Exploit the tires properly


To control any wheeled vehicle, the transmission traction and braking, to protect it from vibrations needed wheels and tires mounted on them. Pneumatic tires and is integrally cast. If the tire rubber and cast polymer base constrains external shocks and vibrations, the pneumatic tire is the limiting factor, gas (air) pressure. All passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks equipped with pneumatic tires manufacturers. More rubber is classified into radial and bias tires. It depends on the design of the cord. Now almost all the tires for cars radial. It is more stable on the road surface. But, like the

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Stop buying Chinese products!

Even six months after the entry of the Russian Federation to the World Trade Organization (WTO) continue on the subject of fierce debate fallacy of such a step, and as the argument is "killer" statistics.

The Russian economy in general and the agricultural sector, in particular, has some financial loss associated with an increase in food imports due to a sharp reduction of import duties. As a result, our shelves replenished with additional assortment of cheap products, and often of dubious quality. Our services of SES are paying close attention to the Belarusian and Ukrainian products (affordable

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Ranks the most popular Ukrainian brands

The magazine "Focus" for the fourth time presented expert rating of 50 most popular Ukrainian brands that surely hold first place in the consumption baskets of Ukrainians. Ranking of goods carried out in terms of retail sales in the domestic market in 2011.

According to the publication, the top three food preferences Ukrainians included chicken, chocolate and beer. In this case, a significant part of the positions presented in the ranking — 10 of 50 — take the brand spirits. It is they who hold the lion's share of seats in the top ten. The leader in

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Businesses near Moscow food industry to increase production after the upgrade

Podmoskovnie businesses in the first quarter significantly increased the production of confectionery, dairy products and frozen vegetables. 

"According to the territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Moscow region, the large and medium-sized enterprises of food and processing industry in the first quarter of 2013, growth in the volume of production increased by 7.2% compared to the same period last year, shipped goods worth 87, 1 billion rubles, "- the press service of the head of the Ministry of information Tatyana Tikhonova.

It is noted that the positive dynamics associated with the

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Enterprises of Karelia keep increasing production of agricultural products

The production index for the full range of enterprises in January-August 2012 amounted to 135.5% — according to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic. Processing enterprises of the republic keep increasing production in most products.

Thus, the production of meat products increased by 15.9% compared to January-August 2011, meat products — by 4.7%, dairy products — by 2.1%, butter — 22.6%. Due to the increase in production of alcoholic beverages in the branch of "Rosspirtprom" Petrozavodsk distillery "Peter", is 4.4-fold increase in the production of vodka. There was a slight decrease in the production of bread and

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New Year’s Fair

In Dnepropetrovsk, the square it. Lenina 27, 28 and 29 December from 8:00 to15: 00 New Year's Fair will be held at the prices of commodity producers

In the first 11 months of 2012, the Dnipropetrovsk increased its food production over the same period of the previous year, including increased production of meat products by 1.7%, butter — by 60.4%, cereals — by 52.7%, fat cheese — by 45%, flour — by 13.8%, vegetable oil — by 9.2% .

As the chairman of the regional state administration, Dmitry Kolesnikov, the Dnipropetrovsk region will continue the practice of

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The consumption of foods in the Krasnoyarsk region grew by 569.6 kcal per day

Over the past 10 years, caloric intake residents of Krasnoyarsk region has increased — to such conclusion experts Krasstata from a sample survey of household budgets region from 2000 to 2010. According to statistics, during this period the consumption of bread and cereal products on average per household member increased from 84.2 to 97.7 kg. Also, inhabitants of the region began to consume more sugar and confectionery products — from 21.6 to 33.2 kg of meat and meat products — from 47.7 to 73.5 kg of fish and fish products — from 9.1 to 18.3 kg. And increased consumption of

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After many years of inactivity for 4 years of successful experience Liteyka light alloys in St. Petersburg

Our production range of products includes: Spatially Complex silumin products by casting in sand and clay molds Big-series kit of parts made of aluminum and copper-zinc alloys for electrical products, accessories, cases, etc., require high dimensional accuracy of injection molded precision burr strips with different diameters ranging from 3 mm and up, various kinds of rubbers, for engineering, including the medical industry Part of thermosets, including a metal armature, for a complete set of electrical products and machinery orders. 4 years, our team has restored the step-by-step process equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics, control systems casting machines, infrastructure, shops and sites, and

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Beneficial bacteria

Production Association "Sibbiofarm", located in Berdsk Novosibirsk region, ready to fill in the Russian market for certain types of products. But while these plans, prevents low demand for quality products biological synthesis

 Photo source:expert.ru

In late October, the Moscow State University hosted the first meeting of the Technology Platform "Bioindustry and Bioresources — BioTech 2030". This event is rated as optimists ceremonial start of the revival of the domestic biotechnology industry, which in recent years has been in the balancing condition. On one side — the world leadership, based on decades of high-quality scientific research, on the other

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Fire wagon of Ruzhimmash successfully passed acceptance tests

The prototype of a new kind of car — tanks, reservoirs for firefighting trains — has been praised by the interdepartmental commission, composed of heads of departments of "Russian Railways", as well as representatives of other agencies.

Customer data of the work is the state represented by the association "Innovative car building," conceptual design was developed by designers of "VNIKTI" (Kolomna), and of "Ruzhimmash" became a developer working drawings and manufacturing base for the new model.

This is a new and not the usual order for the enterprise. Specifically for him designers of the

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