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Plant Kobzarenka: reviving the engineering potential of Ukraine

This year, "The plant Kobzarenka" turns 20 years. Precocious age for Ukrainian business is not "young" and although European counterparts, the history of which is calculated by centuries, the plant is still far, plans which today already existed, and can not but rejoice.

But first things first.

 The story began back in the early 90s, when the chief agronomist at a farm. Lucka Lipovodolinskogo district, Sumy region, Anatoly Kobzarenko by chance came to Germany "And it was so. In 1990, I was in a meeting in an editorial at the time agrofirm "Dawn" Rivne region

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KrAZ increases the volume of production

In the third quarter of this year KrAZ has shown better results in comparison with the first two. Manufacture of motor vehicles, according to the first quarter increased by 2.8 times, the second — by 1.5 times.

From the beginning, now produced 635 units of KrAZ vehicles — it is almost at the same period last year (for the first 9 months of 2012 produced 637 units.).


September was the most productive month of 2013: the company has not only managed to keep the pace of production in August, but a few exceed

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Lviv regional council allowed Chevron gas production

Lviv Regional Council agreed on a draft production sharing agreement with the company Chevron Ukraine BV (the Netherlands, owned by the U.S. Chevron), allowing the development of gas Olessky area.

New concrete plant opened in Ishim Tyumen region

The plant is mounted by a Turkish company. A distinctive feature of the new venture is a German automation, proven on the positive side. It is fully automated, has a high capacity and can produce up to 60 cubic meters per hour of concrete mixtures. The volume of investments in new production exceeded 15 million rubles.

According to the head "Ishimagrostroya" with the help of the new equipment business will be able to build cast-frame housing. This type of housing is widely used in most cities in Russia. Using its own production capacities can achieve European

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KAMAZ-5490: issue began

KAMAZ-5490: issue began

October 9 automobile factory assembly line "KAMAZ" came the first production of KAMAZ-5490. A start working out mass production of the main prime mover, which is to become the leader of this segment of KAMAZ production.

KAMAZ-5490 has already been presented to the public at the International Exhibition "Comtrans 2013", which caused a lot of positive feedback from both ordinary visitors and potential customers. A distinctive feature of the long-haul tractor will stall, which departs from cabin Mercedes-Benz family of Axor. The modern design and its streamlined shape will significantly improve not

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Four new ship launched Pskov Boat shipyard to its


The walls of the Pskov Kremlin passed sea trials of the new boat "Courier", production of which has mastered this year JSC "Pskov Boat shipyard." About this Pskov Information Agency said Director Vladimir stockings.

Photo: Boat Photo: Boat

 The project is commissioned by the shipyard has developed well-known designer from St. Petersburg B. Yershov. "Thanks to the special shape of the case," Courier ", despite his solid 8-meter length, planing at high speed even at low engine power — enough motor boat in the 40-60 horsepower", — said V. stockings. At the 2014 firm "Dory" from

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In the Astrakhan region to build a plastic package

Astrakhan, 11.03.2011g. In Astrakhan Region will begin production of polyethylene. Design and evaluation work will start already in the III quarter of 2011, according to the Prime Minister of the Astrakhan region.

The readiness of the region to build a complex for the production of polyethylene said Deputy Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" A. Ananenkov at a meeting with the Vice-Governor K.Markelovym.

Idea Factory was born a few years ago. In 2008, the Government presented a set of Astrakhan region as a sufficiently effective investment project. The possibility of building has been discussed at meetings

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85 years old from Russia

November 4, 2013 the company’s largest electrical engineering industry in the country of "ELEKTROZAVOD" turns 85 years old!


Founded in Moscow in 1928, the first domestic transformer plant — Moscow "ELEKTROZAVOD" played a crucial role in the electrification and industrialization of the country in the development of national economy and industry. Since the implementation of the security plan for electrification, "Electrozavod" is a permanent member of government programs for the energy and industrial potential of the country, solving the problems of development and manufacturing of a new unique electrical equipment. Today Holding Company

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TehvagonmashZakanchivaet tilting device for the production of electric locomotives frames

For elektovozostroitelnogo Novocherkassk plant ends production of the unique tilting frame for electric locomotives. Tilting load capacity is 40 tons.

Tilter is versatile and capable of turning over the frame of all models of electric locomotives produced by the plant.

Oilers’ Yuganskneftegaz produced two billion tonnes of oil


Two billion ton of oil from the start of development of deposits produced in the company of "Yuganskneftegaz". Current oil reserves in the fields of "RN-Yuganskneftegaz" as of 1 yanvarya2013 totaled 2.562 billion tons. 

New record achieved through a package of measures to maintain geologotehnicheskih oil production for a number of years at more than 65 million tons a year. The use of advanced techniques to enhance oil recovery allows the company to increase production in the fields of high degree of proficiency.

Today, the company‘s employees engaged in the development

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