SSM-Tyazhmash in 2012, has spent over 170 new products


OOO "SSM-Tyazhmash" (engineering asset division "Severstal Russian Steel") in 2012, has mastered more than 170 new products in strategically important industries.

The company has successfully fulfilled orders for the largest companies in the metallurgical, machine-building, oil and gas exploration and gold mining sectors, "the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant", NGO "Mostovik", OJSC "AK" Transneft ", JSC" FIC "Alel" and others. The specialists of "SSM-Tyazhmash" were first manufactured: part of the converter, details of equipment for heavy lifting equipment enclosures and covers main pumps of the new complex design parts to cool gold-bearing raw materials, as well as

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MCC BOR started to work on a full cycle

Specialists of "Mining and Chemical Company Bor" began production on February 15 this year, the first batch of boric acid. As reported by the Department of Industry and Transport of the Primorsky Territory, for 4 days at the plant produced 665 tons of boric acid.

"After a prolonged shutdown of the company started work on a full cycle. This was facilitated by an agreement with the energy sector to restructure debt for electricity, which was brokered by the regional authorities ", — said the director of the Department of Tyre Ivan.

The enterprise has completed the

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Stop buying Chinese products!

Even six months after the entry of the Russian Federation to the World Trade Organization (WTO) continue on the subject of fierce debate fallacy of such a step, and as the argument is "killer" statistics.

The Russian economy in general and the agricultural sector, in particular, has some financial loss associated with an increase in food imports due to a sharp reduction of import duties. As a result, our shelves replenished with additional assortment of cheap products, and often of dubious quality. Our services of SES are paying close attention to the Belarusian and Ukrainian products (affordable

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Zaporozhnerudprom Novinskii in 2012 increased its production

a third

Zaporizhia producer of crushed granite and crushed stone in the past year produced 976 thousand tons against 729 thousand tons in the year before

"Zaporozhnerudprom", a division of the sub-holding "Smart Nerudprom" in 2012 increased the production of products for the construction work on 34%, or 247 million tons, compared with 2011 — up to 976 thousand tons. According to a press release on Monday, February 18, the sale of products for the period increased by 43%, or 301 tons — up to 1.008 million tons. Exports Company during this time increased by 90%, or

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Hust buy hats, even those who do not wear hats

Khust factory headwear and its director Ivan Lupyaka known outside Justa and Ukraine. It was under his leadership the company producing the famous Khustskyy products not only came out of the millions of desperate cons, but also to revive the glory of Khust hat.


But the road to economic self-sufficiency and financial independence was not easy.

There was a time when the company wanted a unique equipment to be auctioned off — for scrap metal and building materials. The team is not allowed. Begs the "investors" who from the first day

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In the products of Nestle found horsemeat

The Swiss company Nestle has been forced to withdraw some of its products from stores in Italy and Spain after a DNA test showed the presence of some goods company traces of horse meat.

Thus, the world’s largest producer of food, too, was drawn into an expanding food scandal in the European Union.

Last Friday, at an emergency meeting in Brussels, EU experts decided on the immediate beginning of the worldwide alliance of analyzes of meat products on their content of horse meat.

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Biscuit-Chocolate increases power

"Biscuit-Chocolate" increases power and extends the line of butter biscuit


Corporation "Biscuit-Chocolate", one of the largest producers of confectionery products, has acquired a modern stove manufactured in Europe to equip the production line for the production of butter biscuits.

At the beginning of February at the Kharkov biscuit factory work began on the installation of the equipment, so that will be completed modernization of lines for butter biscuits.

With the commissioning of the furnace into operation the company will be able to solve several problems, stressed president of Alla Kovalenko.

"First of

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Production of building materials


In Ukraine, the booming production of building materials?

February 13

Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine makes every effort to increase capacity building materials industry and import substitution.

This is a direct consequence of the measures provided for by the National Action Plan for 2012 to implement economic reforms initiated by President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. This was stated by Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Gennady Temnik, reporting on the results of the construction industry in 2012, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine

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The efficiency of LEDs OptoGaN has reached 160 lm / W

In the laboratories of the company reached figure of 160 lm / W at rated speed for odnovattnogo LEDs that correspond to the international development of LED industry. In April LEDs with high efficiency will be available to clients "OptoGaN".

The company "OptoGaN" continually working to improve the efficiency of LEDs by improving all stages of the production process, from epitaxial growth to packaging technology. Using the experience gained at the beginning of 2013 the company’s specialists have achieved efficiency of 160 lm / W in the lab — the indicator, which today tend to all the

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Not a single grain of …

According to recent statistics, Russia is among the world leaders in the production and export of not only grain. Thus, since 2012 — for the first time in decades — it is also among the world leaders in the manufacture and export of poultry products, processed products of sugar beet and sunflower oil. And the high quality standards of these products are recognized by international specialized organizations. This is confirmed by the fact that the European Union in January 2013 with the permission of the Russian exports of poultry products in the EU region. We emphasize that such

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