternative fuels, including electricity. Burenkov also noted that the mass production of electric vehicles "AvtoVAZ" could start only if "there will be conditions for their exploitation."

Earlier, the British company Ricardo PLC offered to deploy Russian edition electric vehicles to service the Sochi Olympics in 2014. The company expects that the total need about a thousand of these

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A new plant for the production of building materials has opened Sayansk (Irkutsk region).

In Sayansk plant opened autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. This material was used in the construction.

The automated line designed for a capacity 1.08 thousand cubic meters of products per day. The volume of investment in the enterprise has made 900 million rubles of its own and borrowed funds.

Aerated concrete is composed of clean sand, which bring with Alzamayskogo deposits, cement, gypsum, lime and aluminum paste. According to the executive director of "Sayanskgazobetona" Nicholas Gaidukova in April-May, the plant plans to release 5.7 thousand cubic meters of gas concrete in the future — by 9000 cubic meters per

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Began the long promised upgrade aviation

2010 was largely a landmark to speed up efforts to modernize the Air Force Russia. Although the most significant moment was the start of flight testing in January 2010, the first prototype of the Russian fifth generation fighter T-50. However, at the same time in 2010, indicated by the first real results on top of the new Russian Air Force re-serial aircraft. Were started in the actual delivery of the Russian Air Force built a new production aircraft Su-34, Su-30M2, Sioux 27SM3 and Yak-130 and helicopters The Ka-52 and "ANSAT-U", and significantly increased the pace of series production

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NLMK has commissioned unit polymer coating on galvanized cold-rolled capacity of 200 thousand tons per year

March 21, 2011

At the production site Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine (Lipetsk) commissioned the third unit polymer coating on galvanized cold-rolled (APP-3) with capacity of 200 thousand tons per year. Its launch increases the capacity of the company for the production of this type of steel by 53% — up to 580 thousand tons per year.

The project, worth more than 3 billion rubles. aims to expand the output of high value-added and implemented in the framework of the 2nd stage of the program of modernization.

APP-3 allows you to produce colored strips of thickness 0.3-0.8 mm

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Russian magnetic resonance imaging

It appears in Russia for many years, there is the production of these complex devices. Research and production firm "Az" produces several models

Russian tomograph "Ellipse"



Company History

Research and production firm "Az" organized in 1988 as an innovative company in the development and production of domestic magnetic resonance imaging. Human resource base of the company amounted to scientific, engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers leading companies and research institutes.

Permanent head of research and production firm "Az" is the Archangel Vyacheslav A. — Member of the Russian Academy of

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In JSC ISS A new shop

The modernization of the production process and the experimental basis in JSC "Information Satellite Systems" Academician MF Reshetnev ", a modern shop electroplating, chemical and paint. For the new production built a modern housing that meets all the requirements of environmental safety. To date, the general contractor completed a significant amount of construction work: a fully mounted metal frame of the building, completed finishing the outer contour, made glazed window frames, gates are installed, completed installation of the roof, connected heat and electricity. There is also a body of all communications and completed the creation of the thermal loop plant.

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