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Report GSKB Concern PVO Almaz-Antey for 2011

Of "Head System Design Bureau Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey "Academician A.A.Raspletina" (JSC "GSKB" Almaz-Antey ") issued a very informative and interesting annual report for 2011 that contains a lot of interesting information on the supply and development air defense systems (the report itself — here).

Recall that formed in 2008 of "GSKB" Almaz-Antey "is now the leading developer of air-defense systems in the Air Defense Concern, integrating in 2010 in its membership the other four major design bureau concern: JSC" MNIIRE "Altair" (systems development Naval Air Defense), JSC "NIEMI" (Defense Land Forces), JSC "NIIRP" (ABM), JSC "MNIIP" (controls).


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Foundry Uralvagonzavod improved the quality of housing

Another campaign to improve the quality of the products resulted in the casting body Uralvagonzavod.

Already on its preliminary results it is safe to say that the activities carried out were given a tangible positive effect. Reduction of marriage on the main details regarding the month of May was 26% and the number of manufactured products increased by 8%. Reducing losses from marriage was 10 million rubles.

The decision to hold the next month of the money was made on the basis of a successful campaign in November last year. In 2011 UralVagonZavod issued a record number

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The modernization of the sugar factory Pervuhinskogo

One of the leading manufacturer of confectionery corporation "Biscuit-Chocolate" has started to modernize its Pervuhinskogo owned sugar factory (Kharkiv region). According to the press service of the corporation, in the next two seasons, the main purpose of investment will be a comprehensive modernization of the section defekosaturatsii.

Modernization is carried out by Ukrainian companies, the general contractor is a firm TMA, which for more than 12 years of experience in reconstruction, modernization and maintenance work on the sugar factories in Ukraine and abroad. Also involved in the work of one of the engineering companies and research institute.

"We’re going

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Following the birth rate in Russia is growing the market for children’s products by an average of 15% per year

The market children’s products depends on the demographic situation in the country, as well as material well-being of the population. Over the past few years managed to reverse the population decline of Russia, born in 2010 a record 1,788,948 people. Also in Russia reduced mortality. During 11 months of 2011, it decreased by 1.7 times, the number of births was 1,638,800 people.

In virtually every region of the country there is a tendency to an increase in the birth rate. First place is Central FD — 400,644 newborns. In second place Volga Federal District — 364 290 people. Closes the

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The focus of Russian military equipment

Achievements Rosoboronexport ensure the success of the domestic defense industry

Anatoly Isaykin

From June 27 to July 1, 2012 in Zhukovsky (Moscow region), in the transport and exhibition complex "Russia" is held the second International Forum "Engineering Technologies 2012".

As part of its work to host an international exhibition of arms and military equipment "Oboronekspo." On the opening day the newspaper "MIC" publishes an article by Anatoly Isaikina, who heads the joint stock company "Rosoboronexport". It is the only Russian state intermediary for export / import the full range of military products, technology and dual-use technologies.

Each year of "Rosoboronexport"

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In Salekhard joined a new asphalt plant

In Salekhard JSC "Partner" has put into operation a new coating plant of German company «Wibau». Today, it is running at full capacity — one hundred and twenty tons of asphalt mix per hour. "This plant manufactures products in two and a half times more than the old equipment. Moreover, it can release any asphalt mixture with the latest technologies. "

The plant is equipped with an automated control system. This versatile burner is installed, which allows you to run on either natural gas or diesel fuel. Bag filter system provides a high degree of cleaning products in

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The balance of trade surplus grows

On the state of foreign trade In January-April 2012

1. In January-April 2012. Russia’s foreign trade turnover amounted, according to the Bank of Russia, 280.0 billion U.S. dollars (111.4% compared to January-April 2011.), including exports — 179.8 billion dollars (113.0%), import — 100.2 billion dollars (108.7%). The trade balance remained positive, 79.6 billion U.S. dollars (in January-April 2011. — 66.9 billion dollars).

2. Exports of major commodities1):

January-April 2012.

Including April 2012.

ReferenceJanuary-April 2011.

million U.S.

in% January-April 2011.

in% total

million U.S.

in% March 2012.

in% January-April 2010.

in% total





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Made in Tomsk: How to produce cables

Continuing hikes in Tomsk enterprises — visit Correspondents’ Tomsk Survey "on the famous factory" Sibcable. "

Today in Russia produced more than 20,000 standard sizes of cable, of which 2,000 is made at the Tomsk plant "Sibcable." On average, technological service companies brings to the market from four brands of new products a year. One would think, why so much? We see these "wires" on every corner, and at first glance, they are nothing of each other no different.

But there is a difference. For example, for the miners made cables are covered with semi-conductive rubber that are

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3M deepens localization in Russia

3M Company diversifies its production in Volokolamsk and expands the range of locally produced products. In this process in 2011-2012 invested approximately $ 8 million.

In 2012, the production of respirators at the plant in Volokolamsk increased more than 2 times, compared to last year, due to increased demand for Respirator with valve for breathing. Previously, these masks were imported to Russia from England.

Until the end of 2012, the plant is planned to start full production release cycle respirators to assemble products entirely from locally produced components to produce the basis of respirators — The cup part of

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Synthesis of — the main producer of pharmaceuticals Kurgan region

Of "joint-stock company Kurganskoye medicines and products" SYNTHESIS " — Russia’s largest manufacturer of medical products — about 300 titles and nearly 40 kinds of products for blood transfusion services. The volume of production in 2010-2011, 4 billion rubles, and so is the volume of sales.

Over the past ten years in the reconstruction of production, purchase of new equipment invested about 2 mld. rubles in the current year is also planned for the new equipments 230 million.

photo by Leonid Arkhipova

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