Japanese Okuma machines began collecting in Russia

Yekaterinburg Ural Plant Engineering Corporation (TMC) "Pumori" produced the first Japanese CNC Okuma.

Until the end of the year the company plans to build five such machines. According to the director CMD "Pumori" Alexander Balandin, is the first in the Russian experience of interaction not only sales, but also for the production of modern Japanese machines with further localization of production.

"The Japanese partners have already handed us some drawings — told Itar-Tass Director" Pumori Invest Engineering "(included in the CMD) Vladimir Revzin. — Now the company Okuma address issues of confidentiality and non-disclosure of information

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URANIS expanded production capacity

In August 2013, our company has successfully completed the construction of a new production building and moved. The new production facility LLC "URANIS" area of 1,500 sq.m. has all necessary utilities and allows you to expand the production capacity of our company is more than two times.

   To date, Ltd. "URANIS" is the only company producing professional radio communication equipment in Ukraine, who are building new production facilities. Please note: our phones have changed

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Corporation Bogdan to begin production of a pilot lot NEW MODEL CAR AUTO

From the start of full-scale launch of serial production (welding, painting, assembly) cars JAC factory Corporation "Bogdan" in Cherkassy localization will be more than 30%, and by the end of this year — more than 51%.

Corporation "Bogdan" negotiated with suppliers of components from Ukraine, have already signed the agreement, and at the final stage are the negotiations with potential suppliers of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

"Gateway to the markets of the CIS countries, especially Russia, with products manufactured in Ukraine is a strategic task. Therefore, it is with the launch of JAC cars

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In the Kursk region built workshop for the production of vegetable


In the village Giri Belovskii area company "Interkolos" built workshop sunflower seed processing capacity of 40 tons per day and production of vegetable oil for the needs of the animal feed industry. Besides technological equipment will pack up the oil in PET bottle.

The investment amounts to 10 million rubles. Local residents received an additional 15 jobs. The shop will work in the near future, and will serve the economy of a region-growing sunflower.

Manufacturer of HVAC equipment translates production

from Korea to Russia

Halla Visteon Climate Control (HVCC), the global automotive supplier, today launched the production of climate systems in Togliatti, RIA "Novosti". The company will hire 110 employees and plans to produce annually 540,000 products of car kits or 2.3 thousand per day.

HVCC provides HVAC equipment for LADA Granta and collaborates with APEX (APEX), the project for the production of Togliatti on the site, heaters, ventilation systems, heating and air conditioning, and refrigeration units.

Halla Visteon Climate Contro gradually transforming manufacturing facilities in Korea as part of the localization in Russia.

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In the Ivanovo region opened Volga Steel Mill

Volga EAF plant began operation in the Ivanovo region.

As the project has invested 1 billion 200 million rubles.

Now put into operation the first phase of the plant — the production of reinforcing square billets, in the long term — from scrap metal. It is planned that the company will reach its design capacity (10,000 tonnes of rebar per month) in 2014.

With the release on a planned production here will run up to two hundred people. Who created 103 jobs. The average salary is about 25,000 rubles.


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Plant for the production of plastic containers opened in Nalchik

The new production opened in Nalchik. Modern machine tools, advanced technology, highly trained specialists. Plant for the production of plastic packaging has become one of the leading enterprises of the industrial sector of the Kabardino-Balkaria, in the hope Minpromtorge.

What kind of car will put the Ukrainians

Chinese brands consider Ukraine as a springboard for release in Russia and Europe.

After the entry into force of special duties on foreign cars, several automakers announced plans to build the organization on the territory of Ukraine. The most substantive interest is shown by Chinese companies — they do not hide the fact that they see in Ukraine a platform for further expansion in Russia and the EU.

Geely. Return

The first resumption of production in Ukraine said the sales leader among Chinese brand in Ukraine — the company Geely. Organization of SKD

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In the village. Muchkapsky Tambov region opened seed plant

Muchkapsky seed plant is built in 2 years. Investor — a group of companies "ASB" — has put into this project 600 million rubles. The company is designed to process 300 tons of grain per day, the warehouse — a one-time storage of 27,000 tons of grain.

The plant is oriented on full production cycle — from receipt of seed prior to the holiday quality seeds. It will form an elite seeds of grains and legumes, and in the long term — sugar beet. At full capacity the work will be organized around the clock. The

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Poland will buy a license for the production of high-precision Ukrainian


Poland will buy a license to manufacture Ukrainian 155mm precision-guided munitions for artillery Krab and 120mm mortar shells.

As it became known to Polish enterprises currently in talks with the Ukrainian side about a possible licensed production of precision-guided munitions for artillery.

According to available information, the planned production of complex guided artillery developed research and production complex "Progress" and CDB "accuracy." In Ukraine, a similar bomb was named "Kvitnik" and has a caliber of 152 mm. NATO countries, including Poland, invited 155mm caliber projectile.

The projectile is designed for artillery systems

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