Showing the way ahead.

September may herald the beginning of autumn, but it’s also red-hot when it comes to seeing the latest products and trends in an exhibition packed month.

As memories of heatwaves begin to fade and people return to work after their August holidays, September once again presents us with the opportunity to see where the market is heading for the coming year, with a plethora of exhibitions.

From The Flooring Show to Decorex and The Bed Show to Design junction via Long Point and Super brands (all of which are previewed in this issue) the calendar is full of must-visit events.

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New products. Decking.

1. Cornerstone’s ResinDek.

These engineered wood panels from Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products are designed for material-handling businesses, meaning they are extra durable and capable of supporting weight loads up to 8,000 pounds. Higher stain resistance is the other hallmark of this durable line. Panels can be installed on top of existing flooring, allowing homeowners to continue their daily routine during repairs. For more information, circle No. 800 on reader service card.

2. Ultra Cork, Panorama Post Topless Glass System.

Duradek’s newest offerings include three new shades of its Ultra Cork line and a new Panorama Post topless glass system. Ultra

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LOXLEY COLOUR: the complete picture.

Everyone in the UK imaging industry has heard of Loxley Colour, haven’t they? It’s that iconic, 72,000 sq. ft. Glasgow-based, state-of-the-art prolab.

But be honest. Do you really know it? Do you really get the complete picture?

MD Ian Loxley is a committed disciple of commercial innovation and regularly scours the globe to ensure his business stays ahead of the game when it comes to engaging with latest technology and providing compelling new product solutions to help his photographer customers sustain and grow their businesses.

Committed expansion of the Loxley product portfolio and the resultant take-up by customers has led

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The development of control systems for thread rolling machines

German experts who conducted the study of the formation of threads on Fasteners laid the standard for a family of similar control systems. Applying these results, many companies involved in the production of such systems began to develop this area. Today, many manufacturers of equipment thread rolling machines used in their system configuration management tool.

The task of fully automated configuration process thread rolling tool today is still relevant. One of the innovative solutions offered to the Italian company Smart — manufacturer of high quality thread rolling machines.

Automatic adjustment of the threaded tool series Genius established this company in

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1 CND: Retention+ Sculpting Liquid and Perfect Color Powders

2 Young Nails: Acrylic System

3 OPI Products: Absolute Liquid & Powder Technology

4 NSI: Attraction Acrylic System

5 Hand & Nail Harmony: Acrylic System


1 Young Nails: Colored Acrylic

2 CND: Perfect Color Powder Collection

3 OPI Products: AbsoluteFX Color Powders

4 EZ Flow: Boogie Nights Confetti Acrylic Collection

5 NSI: Technicolor Colored Acrylic


1 CND: Sticky Base Coat >

2 OPI Products: Natural Nail Base Coat

3 Seche: Seche Clear

4 Orly International: Bonder

5 China Glaze: Ridge Filler Base Coat



On the 70th anniversary of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical Plant

The historical path of the plant — it’s years of creative selfless labor of workers, professionals, managers, at different periods of supplying technical equipment of the railways with modern products — from simple relay NR, CR, TFR to modern REL, IVG-KR, electronic components, devices, microprocessor-based systems.

The Great Patriotic War interrupted the peace work of the collective. In memory of those tragic events in the factory park is a monument dedicated to those who did not return from the war. The plant was evacuated to Saratov, where he continued to release signaling equipment now for the needs of the

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Hero Buys a $25-Million Stake in Erik Buell Racing

More than 3 years of hard work and lean operating have now paid off for Erik Buell with the recent announcement that New Delhi-based Hero MotoCorp, India’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, has purchased a 49.2% stake of Erik Buell Racing for a cost of $25 million. Acting through its newly formed American subsidiary, Hero MotoCorp Ltd., the Indian firm has invested $15 million already, with $10 million to follow over the next 9 months. This is Hero’s first-ever equity partnership with an overseas company. Buell, who retains majority ownership in his company,

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A New Look At The Strength & Beauty Of Engineered Wood Siding.

When homeowners are repairing or residing the exterior of their homes, there’s a good chance they will be open to alternatives that offer enhanced durability and curb appeal. Vinyl siding damaged by storms and cracking fiber cement siding may have fallen short of their expectations. Packed with innovations, engineered wood is rapidly becoming the siding material of choice for homeowners and remodelers across the country.

Creating Curb Appeal.

Engineered wood products such as LP® SmartSide® Trim and Siding feature a rich cedar grain texture that adds deep shadow lines and architectural appeal to any home. Customers can choose from a

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From the history of standardization

At the beginning of the XX century, almost all machine-building factories had their own branch of fasteners, but it was costly and inefficient production. Standards are not adhered to, respectively, and the quality of products was low. During the First World War in the United States and then in Europe have been set up factories for the production of fasteners. American experts in the field of industrial development were convinced that the key to success will be the specialization of enterprises.

Fasteners are the most common machine parts and structures. Only threaded fasteners account for about 60% of the

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Bloodline Tattoo Ink

Bloodline built its reputation on being “sincerely dedicated to bringing you the best.” An American-owned and operated company, and features a spectacular assortment of ink lines, including flesh and muted tones, whites, and color sets as well as individual color options.

Now the company is announcing its latest premium color— Atomic Pig, a very unique hot pink/magenta which the company recommends as being “excellent for flowers or anything pink.” Other

Bloodline Tattoo Ink specialty colors in the Bloodline arsenal include Tribal Black,

Premium Hot Pussy, and Bloodline Sour Apple.

The brand is also committed to only selling its product to

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