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In Stary Oskol (Belgorod region). Produce components for Gazelle NEXT

CJSC "SOATE" started production of components for the new series of Russian vans "Gazelle-Next». Serial production of these machines is scheduled for "gas" in 2013, and products Oskol plant will supply directly to build cars on the assembly line.



Has arranged production of sound signals, cigarette lighter socket on-board network for connection to external customers, as well as the fuel module (for vehicles with diesel engine) and the submersible elektrobenzonasosa module (for use with a petrol engine). — All of this, other than audio signals, we have made a series of

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Belotserkovskii Dairy products introduced in

glass bottle

Belotserkovskii Dairy Plant (BMP), a member of the Group of Companies "TERRA FOOD", the first in Ukraine to milk production in a new compact format glass bottle. The company has once again successfully confirmed its reputation as a leading innovator of domestic dairy industry.

TM range Premialle, which is produced by BMC, added a new format in the glass — a bottle of 340 new compact was the first to have the output format in the glass for individual consumption. Its assortment is kefir, bio-yogurt and fermented baked.

The new packaging is presented primarily for

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In the Saratov region create a cluster of radio-electronic

4 February the presentation of regional electronic cluster, created by the National Research Saratov State University. NG Chernyshevsky together with JSC "NPP" Contact "and small innovative company" Conversion-NUS. "

Innovative Enterprise "Conversion — SGU" was created within the framework of cooperation between the university and the plant "Contact", which was organized by the department of basic micro-and nano-electronics in order to prepare professionals to work on a unique, having no analogues in Russia, equipment. It can only work in conditions of high vibration and dustproof. For the installation of the equipment have been built Vibration special foundations.

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NLMK-Kaluga completed the installation of the equipment of the main shops

In the Electric shop has completed the installation of an electric arc furnace, the supply path of bulk materials and installation "ladle-furnace", continuous casting machines, gas cleaning and gas exhaust ducts, branch offices and training materials scrap yards.

Installation of the equipment is made of Turkish construction company "GAMA" and CMT NLMK.

In the rolling mill finished work on the installation of the heating furnace, refrigerator, mill line, finishing line, roll-turning plot and overhead cranes.

In the main shops of the plant continues electrocommunications installation and pipelines being commissioned work.

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Russian imports of goods from foreign countries for January 2013

According to preliminary customs statistics, in January 2013, imports from non-CIS countries in value terms amounted to 17 062.1 million and compared with January 2012 increased by 14.5 percent.

In general, the value of imports from foreign countries, the share of chemical products, from 15.4 percent in January 2012 to 16.5 percent in January 2013, food and raw materials for their production — from 14.0 percent to 14.4 percent, textiles and footwear — from 6.8 percent to 7.3 percent. The share of machinery and equipment in January 2013 amounted to 48.4 percent (in January 2012 — 50.6

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Interim results

I think that it’s time to take the interim results of the results of modernization and the creation of new production facilities in Russia. The primary end point I think to apply the export volumes of output abroad. In January-August 2010 the picture is as follows: During this period, Russia’s foreign trade turnover increased by 37.4% compared to the same period in 2009 and amounted to 402.6 billion dollars. The volume of exports of energy products for the reporting period of the current year grew by 45.4% and amounted to 171.539 billion dollars. The volume of oil exports,

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Zhytomyrski lasoschi have been certified Halal

One of the largest confectionery companies in Ukraine — Zhitomir factory ALC "Zhytomyrski lasoschi" — was certified "Halal" for part of its range of products, which will expand exports to Muslim countries.

This is stated in an UNIAN press-service of the company.

According to the report, in recent times, most food manufacturers use ingredients of animal origin, which are prohibited by the Shariah requirements and harm to human body.

To assign the certificate of "Halal" Zhitomir enterprise SLC "Yellow Fever" was visited by a commission of experts DUMA (Spiritual Administration of Muslims

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Iron Phoenix


Basis of Russian heavy industry — steel industry — the first time since the 1990s, began to increase sales of its products in the domestic market and in the CIS.


In the coming year, the needs of the Russian civil fleet can be almost completely satisfied by domestic shipyards. For our sudprom get the proper amount of special steel sheet. These factors indicate, first, the increase in demand for steel products is in high-tech industries, and second — to the positive changes in the technology base of the domestic economy. And thirdly —

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DNS — done in Primorye

The company DNS, started its activities with the sale of computer and digital technology, today nearly 500 stores across the country and a network of assembly plants that manufacture products under its own brand. The largest venture is also in Primorye. This is one of the few examples where the business is not from the west to the east, and in the opposite direction, conquering new territories and everywhere finding its own market niche.

— Like many companies in our industry, we started with the sale of digital technology — says CEO of DNS Dmitri Alexeev.

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Ekaterinburg plant OCM sums up the innovation in 2012

"Ekaterinburg plant processing non-ferrous metals" summarizes the research work carried out in 2012. During the year, the company has developed, manufactured and tested 77 new types of products (in 2011 — 21 product), which apply to all commodity groups: catalytic systems, glass melting apparatus, chemicals, technical devices, etc.


In particular, there were two pilot bushing-based alloy of palladium with a die from a platinum-rhodium alloy. Compared with the standard feeder (wholly made of more expensive and heavy in weight platinum-rhodium alloy) product weight decreased by more than 1.5 times, and the cost —

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