Bread — it’s great

Bakeries Kuban expand the range of products enriched with biologically active substances of therapeutic and preventive and functional orientation.

Most bakeries edge baked products with the addition of mixtures of cereals, bran, beta-carotene and iodine. To enrich the protein products of the substances included soy flour bread. Strong demand from the population enjoys and bread on the basis of triticale.

The company has sufficient capacity, raw materials and technological opportunities for substantial growth of this group of products at a trade network applications.

In addition, such activities Kuban

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In 2012, Tetra Pak Ukraine has demonstrated

Sustainable growth of

In 2012, "Tetra Pak Ukraine" has shown a steady growth in production and supported a number of environmental and social initiatives.

In 2012, "Tetra Pak Ukraine" has produced 4.279 billion units, which is 5.8% more compared to 2011. The share of exports rose by 8.2% and amounted to about 3,755 billion packages (of which about 3,115 billion package — export to Russia). In this case, the domestic market sold about 1 billion packs.

Category: Dairy products In 2012, the market for dairy products in Ukraine continued its decline by 0.6% to 1,530 million

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Neupuschennaya benefit

According to the latest statistics of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in Russia there is a growth in production and exports of forest products with high added value.

That will continue in 2013, and this, in turn, will allow Russia to strengthen its position in the global trade of deep wood processing.

"In the forest industry and trade of Russia, the largest country in the world by area of forests, — the FAO — there have been important changes. For example, exports of industrial roundwood (ie, raw products. — Ed.) Decreased

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Petrozavodskmash has launched a second set of MCPs for NV NPP-2

JSC "Petrozavodskmash" production site of JSC "AEM-technology" (included in the Engineering Division of Rosatom-AtomEnergoMash) started manufacturing the second set of towers of the main circulation pumps (MCP) for Novooronezhskoy NPP-2.

The set consists of four buildings, the products are designed for the power number 2 Novovoronezh NPP-2. First MCPs manufactured housing on a specially equipped part of the plant "Petrozavodskmash", taking into account the implementation tools Rosatom Production System (AKP).

"According to the Production System" Rosatom ", we calculated how many jobs must be defined for each type of work. Therefore, we can calculate precisely

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Agricultural prozvodstvo Russia in comparison with other countries

For comparison cite the example of Statistics in 2009 for the production of major agricultural products are wheat, milk, meat (cattle and poultry), eggs and potatoes. Comparing will essentially "Big Eight", except that I replaced Canada to China. I think it will be interesting. It turns out: Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the U.S., China and the United Kingdom. To understand it are laid out in order of the number of products per capita.

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YuGOK get free access to the European market

January 15, 2013  

At the end of 2012, the Southern Mining has received official authorization of the European Chemicals Agency for the unimpeded delivery of products to the European Union, joining the regulations legislation REACH. As a single representative of the Southern Mining was selected Finnish company «REACHLaw Ltd», which was engaged in drawing up the dossier company to supply it for registration to the European Chemicals Agency. In preparation for the registration in the South GOK was conducted serious research. Obtaining a permit under REACH suggests that produced in the South GOK agglomerate is not

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LED company OptoGaN — from start-up to international


Since January Motor Show one of the largest dealers in St. Petersburg "Elva Motors" completely switched to LED lighting from "OptoGaN"

Scientists take a technological enterprise, usually draw such a prospect: to create a startup developing an innovative product — and step aside from the control when their child starts to turn into a serious business, giving way to the top managers with a degree in MBA. LED company "OptoGaN" for eight or so years went from start-up to an international holding company, and its founders — the two candidates

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Remembering the Soviet Union

Every day, I get about a hundred letters. Among the book reviews, criticism, words of thanks and information, you, dear readers, send me your articles. Some of them deserve immediate release, other scrutiny.

Today I suggest you one of these materials. Topic covered in it, is very important. Professor Valery Antonovich Torgashev decided to recall what was the Soviet Union of his childhood.

The post-war Stalinist Soviet Union. I assure you, if you have not lived in that era, you will read a lot of new information. Prices, wages of the time, the system of

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In Tver opened venture to produce cable products

In Tver, October 14 opened venture to produce cable products — JSC "Tverenergokabel."

According to the press service of the Zakondatelnogo Assembly of Tver region, whose chairman Andrei Yepishin took part in the opening ceremony.

Tverenergokabel focused on the production of power cables, low and medium voltage of various designs, self-supporting insulated wires — products, by far the most in demand power engineering, oil industry, nuclear engineers, builders.

This project has great social significance: the commissioning of the new production will ensure the creation of 300 jobs and significantly increase the revenues of the regional budget. Expected

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The Omsk plant of lubricants began construction of a new industrial complex

The Omsk plant of lubricants / OZSM / symbolic ceremony of laying a capsule in the foundation of the future complex on mixing, packaging, storage and shipping of oil. The event was attended by the Deputy General Director of "Gazprom oil" on logistics, processing and marketing of Anatoly Cherner.

The design capacity is 120 thousand tons of packaged products. The complex is designed to produce both road and industrial oils. Construction will be done in two stages. In the first stage, before the end of 2011, the complex will be built with automatic lubricant packaging lines, a warehouse of

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