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In Tver, new buses as part of the program Accessible Environment

The heads of agencies and organizations of Tver awarded certificates to 12 specialized modern low-floor buses. Vehicles designed for safe and comfortable transportation of both people with disabilities and all people, was acquired in the framework of the program "Accessible Environment".

For the first time these buses will be in the complex social services center, nursing home for the elderly and disabled, as well as in two SDYUSSHOR city — № 1 and type the name of rowing Olympic champion Antonina middle. The new trucks will ward these institutions more opportunities not only for transportation, but also more

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Business Incubator opened in Pavlovsk (Nizhny Novgorod region).

This innovative Center for Small and Medium Enterprises was the sixth in the region.

The construction of the business incubator "Pavlovsky" was directed 40,900,000 rubles from the budgets of all levels. Center has 20 resident companies, already equipped with facilities for 10 companies. There will be 70 jobs created.

Successful implementation of the program for the construction of business incubators in the Nizhny Novgorod region — an important element for the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. These centers help implement innovative ideas. Until the end of 2012 I will open two more centers — Vyksa and Bor. "Thanks to

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The opening of the playground!

MYACHKOVSKY Boulevard opened on the playground

In eve of the Day town in the area after the completion of improvement works were opening holidays yards, including children’s, sports grounds.

August 24 on Myachkovscom Blvd., 16, Bldg. 2, opened a new playground, furnished a variety of colorful gaming designs that are in demand right kids.

This work vramkah social program implemented by a network of supermarkets "Attack"

presented in the supermarket located at Myachkovskiy Blvd., 16. Administration officials supermarket congratulated children on this holiday. First Deputy

head of council Tatiana Uprofeeva expressed the benefit ofgratitude for the leadership of the supermarket

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In 2012, Rosagroleasing has delivered 3,916 units of equipment

As part of an ambitious program of renovation tractor fleet of households in 2012 "Rosagroleasing" continues the delivery of technology to farmers.

To date, under the program of renovation of agricultural machinery, "Rosagroleasing" has delivered 3,916 units of equipment (including 2,216 tractors and 995 combine harvesters) worth 9,018 billion rubles. Treaty signed with partners from 78 regions.The largest number of contracts for the upgrade program of agricultural machinery concluded with farmers of the Volga Federal District (1352 units. Equipment). Shipment of agricultural equipment is carried out in accordance with the progress of the seasonal work. The biggest demand is high

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Astrakhan WIP-2 completed the program in 2012 for the construction of the fishing fleet for Kazakhstan

Astrakhan "Marine Shipyard — 2" (IGC-2) completed the program in 2012 for construction of the fishing fleet customers for Kazakhstan, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Economic and International Relations of the Astrakhan region.

"In early October, the plant was completed sea trials and debugging of technical equipment to transport refrigerated vessel of the" Columns "and propelled floating bunkering station. Representatives of the client company from the border of Atyrau region attended the sea trials and were satisfied with the result.These boats have already received the Shipping Register of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the near

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Moon the engine has successfully passed the next test

Samara Plant "Kuznetsov" was successfully held a regular job testing engine NK-33 to test complex "Vintay."

The engine NK-33 was created in the early 70s to the Soviet "moon" program. However, after the United States first landed on the moon, the program turned. At the same engines and documentation have been saved.

Engine without fail, as expected, he worked 40 seconds. Assessing the results of previous tests, the executive director of "Smiths" Yuri Eliseev said that NC-33, despite the fact that it was nearly forty years since its inception, fully meets all the objectives for the development of space.

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DO-RA program successfully register in the iPhone-5

September 27, 2012, the specialists of "Intersoft Eurasia" has successfully tested its program DO-RA.Soft on the latest smartphone from the company Apple, iPhone-5 in Moscow!

In just a few seconds the program DO-RA.Soft was successfully downloaded via Wi-Fi connection from the App Store by Apple and launched the first successful try a new iPhone-5 device running iOS 6!

Today, a user program DO-RA.Soft version 2.29, is tied to the 12 common global languages of the planet! Now, in addition to Russian, English and Japanese, our device DO-RA started talking with her and another user

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Yandex has released its own browser

The novelty is closely integrated with the Internet services of the Russian company — search, maps, mail, translator, etc. "Yandeks.Brauzer" can give the user a hint with ready-made answers, helping to speed up the search for relevant information. As in most other modern browsers, the address bar of the program will be administered as web sites and search queries. From malicious sites to help protect the integrated anti-virus technology, "Yandex" and "Kaspersky Lab".

Technologically browser "Yandex" uses the same platform as the Chrome from Google — Shromium project with open source, based on the engine, WebKit. However, developments

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Finally flew modernized An-70

Military transport aircraft An-70 will be produced in Russia, it will establish an assembly at the Kazan Aircraft Production Association (KAPA) to them. Gorbunov. In "Antonov" confident that it will reduce the cost of production of the model. Russia as a major customer loads the aircraft so their power, and the Ukraine will receive revenue from the supply of units and royalties, experts say. Despite the fact that "Antonov" is a Ukrainian company, 72% owned by Russian project, according to the investment commitments since the collapse of the Union of Russia has taken over.

Two years ago, the project was

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Russian Helicopters master light segment

Over the past few months holding "Helicopters of Russia" took several important steps to develop the segment of light helicopters, where domestic vertoletostroiteli traditionally lost to foreign competitors. In addition, defined the contours of a future high-speed machines, developed by the holding.In early September the company received the first order for the civilian light helicopters Ka-226T. This machine with a takeoff weight of 3,600 kg is a further development of the model of the Ka-226 differs from the basic version and engine replacement Rolls-Royce 250-C20B more powerful Turbomeca Arrius 2G1. Initially, the Ka-226T was developed under the requirements of

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