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NTMK develops new technologies

JSC "Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works" mastering the production of slabs of new brands of steel grade X70 with high demands on the chemical composition. The material has a high purity steel, low content of impurities and the exact amount of alloying elements.

"In 2010, the Nizhny Tagil metallurgical mastered the production of 17 brand new steel grades for businesses with special requirements for chemical composition and 72 modifications of previously mastered brands. Depending on the application of the alloying elements of the brand new steels have a high resistance to corrosion, durability and hardness, are

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New Russian manufacturer of tractors

The car of his own design Machine-Building Plant "Tonar" (known manufacturer of trailers for the transport of goods) has started to develop in 2006.

By 2010, the "Type Approval" was received on the chassis, tractor and dump truck with 4×2 and 6×4 with Cummins engines and JAMZ-650. In the same year cars equipped with diesel engines only Yaroslavl.

In the summer of 2010 train "Tonar" with tractors made a run of their own production to Vladivostok and back, which took place without delay due to technical or other reasons. The fall of the serial production cars. This

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Kuznetsov roused

Samara aircraft engine company, "Kuznetsov" plans in 2014 to resume production of NK-32 engines for aircraft of strategic aviation. Judging by the statements of the Russian military in the next 15 years, "Kuznetsov" will produce dozens of engines for the Russian long-range bombers.


NC-32 — three-shaft turbojet engine with a common afterburner. It is used for strategic bombers, bombers Tu-160, and is mounted on a supersonic "flying laboratory" Tu-144LL. The engine was developed in the 70s of the last century in the famous in the Soviet era Samara Scientific-Technical Complex (SNTK) im.Kuznetsova. Since 1983, he began mass-produced here

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Award Prism Award 2010 awarded to Russian fiber laser


Prestigious awards Prism Award 2010 in the category "Industrial Lasers" was awarded the fiber laser YLR-150/1500-QCW-AC, production NTO IRE Pole. This quasi-cw fiber laser has created a new class of industrial fiber lasers designed to solve the problems, which are usually used for classical solid state lasers pumped lasers. Quasi-optic lasers is better and safer efficiency 30% vs 3% of solid-state laser running at 19 "Rack housing with air-cooled. In a quasi-continuous mode, the output of the fiber laser is achieved 150 W average power and peak power of 1.5 kW at a pulse energy 15 J.

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AVISMA Corporation expanded park machine tools

Forging complex AVISMA Corporation commissioned a new machine March 14, 2011 in blacksmithing complex AVISMA Corporation commissioned centerless lathe QL 950 Kramatorsk machine tool manufacturing plant.

Machine QL 950 is designed for roughing rods with a diameter up to 380 mm and for the treatment of rods under ultrasound guidance. Shavings obtained during processing, will be involved in the charge for further processing, which will provide non-waste production. The machine is equipped with automatic control system, and its performance is more than six times the performance of machines that make up the mainstay of the machine

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In Chukotka, has opened a new gold mine Double

The Canadian gold miner Kinross Gold Corporation, which develops gold-silver deposit in Chukotka Dome, launched on October 10 mining industrial complex in another field in the autonomous region — a double, which is rich in gold.

Double mine located approximately 100 kilometers north of the Dome Mine. The mined ore will be transported to the Double for processing into gold factory Dome, providing additional production. Maximum Performance Dual-target is 1 thousand tons of ore per day. 

It is expected that in the first three years of work on the double annual production ranges from

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In the Altai region sausage production reached a record high

In 2010, in the Altai region produced 22,400 tons of sausages. As REGNUM in the regional management of food processing and pharmaceutical industries, it is a historical maximum, which reached the region in 1991. The potential of the production facilities used only by half.

According to the department, in 2010, meat processing plants Altai produced: Meat Category 1 88.4 thousand tons (127% of the corresponding period last year); sausages — 22.4 thousand tons (126.8%); meat products — 23,8 thousand tons (94.5%), canned meat — 3986.9 tubes. (115.1%).

For five years in the Altai Territory volume of meat and

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Azovmash ramp up production of metallurgical equipment.

PJSC "Azovmash" successfully develops the production of heavy engineering, achieving monthly production of metallurgical and crane equipment in the amount of 1,000 tons of steel. In the first nine months of 2013 production of heavy machinery products reached 9,000 tons. This is the best result in recent years.


Among the customers — the leading corporations in the world, "Metinvest Holding", "ISD" (Ukraine), "Arcelor Mittal" (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Czech Republic), "Severstal" Novolipetsk Steel, Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (Russia), "Zhelezare Smederevo "(Serbia), Rourkersky, and Bokarsky Bhilai Steel (India).

"Azovmash" is known worldwide as the

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Electrotyazhmash concluded the test engine to mine the VM Bazhanov

The plant "Electrotyazhmash" completed test engine P2SH 1000-100 UHL4 to drive the car on the lift shaft of the VM Bazhanov (PO "Makeevugol").


The contract for the production of the equipment was signed in April 2013. The production unit lasted 5 months.

Power output is 1000/1450 kW, rotational speed 100 rev / min. The uniqueness of the machine is that it is mounted on a special tower, whose height is 100 m This arrangement lets you save resources.

"Ship to finished engine we plan at the end of October this year.

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Maintenance of robots: Automatic Vagonostrointel help

At the concern "Tractor Plants" started robotics production sites. This will help to increase the level of production technology.

The Industrial Group signed the first in the history of domestic engineering framework agreement on the implementation of large-scale robotic production sites holding. The partners in the execution of Russia‘s largest producer of appliances and equipment plans were units of the Japanese company — one of the leaders in the delivery of "smart" robots of FANUC.

"We have a clear understanding that, setting a goal for five years to increase production by three times, we

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